Use for classic lemmy-ui.

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Clarence Thomas has struck again.

To his impressive list of recent supreme court victories – abolishing the right to an abortion, eradicating affirmative action, undermining federal regulations, and more – the ultraconservative justice can now add thwarting the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump for hoarding classified documents.

On Monday, Judge Aileen Cannon astonished the judicial world by dismissing the case. She did so based on a widely discredited legal argument that the special counsel who brought the prosecution, Jack Smith, had been improperly appointed.

The argument, initially aired by the former US president’s lawyers, had received scant support in judicial circles, given that stretching back a quarter of a century it has been repeatedly rejected by the courts. But there was one jurist who encouraged Cannon to pursue such contrarian thinking: Thomas.

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The chief spokesman for the European Union’s executive arm, Eric Mamer, announced the move Monday evening, saying that it will send senior civil servants rather than commissioners to informal meetings of ministers held in Hungary, which holds the bloc’s rotating presidency.

He cited “recent developments marking the start of the Hungarian Presidency” as the reason for the move in a post on the X social media site. The commission will also skip the traditional visit of its commissioners to the country holding the presidency.

The move follows a decision by Sweden, Finland, Poland and three Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to skip the informal meetings during Hungary’s presidency, which lasts through the end of the year.

Orban blindsided western allies working to present a united front on Ukraine when he traveled to Moscow earlier this month to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, and then to Beijing to see President Xi Jinping.

The move by the commission doesn’t apply to a planned informal summit of leaders in Budapest in November, or the regular meetings of ministers in Brussels and Luxembourg during the year.

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reposting this as a .gif (which is somehow bigger than the mp4? soz)

Vulcan fashion is 🔥 (
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Catshaming (
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Rule lawyering (
Ive bought two (
That clock (
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ich🟥iel (
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Evan Wright, the award-winning journalist who wrote about US subcultures in the book Generation Kill, which he helped adapt into the HBO miniseries of the same name, has died aged 59.

Wright died by suicide on Friday at a home in Los Angeles, a report by the Los Angeles County medical examiner said.

He appeared in the Max documentary Teen Torture, Inc, in which he spoke about his time in the Seed, a controversial “scared straight” program for children in Florida.

In interviews over the years, Wright spoke about being sent there after his mother’s best friend and her husband were murdered by their son in 1972, leading to his mother’s breakdown. He began to act out and was expelled from school aged 13 and held on drug charges after he pretended to sell marijuana, which was actually catnip. He was then sent to the Seed.


I forget how to properly link things in lemmy, but:

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Just from "a quick query" by the admin.

there'll be a better one later, this is just a quick query

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Holy cow! wow! I never thought we would have so many folks participating! You guys and gals are amazing!!! Seriously. It was a rocky start but yall sure did come out the gate swinging! Big thanks to all the folks who hopped on the Matrix chat to help coordinate, and a special thank you for all you folks who worked on this rather than whatever other chore or work-related thing you were supposed to be doing instead (oops). Much fun was had, many vatniks bonked, and the best part is the admins didn't even notice we drew a fully nude and uncensored F-35. Aww yeah baby!

Article 5 triggered and our heroes jumped into action! It wasn't all fun and games though, when a certain admin of mastodon(dot)de decided to multi-login with 13 accounts and came after us with those hexbear/lemmygrad friends of his. Luckily we found out the admins are possibly French because it appears a nuclear strike was used as a warning shot, and a lot of those accounts got banned. The only downside is now we owe our lives to the French (jk i love yall). But alas the sun has risen over our beautiful flag and the sweet smell of freedom and democracy fills the air. They will tell tales of our triumph here for generations to come! Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to our hosts at at for putting this event together!

Remember, we are stronger together, and even with cheating they aint got shit on us.

Timelapse 1 -

Timelapse 2 -

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Peter Buxtun, the whistleblower who revealed that the U.S. government allowed hundreds of Black men in rural Alabama to go untreated for syphilis in what became known as the Tuskegee study, has died. He was 86.

Buxtun died May 18 of Alzheimer’s disease in Rocklin, California, according to his attorney, Minna Fernan.

Buxtun is revered as a hero to public health scholars and ethicists for his role in bringing to light the most notorious medical research scandal in U.S. history. Documents that Buxtun provided to The Associated Press, and its subsequent investigation and reporting, led to a public outcry that ended the study in 1972.

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