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The use of content warnings on !asklemmy


Use spoilers for NSFW content that is "within reason" and doesn't break Rule 1 like this :

My NSFW warning

My NSFW comment or post content

This will look like (click the triangle) :

::: spoiler My NSFW warning

My NSFW comment or post content


The longer version

The community rules which seem to need to be balanced by the mods most are:

  1. Be nice & have fun, and
  2. NSFW is okay, within reason.

The lemmy.world site rules also state:

We are not a free speech zone. This CoC lays out expected standards of conduct and behavior. You cannot say or post anything that violates these rules or principles and remain a member of our community. You must follow this CoC. If you are looking for something else, please do. It is not here.

The Moderators are not morality or thought police. Moderators are guided by this Code of Conduct. Post what you want, if what you post follows these rules, principles and the goals outlined above. Not every member of the community will appreciate controversial or explicit posts so use Content Warnings very liberally. We use Content Warnings so community members themselves can decide whether they want to see or engage with a post that may be controversial or explicit.

Bullies, trolls and disruptors are not welcome. We will moderate accordingly.

This is a voluntary community. You chose to be here. When you choose to join, you have implied that you agree with this Code of Conduct and will follow it.

Moderators seek to apply these, sometimes conflicting, rules. In doing so we take the balance of probabilities approach. The majority of comments which have been removed to date have been a clear breach of community Rule 1, however sometimes balancing the requirement to be accepting of NSFW content and the requirement for participants to be nice can be difficult. To make this easier, posters and commentors are encouraged to use the spoiler functionality in markdown to create a content warning on asklemmy. Posts that use a spoiler are less likely to be removed when considering whether they are "within reason" NSFW.

To create a spoiler, use three colons ":" followed by the word "spoiler" and then the warning text to create a content warning. Type your comment(s) on the lines below and then three colons at the end to end the spoiler.

My NSFW warning

My NSFW omment or post content

This will look like (click the triangle) :

::: spoiler My NSFW warning

My NSFW comment or post content


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What are some (non-English) idioms, and what do they mean (both literally and in context)? Odd ones, your favorite ones - any and all are welcome. :)

For example, in English I might call someone a "good egg," meaning they're a nice person. Or, if it's raining heavily, I might say "it's raining cats and dogs."

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Let's imagine it's currently Wednesday the 1st. Does "next Saturday" mean Saturday the 4th (the next Saturday to occur) or Saturday the 11th (the Saturday of next week)?

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What attributes are important to you?

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Yes, I did my research. But even my Revolut account requires a damn SMS here and there, and I'm trying to just prep for going off-the-grid entirely for the rest of 2024. Justification: fuck not?

SOOOOOOO Send ém to me, Lemmurs. Revolut= maybe

I want the bank that just opens an account, receives fiat currency, doesn't fuck around with incompetency (stares at a few Credit Unions and Banks) and such.

Crypto I think is being handled by a friend, hope they're right. Banks are on the way out, I know.. I know...

Q: Other than Revolut, which ones are Lemmy approved? Q: Nah, that's it really. I want to open account, and close my other bank. Q: How are you, and why are there beans in my Texas Chili in New Yoawrrk?

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Hi everyone!

I am F21. I have a boyfriend (M20). We are in relationship approximately 1 month (before that we was best friends for 7 or even more years).

We have a lot in common an I really love him (and as I know he too).

We started dating as I accidentally saw my photo on his laptop (I already liked him). After asking him what was that he told me that he liked me for a long time and was afraid to tell me that.

As our personalities - we are typical “otaku” (anime nerds), so we always had hanged out together in the past.

Now everything fine, I really like him, but I am bothered about him being trembling every single time I am close. I know for sure that I am the only one he likes to talk (we are both extremely quiet personalities) and we are together 99% of time. And this happens only if I take his hand or hug him.

I don’t want to ask him about this because I afraid he will get ashamed of this.

Should I worry?

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When I signed up for Lemmy, I didn't know about some wars that existed between instances, and when I chose lemmy.ml I thought, “Why not?”. Tbh, dont think too much about instances.

I signed up because I wanted to get the full Lemmy experience, but I don't know if some instances block the instance I'm connected , and this is a bit confusing for me. At the beginning, when I joined Lemmy, I remember reading that it is advisable to choose the instance carefully, and I even assume that it was my mistake, but I think it could be a little easier for those who enter the fediverse. I guess. Know nothing at this time.

