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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on partners to provide additional air defence systems and missiles for Ukraine after a Russian attack on Odesa on the.....

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The plan calls for the creation of a private governing entity and allows the hiring of Western mercenaries for security.

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Israeli forces in Gaza destroyed the body of a Palestinian man by running him over either using a tank or a bulldozer, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said on Friday.

The man is believed to have been in Israeli custody at the time or as of recently. It is not clear if he was alive or dead at the time he was run over.

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A pair of orcas working in concert have been killing great whites along a stretch of South African coastline since at least 2017, plundering the sharks’ nutrient-rich livers and discarding the rest.

Scientists have been trying to make sense of the hunting approach, which has driven the sharks away from some parts of the coast around Cape Town, and now research has revealed a startling new twist in the behavior that could offer clues on what it might mean for the wider marine ecosystem.

Scientists witnessed one of the hunters, a male orca known as Starboard, single-handedly kill a 2.5-meter (8.2-foot) juvenile white shark within a two-minute time frame last year.

“Over two decades of annual visits to South Africa, I’ve observed the profound impact these killer whales have on the local white shark population. Seeing Starboard carry a white shark’s liver past our vessel is unforgettable,” said Dr. Primo Micarelli, a marine biologist at Italy’s Sharks Studies Centre and the University of Siena who was aboard one of two vessels from which researchers observed the attack.

“Despite my awe for these predators, I’m increasingly concerned about the coastal marine ecology balance,” Micarelli said in a statement.

It’s not unprecedented for orcas, highly intelligent and social animals, to hunt large animals individually. However, it’s the first such occurrence involving what is one of the world’s largest predators — the great white shark — the researchers reported in a study published Friday in the African Journal of Marine Science.

Starboard’s kill is at odds with more widely observed cooperative hunting behavior among orcas, which can surround large prey, such as sea lions, seals and sharks, and use their combined intelligence and strength to attack, said lead author Alison Towner, a doctoral researcher at Rhodes University.

The killer orcas are scaring off great white shark populations, but researchers don’t know where the sharks are relocating. “As they relocate, they might end up overlapping with heavy commercial fisheries,” Towner added.

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Two people have been killed, several more civilians have been wounded and residential high-rise buildings have been damaged as a result of a Russian drone ....

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"The settlers aren't wrong. The right is correct: That is the way to seize and hold land, and their claim that, any place we Israelis leave, the Arabs will come in our place, is correct. The right is also correct in its path: It's by settlement and only by settlement that sovereignty can be imposed. The debate is whether sovereignty should be imposed. The settlements claim that they are the successors to Kibbutz Hanita [on the Lebanon border], because, just as in the Tower and Stockade days [a method of establishing new settlements during the period of the British Mandate], you [need to] conquer hill after hill without consideration for the law and you create facts on the ground. They [the settlers] learned from us how to settle and seize land. The argument with them is not about the way or the method, but about the intention and the goal."

"There will be no peace with the Palestinians. My opinion changed long before October 7. It's not the disengagement [2005 Gaza pullout], that failed, it's Oslo. I don't tell myself stories."

"The attitude toward the conflict and its solution is bound to change across the board. Many of the kibbutzniks who experienced October 7 can't bear to hear Arabic and want to see Gaza erased. They are the new 'victims of peace.' Very few of the kibbutzniks whose homes mark the border think today that the people living on the other side are good people. They cannot overcome rationally the emotional experience. The trauma is stronger than their worldview."

During the riots of 1921, they learned that it's better to deal with a security threat through a shared life, and Kibbutz Ein Harod was established among hostile communities in the Jezreel Valley. And thus it was in every new area where Zionism arrived: the Hefer Valley, Beit She'an Valley, Hanita and the 11 communities established overnight in the Negev. Their first mission was to 'conquer the land.' Today, too, the kibbutz is the most effective way to maintain a hundred civilian outposts along the border fence.

