I've realized that I check the news several times a day but not because I'm curious about what's happening on the grand scheme of things, but because my brain wants to check something that keeps changing with new, evolving information. It fills a slightly different niche than social media, and I don't watch sports so I don't have that to check. Can anyone think of something else that could fill this need? I could read blogs but they just don't feel current. And the news is making be stress about information I didn't need to know.


Tourist cities should have hotel rooms by the hour that are actually clean when you just want to take a nap.

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The latest Nick Crawley video for instance if anybody wants to try.

Edit: Wait it’s happening on the latest Penguin0 video too. So confused.

Edit: It’s happening on all videos. Dopamine overload for me. Watching YouTube and browsing Lemmy.

Edit: Wondering if it cause I have a VPN connected to Miami. Not used a VPN for a while, but started last week.


some posts have zero comments and views

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I've watched the keynote and read some stuff on the internet and I've found this video about a dude talking about the new update (I linked it here because if you didn't see the keynote, this is probably enough)

Is it just me, or... does no one address that Apple does a Microsoft move by basically scanning everything on every machine and feeding this into their LLM?

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I have been looking at them a lot recently and they have a premium price is it worth it?

What does it look like when you want to upgrade? Like can you just swap out all parts over time and essentially it’s like having a custom desktop, but in small form factor.

Can you buy a base model and upgrade components over time?

Would it suit my use cases for it? Which are to run Linux, I have to use Windows as a Software Dev and so can’t do it on my main. Can I run Minecraft on Linux? I know, but I like that game it makes me happy to unwind.

I want to get more into cyber security related tasks and most likely increase my Darknet activities using Tails.

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M. 34

I'm currently studying for the theory and then the practice for the license and I hate it... But since I'm unemployed for like half a year now maybe it will give me more chances to get hired. Still I will avoid driving as much as possible, being on a highway scares me and I'm afraid of having an accident. Plus I wear glasses and I'm not sure if my reflexes or peripheral view are good enough...

So, what's your reason to not drive a car... money? For the environment? Are you afraid? You really don't need to?

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I avoid modern pop music in general... But I'm sorry, I will always have a soft spot for "Baby one more time" by Britney.

I would add "I want it that way" but let's be real, every dude secretly likes that song.

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I'm 43, almost 44, years old and went through a bought of alcoholism during the early part of the pandemic. I went through treatment and have been fine since. However, I can't help but feel that all the news in the last few months is just the worst. Between the AI bullshit, the wars, the effects of capitalism, and the political situation in general it's just the worst. Is it just me or have other folks noticed the same trend?

Edit: I should have also mentioned the enshitification of everything tech related.

Edit 2: Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. For some more context, yes I'm American and live in a state that's about to ban the wearing of masks in public. I haven't had a drink in over year and have been in therapy for 3 years. I don't watch any news sources and rarely read media websites. But yet, that information seeps into my life somehow. I donate blood, I make charitable donations, and try to live a good life. I have 2 amazing kids and a great wife. It's just hard to not end up in a doomer mindset at times. A Bitcoin company bought a power plant up here that has an existing lease to use a lake as cooling water, and it's heated up the lake to the point that it's killing fish.

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So. Without trauma dumping, I'll simply say my dad is a bad dad. What's a father's day gift that says "you're dead to me, but I'm still doing things to keep drama at bay"?

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Every search you make, email you send, text message, voice chat, location, and most likely the conversations you have in your own home are monitored and stored in a database for whoever knows how long (probably forever). When I hear land of the free, I immediately think bullshit. We are slowly losing our freedoms, what can we do to prevent this? I mean, when Edward Snowden dropped the leaks, people protested, but barely anything changed. What can we do? This post not only applies to Americans, your own government in another country may possibly does the same thing. Feel free to comment!


What about another liquid? Is there a "perfect" cleaner, something that spreads and penetrates like nothing else?

Very interested in the answer.

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Hi everyone, i would like to know what makes you stand out from your immediate environment. It could be something physical or a feature that qualifies you.

I'll go first, i have quite large feet from years of moving around barefooted and while growing up, i had to have shoes custom made as most of the good ones were made in general sizes only, i still have trouble getting shoes.

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Out of curiosity, I've been watching a few restorations of those spectrums, and I've noticed the keyboards having a rather peculiar construction, judging by today's standards. They have 2 springs, the small one, as far as I understand, presses the membrane layers together, and the larger one returns the key into neutral position once the key is released.

I personally haven't used any spectrums, yet I've encountered the very same construction on a keyboard of a Russian clone of said machines (namely, zx atas), and to this day I haven't touched anything worse... The only way I can describe it is like trying to type on a piece of raw meat.

So, if anyone here had a chance to type on the original spectrums, was it this bad? I suspect otherwise since I haven't heard of crowds of people requesting PTSD treatment, but the whole thing still somewhat bothers me 😅

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Double question time!

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