So, the question is there. Do you judge members by instance? I'm just a normal guy; I don't like the extreme right or extreme communism. In fact, I think all extremism is stupid. But , if you could enlighten me on this, I would appreciate it.

At this point, I don't know if I'm blocked by some instances or not. Basically, I want to enjoy having the entire Lemmy experience, where I could read all types of content.

EDIT: during this time, maybe some people judge members because the instance. And I dont like that feel if someone think "oh look this dude, is from lemmy.ml, he is extremist communist, for sure". However, I'm not. Im just a normal guy without any politic side.

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So many companies cut their workforce as much as 10-15% citing that those jobs can be fully automated by the use of AI but I am still waiting to see any meaningful price cuts of their products from the said companies, etc.

Otherwise this will mean that they are doing this just to increase their profit margins and please their shareholders and don't care about their customers or workforce.

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I'm sure there are channels that run similar to Public TV. They may post a regular show, or a variety of shows.

Maybe web-series is the word to use. They must be of decent quality and updated within the last 6 months.

I'm know not looking for documentaries, essay videos, pranks, reviews or vlogs.

And not 1-2 people going around doing whatever, or a group of people that sit with a static backdrop chatting or pulling up graphics.

I'm looking for funny game shows, dating shows, reality tv, sit coms, drama, variety shows, comedy or anything that would be similar to flicking through over the air TV (but not jsut shows copied from TV).

Written with dyslexia ✍️🙃.

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I broke my ankle and leg in October and had to have hardware put in. My ankle has one screw and two tightrope devices.

I'm at the point where I'm back to my normal routine aside from the one day a week I do physical therapy. I'm coming to realize that literally none of the shoes I own are not comfortable anymore. They all make my ankle feel worse and do not expand enough when my foot swells up.

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I am broken!! Haha

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We hear about all the young people making a big deal of their successes in their early years. Twenty-something tech gurus or entrepreneurs that make their fortune early.

Who here is past 45-50 and maybe made a switch or restarted and found success and a modicum of happiness in their new position?

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RE: sales CRMs like salesforce or zoho

Don't expect much of an audience for this on Lemmy, but:

Maybe it's just the places I've worked, but seems like I'm constantly wading through contacts who are gone - I don't want to delete them because the history could be helpful, but seems like there should be a quick, native way to mark them. Maybe once marked those names are grayed out or something.

My one company had a custom field that you could check, but then there was no special handling of those contacts in terms of how they're displayed - just you could use it to exclude results in reports.

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This is maybe a weird request, but I'm looking for a way to send myself some information at a specific time in the future. Basically, it's because I've got a few sites that are huge distractions for me at the moment, and I can't stop checking my accounts, responding to messages, etc. My willpower is so low, and I've got a lot of important work right now and it's starting to really mess up my life.

So my plan is to change the passwords to my accounts to a long random string, then save that string somewhere that I can't access for X days. I imagined a simple way would be to use a site that would send me an email on a date, and the content of that email would be my random passwords. But my web searches only seem to find pages telling me how to schedule my own emails, which isn't what I need.

Any advice / suggestions?

(also, in case anyone is thinking it, the sites I'm trying to block access to are all linked to the same email account, and I'm also going to change its password, so I won't easily be able to reset them).

Edit: FutureMe is exactly the site I was thinking of, thanks lemmings!

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Ever read a book, watched a movie, or played a video game that you love the universe/world so much that you want to move there and live there forever?

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like, if i'm feeling bad but force myself to do something, i usually feel better. how to maintain the usefulness of this advice without presenting it as 'fuck your feelings', in that usual arrogant right wing sort of way

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The time has come for the people of this nation to no longer sit idle. The Age of the Billionaires is nearing its end and shall be relegated to the history books. Those who have been crushed by their relentless greed will rise with their sunset.

Their influence has clouded the minds of those who make decisions that affect every one of us. But enough is enough.

The oppressed shall be heard.

Join us on the 7th of July. Over 700 locations across 43 states. Details to follow.

-- The Movement

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For a while I was using the same username for everything, but recently I've been trying to mix it up.

Context: Currently picking my new username for Signal and I'm not sure what to put. I don't want spam, and I use Signal for privacy, but I could also do something nice. First name? Randomly generated?

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In some 2000-10s comedy, "bish, make me a sandwich" is a common punchline. It begs the question, what goes in the sandwich?

As a follow up, how does that differ from the sandwich you might make for yourself?

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NOTE: All I had were 5 cookies just now. I was just wondering: not trying to eat them all.

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