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The US will begin air dropping food aid to the people of Gaza, President Joe Biden announced on Friday, as the humanitarian crisis deepens and Israel continues to resist opening additional land crossings to allow more assistance into the war-torn strip.

Speaking in the Oval Office, Biden said the US would be "pulling out every stop" to get additional aid into Gaza, which has been under heavy bombardment by Israel since the October 7 Hamas terror attacks.

"Aid flowing to Gaza is nowhere nearly enough," the US President said, noting "hundreds of trucks" should be entering the enclave.

Biden said the US is "going to insist that Israel facilitate more trucks and more routes to get more and more people the help they need, no excuses".

He also noted the efforts to broker a deal to free the hostages and secure an "immediate ceasefire" that would allow additional aid in.

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The head of a Gaza City hospital that treated some of those wounded in the bloodshed surrounding an aid convoy said Friday that more than 80% had been struck by gunfire, suggesting there was heavy shooting by Israeli troops.

At least 115 Palestinians were killed and more than 750 others injured Thursday, according to health officials, when witnesses said nearby Israeli troops opened fire as huge crowds raced to pull goods off an aid convoy. Israel said many of the dead were trampled in a stampede that started when desperate Palestinians in Gaza rushed the aid trucks. Israel said its troops fired warning shots after the crowd moved toward them in a threatening way.

Dr. Mohammed Salha, the acting director of Al-Awda Hospital, told The Associated Press that of the 176 wounded brought to the facility, 142 had gunshot wounds and the other 34 showed injuries from a stampede.

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Nicaragua's petition centers on accusations that Germany's actions violate crucial international treaties, including the 1948 Genocide Convention and the 1949 Geneva Convention. By providing financial and military aid to Israel and discontinuing support for the UNRWA, Nicaragua argues, Germany is complicit in facilitating genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. This case echoes a prior action by South Africa against Israel, in which the ICJ ruled that allegations of genocide by Israel in Gaza were plausible, leading to an order for emergency measures.

Germany, recognized as one of the largest arms exporters to Israel alongside the United States, finds itself at a critical juncture. The ICJ's decision to hear Nicaragua's request for emergency measures places Berlin under international scrutiny, raising questions about the legality of its support for Israel. The global community watches closely, as the court's ruling could set a precedent for international law, particularly concerning the obligations of nations under the Genocide Convention and laws of war.

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  • Mourners chant 'Navalny' as coffin carried past

    • Church ringed by crash barriers, police

    • Parents kiss his face for last time

MOSCOW, March 1 (Reuters) - Thousands of Russians chanted Alexei Navalny's name and said they would not forgive the authorities for his death as the opposition leader was laid to rest in Moscow on Friday.

In video streamed from the Borisovskyoe cemetery, Navalny's mother Lyudmila and father Anatoly stooped over his open coffin to kiss him for the last time as a small group of musicians played.

Crossing themselves, mourners stepped forward to caress his face before a priest gently placed a white shroud over him and the coffin was closed.

Navalny, President Vladimir Putin's fiercest critic inside Russia, died at the age of 47 in an Arctic penal colony on Feb. 16., sparking accusations from his supporters that he had been murdered. The Kremlin has denied any state involvement in his death.

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“You know and I know it’s the toughest, most efficient, most effective border security bill this country’s ever seen,” Biden said. “So instead of playing politics with the issue, why don’t we just get together and get it done?”

Biden touted the bipartisan border bill as “a win for the American people,” calling it a “truly bipartisan initiative.” He called on the Senate to reconsider the bill, asking senators to “set politics aside” and for House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., to put the bill on the floor.

“We need to act,” Biden said, adding that Republicans in Congress needed to “show a little spine.”

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As the TNLA expands its forced conscription policies to newly-conquered territories, a Frontier reporter reflects on his time with the group in 2021, and his friendship with a young Ta’ang boy destined for war since birth.

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