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There's 3 things that really stand out for me that I would say made a massive difference to my life:

  1. Cordless screw driver. Bought the day after building a flat pack bed with a crappy screw.driver that just shredded my hand. Thought it was frivolous at the time, but I've used it so much since. It's light, small enough to fit in my pocket and good for 90% of DIY tasks.

  2. Tassimo coffee machine. Bought it 9 years ago, use it every day. Nice quick easy coffee. What's not to like.

  3. My first DSLR camera. It was a Nikon D50 back in 2005/6 and it sparked my interest in photography to this day. It gave me a hobby I can take lots of places and do it alone or with others. I never loved the D50 camera itself, but I did get some really nice shots with it

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airline offers both the qr code and the boarding pass as a pdf (but I don't have a printer at home). I screenshot the qr code (front and backside) and downloaded the boarding pass to my phone. No services from google were used.

I screenshot the qr code three times because Im afraid quality won't be good enough and I still have to ask: Is the picture quality good enough for the kiosks? Do agents simply check if there is a qr code and the name of the airline and let you board? or do they scan the code?

I've been assigned a seat right before the wings in the middle of a 3 seat row. Is this a good seat? Because I've heard people prefer frontal seats (rows 1 to 15), because engine noise shouldn't be as loud and to choose a frontal seat is more expensive than a seat at the back. I'm not really convinced, because if you have a seat at the end of the plane, you are among the first to leave the plane. Being next to the wings means you have to fight other passengers to board and leave the plane. Is really that calmer at the front side?

Have you ever deliberately checked in physically to get a free window seat? A friend of mine did that and he got it.

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I see posts talking about good BIFL items but I don't hear much about the other side of products that are bad or products you bought but don't even use.

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I only have a familiarity with Christianity and the "no other gods before me" thing. I am curious what other religions have to say about it.

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I don't use Twitter, I mainly use it for casual research. Before I would use nitter, but ever since its shutdown I couldn't find any alternatives. Is there any way to browse Twitter without creating an account?

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IDK if this is going to get any responses, but if you have any experience with using propane with a portable generator maybe you can explain what's going on.

So I got a big generator, I previously only used gas, but as this was new and dual fuel, it seemed like propane might be a big win. Propane as far as I know doesn't get old like ethanol gas does, won't gum up small engine carbs like gas does.

However, it had some downsides - the tanks are not able to just have an extra gas can to refill while the generator is running if needed, and for some reason I can't tell the manual gives 0 estimated runtime with propane, but lots for the gas fuel. Ok, well some searching found a Y connector with a kind of switch/indicator that is supposed to auto failover to the second connected tank if the first one empties so you can then change out the tank while the generator is running.

Now my problem. Power goes out last night, it's 20F and I fire up the new generator for the first time. First hour, no issue, however it then starts almost stalling out and then restarting over and over again. I go look at it seems like the "switch" indicated it tried to change tanks but... maybe didn't? It went straight up and down, not pointed to the other side (though IDK if I actually understand the switch, there were like 0 instructions with it from Amazon). OK, I'll just figure out which tank is empty (wondering how it went empty in like an hour on a 20lb tank) and move the switch to the other one and then change out the tank with my spare. Did all this, no change. Cannot get the generator to run right, and cause constant brownouts to my house and the generator makes a sound like it's backfiring every so often. I give up on backup power for the night.

Today, I go look at it again, and it starts up and runs fine today at 43F. However I haven't put a load on it, but it wasn't running right without a load last night, so I don't think it was overloading the generator (and I know it wouldn't given earlier uses when it was warmer). OK, well lets at least use the valves on the top of the 20lb tanks to test the switch over thing. I tried turning off one of the tanks (right), the one the switch / arrow is pointing towards. Nada, generator keeps running, switch doesn't do anything. I turn off left and generator stalls out. Weird. I then reset, restart, and try turning off the left tank - no change keeps running. I then re-open left and close right, no change, generator keeps running. Just to not lose my mind, I also close left and as expected generator stalls out.

Ok, so - do I have a worthless amazon transfer thingy, is the propane just not working at 20F or below? This seems really weird as I have a 500 gallon tank for my entire life for heat and stove and it got down to like -15F a few times with no issue.(I asked my provider, they say they can't hook up the portable generator, or even provide me a propane hose / valve/ anything I could hook it up to.) The 20lb tanks are brand new... So some googling seems to say maybe the tanks need to be warmer? I could get some tank heaters I guess and plug them into the generator also assuming it can run long enough for the heater to do anything and bootstrap stuff when it's cold. However, I'm also concerned about not having any estimate how long it should run from what should be 40lbs of propane. I don't know if the first tank leaked over the months since I set it up (the other 2 didn't), but 1 hour seems really fast to run out, and I would expect at least 8 hours when the gas tank is supposed to be good for 18.

So - do I just give up on propane for this generator? It seems silly to keep propane for the warm months and then switch to gas for the winter...

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If stage fright is the fear that one has, when performing

Then inbox fright is the fear/dread I have, when it comes to getting replies or reactions, after I post...

Especially if its related to political content

You never know if you're going to pulled into a struggle session over something and sent nasty messages, overall

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I've never had an opportunity to watch a live event of smth I really wanted due to living in the middle of nowhere. What's in your wishlist?

