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Hey all! I've done a lot of database maintenance work lately and other things to make lemdro.id better. Wanted to give a quick update on what's up and ask for feedback.

For awhile, we were quite a ways behind lemmy.world federation (along with many other instances) due to a technical limitation in lemmy itself that is being worked on. I ended up writing a custom federation buffer that allowed us to process activities more consistently and am happy to say that we are fully caught up with LW and will not have that problem again!

Additionally, on the database side of things, I've setup barman in the cluster to allow for point of time backups. Basically, we can now restore the database to any arbitrary point in time. This is on top of periodic automatic backups which also gets pulled to storage both on my personal NAS as well as a Backblaze bucket (both encrypted of course).

Today, I deployed a new frontend at https://next.lemdro.id. This one is very early stages and experimental but is being developed by https://lemm.ee and seems promising!

If you live outside of the US and experience consistently long load times I want to hear from you! I am deploying the first read replica node to Europe soon, so if you live in that region you'll soon notice near-instaneous loading of content. Very exciting!

Finally, looking for feedback. Is there anything you want to see changed? Please let me know!

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Circle of Rule (lemmy.ohaa.xyz)
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The Wrong Amazon is Burning


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cross-posted from: https://yall.theatl.social/post/2679263

Conservative media personality appointed to seat on Georgia State Election Board

From WABE Politics News:

A media personality who co-founded a conservative political action committee has been appointed to a seat on the Georgia State Election Board, which is responsible for developing election rules, investigating […]

its ok (lemmy.today)
submitted 1 hour ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/cat@lemmy.world

Neighbor across the street has a litter to re-home so we're doing our part!

No name yet, TBH, not even 100% sure on gender, they have a female looking face, but that doesn't mean much at 2 months. LOL.

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The article hasn’t been updated with the Mercedes Benz loss but one loss is not a complete defeat

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Weedtime (vegantheoryclub.org)
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submitted 1 hour ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/aww@lemmy.world

New kitten in the family, 2 months old. Not sure on a name yet.

Not even sure on gender, TBH. Female looking face, but that doesn't mean much at 2 months.

submitted 2 hours ago* (last edited 2 hours ago) by otter@lemmy.ca to c/technology@lemmy.world

The linked article is the intro message from her. I copied a part of it here:

Why I’m Joining Mozilla as Executive Director

Delight -- absolute delight -- is what I felt when my parents brought home a Compaq Deskpro 386 for us to play with. It was love at first sight, thanks to games like Reader Rabbit, but I fell especially hard once we had a machine connected to the Internet. The unparalleled joy that comes from making things with and for other people was intoxicating. I can’t tell you how many hours were spent building Geocities websites for friends, poring over message boards, writing X-Files fan fiction, exchanging inside jokes and song lyrics on AIM and ICQ chats with friends and far-flung cousins across the world.

Actually, I could tell you. In detail. But it would be embarrassing.

Years later I would learn that the ability to share, connect, and create is rooted in how the Internet works differently than the media preceding it. The Internet speaks standards and protocols. It links instead of copying. Its nature is open. You don’t need permission to make something on the Internet. That freedom holds enormous potential: At its best, it helps us explore history we didn’t know, build movements to better the future, or make a meme to brighten someone’s day. At its best, the Internet lets us see each other.

That magic -- this power -- is revolutionary. Protecting it, celebrating it, and expanding it is why I’m so excited to join the Mozilla Foundation as its executive director.

I started my career as a media lawyer to protect those who made things that helped us see one another, and the truth about our shared world. Almost fifteen years ago, I co-founded and built a media law clinic to train others to do the same. After a stint at a law firm, I joined BuzzFeed as its first newsroom lawyer, which felt sort of like being a lawyer for the silliest and most serious parts of the internet all at the same time. In other words, I was a lawyer for the Internet at its best.

I am not naive about the Internet at its worst. From the Edward Snowden disclosures to a quick trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, much of my career has confronted issues of surveillance -- including of my own religious community. I watched as consumers became more concerned about surveillance and other harms online, and so we built an accountability journalism outlet, The Markup, to serve those needs. The Markup’s mission is to help people challenge technology to serve the public good, which intentionally centers human agency. So we didn’t just write articles: Our team imagined and made things people used to make informed choices. Blacklight, for example, empowers people to use the Web how they want, by helping them see the otherwise invisible set of tracking tools, watching them as they browse.

Also art teachers office (vegantheoryclub.org)
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I understand that our local galaxy group is considered "gravitationally bound" and therefore exempt from the expansion from each other, but we don't seem to have other galaxies collected into their own "local groups" of gravitationally bound clusters, so are we saying we're somehow unique? Is there a trick of perception taking place?

I found this quote in the Wikipedia article on the Expansion of the universe.

While objects cannot move faster than light, this limitation applies only with respect to local reference frames and does not limit the recession rates of cosmologically distant objects.

It seems to me that if we can perceive at cosmological distance something that cannot exist, perhaps we are falsely observing an expanding universe. Maybe everything IS gravitationally bound and we're just seeing expansion because... Relativity?

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# find with grep
# + concatinates results and runs the command once, faster
find . -name "*.txt" -exec grep -l "somename" '{}' '+'

# run a command for each result individually
find . -name "*.txt" -exec basename '{}' \';' |  column

# case insensitive
find -iname "SoMeNaMe.TxT

# file or dir
find -type f
find -type d

# define file owner
find -user Bob

# define file group
find -group wheel

# by permission
find -perm 777

# find by size
find -size +1G
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