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I recently built my first rig and been using the hdmi cable that came with the MSI Optix G24C6 144hz monitor, which should be 1.4b. But now I remembered that the monitor is G-Sync compatible. Through googling I found out that majority prefers display port over hdmi but since I don't have DP, I'm not exactly sure if it's worth it (and hdmi 1.4b seems to support 144hrz anyway). What exactly does G-Sync do and should I get the DP for it?

Also, my gpu is AMD RX 5700, if that helps.

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I WFH, every year one of the goals that the rest of the team decides is that it's "so great" to see each other in person. The past few years haven't worked out but one did. I spent hours in a couple of airports, the huge expense for the company, I spent days away from my family, and for what? So you could look me in my same face you would see if we turned cameras on every once in a while? My husband says I'm being weird, but I legitimately want to know, what is the benefit? I hate being there and have to play nice so you can.....look me even closer in the face?

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In a similar vein, sometimes my breath feels sort of 'milky', even though I haven't eaten any dairy products. What could that be?

Edit: Apparently this is not normal??
Try this experiment to see if you get the taste as well:
Next time it's freezing outside, sprint for a bit so that you're left taking deep breaths in the cold air by the end of it. That's when I get the taste. My saliva also feels a bit thicker, probably due to the cold air.

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Bleachers have no back support. If I hunch over, my lower back hurts. If I sit up straight, my lower back is fine but my shoulders and upper back hurt.

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I've also seen US teachers spending hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets to stock classrooms.

I spent a lot of time in European schools and I've never heard of teachers having to stock their own classrooms or fundraise for things like playgrounds, etc.

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I got into a mild accident last week; after being checked out, i don't have anything broken but i have torn ligaments in one of my feet. My recovery has mostly been resting my foot and not putting pressure on; i'm not allowed to go for a walk. Would I be able to go swimming? This way I can keep my foot from being stiff but i can do some exercise.

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So for some fucktastically stupid reason, the automod replies to removed messages provides a link that only returns a server error.

Secondly, the reply message does not even tell you the community it was posted in.

How the FUCK are we supposed to know what we did wrong if we can't see it?

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WebDAV has been around a lot longer and does many of the same things as object storage. It also has support for random access read/writes where object storage requires you to download, edit, and re-upload the whole file. Seems like a no-brainer if you wanted to offer cloud storage to customers.

I thought maybe supporting large uploads was the draw, but WebDAV can support chunking, so you don't need to allocate extra server resources to accommodate large files.

I use both daily, and WebDAV just seems like it does everything better: object storage feels like throwing files in a junk drawer and WebDAV more like an organized filing cabinet.

Aside from Nextcloud and a few FOSS applications, the only big thing I recall that adopted WebDAV was Frontpage back in the day.

So, what am I missing? What makes object storage so compelling that it became ubiquitous while WebDAV is practically a legacy spec?

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Just had this thought while running with my dog and getting fatigued. Why does it feel like that? What is going on in the tissue to make it "burn?"

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Not one big enough to cause another great extinction, but small enough to just turn a whole small country and parts of neighboring ones into a huge crater. Will the people who was evacuated out after NASA stated a warning try to rebuild the country after everything has settled down or do they'd become citizens of another country?

Edit: after reading the comments, maybe turning a small country into a crater is too much, what just level the place, or in any way that make it uninhabitable for a period of time?

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Another day, another threat of nuclear retaliation against the West by Putin.

Realistically, if Russia were to launch missiles against European capitals, how long a warning would the inhabitants get? What about North America (USA, Canada)?

Does NATO have the capability of in-flight interception? Or other defense mechanisms?

How deep underground is safe to protect against a modern nuclear blast?

Stay safe y'all.

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Not eat anything that casts a shadow.

It's from the Simpsons if you haven't seen it.

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spoilerI very limited as to what computer hardware I have access to in where I live (not the USA), but I managed to get my hands on a used HP Elitedesk 800 G3 SFF and waited months for an AMD FX 6400 Low Profile to arrive. Now I am having trouble with this card.

I know the reviews state that the card can't take advantage of my x16 slot bandwidth, but I expected to be able to use it in that slot, as the x4 slot is right against the power supply, and the card doesn't breathe well at all there, and thermal throttles.

However, when I slot the GPU in the x16 slot, the PC won't POST. I find no settings in the fairly limited BIOS options that would prevent this, and a test Nvidia GT 720 works in the x16 slot just fine.

I'm out of ideas to get this to work. Legacy/UEFI Option ROM settings make none. The port is enabled in the section that toggles availability.

I thought this would be related to my M.2, but the 720 is a x16 lane card, and it works fine in the x16 slot, so now I'm just left scratching my head.

Anyone have experience with this issue? Most results I find on my search terms are for custom builds with more BIOS settings than a business-class HP Elitedesk. That said, my search-fu is not what it once was before my mental illness advanced, and now I can't as easily assimilate information, so it's possible I am missing something right in front of my face.

EDIT: After days of fiddling, I made this post and went back to troubleshooting. It just booted with no problems. Scratching my head, but something I did in passing was the trick. Now to make sure I save these exact settings!

EDIT2: It turns out it was always working, and it is just BIOS/UEFI screens that will not display. This kept me from installing my base OS at all until I moved the GPU to the x4 slot. Since I installed the OS with the GPU in the x4 slot, now it boots to the point where I enter my luks encryption key and I'm good, but it still won't show the BIOS screens. Perhaps I need to enable the legacy Option ROM for video?

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Was just talking at dinner with family, and it seems a logical action to ban circumcision, as in most cases, doesn't have consent, and is a major (genitals are important) body modification. Can we ban it at the state level? Just a thought.

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Hey all I just came across an emergency situation irl that I felt useless in because of how slowly I was thinking. Basically it was someone getting an epileptic seizure and I had the info in my head for what to do but I did end up freezing a bit before I did anything. Really didn't like it. The person is fine now but if I had reacted faster, we might have been able to prevent a couple problems.

I've been in other emergencies before where I had to call the shots but I guess I want to think faster and keep it consistent at a higher level, and I want to improve on it for future scenarios, but what can I do to do that?

Edit: Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's replies, I'll be looking into a routine to acclimate myself with these kinds of situations

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The sun dial worked during daylight, but how did people agree on what time it was at night before clocks were invented?

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In the US it's not crazy for kids maybe as young as 6 to make themselves sandwiches like a PB&J/Ham & Cheese either if parents have an emergency, or to take to lunch for themselves because parents didn't have time. (Or you know, they're neglectful)

So is there a go to food for children to make in other cultures?

EDIT: Sorry for phrasing it like teaching 6 year olds to cook is mainly to help parents. Personal experience of dad going to prison and mom working 12 hour days at early age shined through. So me being taught to cook wasn't "This is a skill that'll be useful as you grow older" but instead was a "Things are going to be rough, and sometimes things won't work out with me being there when I need too, and I want you to be able to be okay in an emergency". So cooked myself food when I was little probably a lot more than others, then when I was a teenager I was cooking dinner for the family a lot.

But makes sense it wasn't the case for others! Still the curious, what other cultures teach their children to cook!

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