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I‘m a little shocked rn. I am using fluffychat on ios since my legacy iphone is still working and I dont want to throw it out until its done.

But this happened the first time: I wrote „then I might need to take a taxi“ to someone and an installed taxi app immediately popped up via notifications saying „get off 25% today“ or something.

This freaks me out big time since it could mean every word I write on this phone gets checked by something/someone.

Anyone else? (It was literally the second I wrote the sentence)

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Feeling a bit down tonight. How do you guys like to lighten up?

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This post is going to sound very similar to my last one, but now I only want to make sure I can check-in online from my desktop, download both the qr code and boarding pass as a pdf file to my phone and then either board the plane showing my phone with the pdf boarding pass to the agent or use my phone and the pdf qr code with the kiosk to print the boarding pass and board the plane.

I got all steps right, right?

Everything I can do with the airline app in my phone I can do with my desktop, right? The airline app is the same website with a different format, it doesn't give me anything special, right?

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I wanna try an experiment but I'd also like others experience here.

I've noticed certain cats eat tok fast and also go back to extra food. I feel like if the overeaters/gulpers were let to eat last and then all food leftovers were removed afterwards we might have less instances of vomiting afterwards.

What say you, cat-owning Lemmings?

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Had someone contact me because a browser interface was 'down' and it was actually a cert issue. It surprised me that in an IT context, this person didn't have a basic understanding of SSL certs. They didn't even know how to add a cert exception.

It got me thinking, what basic ubiquitous things am I a dumbass about outside of IT?

Ive seen lots of 'fun facts' compilations, but it would be better to get a wide range of subject suggestions that I can spend 30 minutes each or less on, and become a more capable human.

Like what subjects would plumbers consider basic knowledge? Chemical interactions between cleaning products and PVC pipes?

What would an accountant or a landscaper consider to be so basic its shocking people can live their lives without knowing any of it?

For most areas of expertise, its difficult to know even what the basics are to start with.

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Also, how would that work on things like birth certificates?

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Good evening folks! I am looking for a decent waterpoof jacket but getting kinda stumped at the options.

While I would mainly use it for just taking walks, I do want something a little better that I could possibly use on hikes and such as well (might as well get a better one right away in case I ever decide to do something like that).

Now, I've found Jack Wolfskin have some nice looking ones (in particular the Elsberg 2,5l), but opinions on the brand seem to differ a lot.

So I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a good brand I can get in Europe that fits my budget and delivers decent quality. Thanks everyone in advance!

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I really wanted a modded Xbox 360 when I was younger because I thought being able to play 'backed up' games and having a custom dashboard was really neat.

I ended up buying one last year to fulfill that childhood wish.

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After this meta-post about a Lemmy instance got removed, I became curious: where are the communities that contain general discussion about the state of the broader Lemmy community itself?

The bigger communities I found when looking for Fediverse meta content are:

But most of the communities are much smaller and less popular:

Most of the "meta"communities I found were specific to a single server. Which is great for reporting server issues themselves, but not so great for understanding the broader community.

TL;DR where drama

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In the winter, I spend more time with sinus infections than without. I feel like I've tried everything, but relief is temporary at best.

edit: Thanks for the tips everyone. Upvotes all around! Some of these suggestions I've tried, others are new to me. I'm going to give them all a shot. Looking forward to breathing again!

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This is a thing with every dishwasher I've had, some models seem better than other. You wash the dishes and when they dry, they have a musty odor I can only describe as "wet dog". Other people often don't seem to notice this, so maybe I am just sensitive to it. Though if I point it out, then they smell it.

I have tried:

  • Cleaning every nook and cranny of the dishwasher and filter
  • Running with orange kool-aid/citric acid/lemishine in dispenser after each wash (works decently well)
  • Running a rinse w white vinegar after each cycle (this works the best so far)
  • Making sure dishes air dry instead of dry inside the dishwasher (always do this, helps a bit)

In all instances where this happens, the dishes are clean and don't have food stuck to them or floating around in the water.

Has anybody else fought this problem? What worked for you?

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Edit: After reading the discussion, I figured I'd let GPT4 speak for itself:

The quest to identify true artificial intelligence (AI) indeed presents challenges, especially as AI models become more sophisticated. Let's explore some indicators that researchers and practitioners consider when assessing AI systems:

  1. Understanding Context and Meaning:

    • True AI should demonstrate an understanding of context and meaning. It should not merely generate plausible-sounding sentences but also comprehend the content it produces.
    • A system that can engage in nuanced conversations, infer intent, and provide relevant responses based on context would be a strong indicator of advanced AI.
  2. Generalization and Adaptability:

    • An AI system that can generalize from its training data and adapt to novel situations is valuable.
    • True AI should not be limited to memorizing specific examples but should exhibit flexibility in handling diverse scenarios.
  3. Creativity and Novelty:

    • Creativity is a hallmark of human intelligence. An AI system that generates novel ideas, art, or solutions beyond its training data suggests progress.
    • For instance, AI-generated poetry, music, or visual art that resonates with human emotions could be an indicator.
  4. Ethical Decision-Making:

    • True AI should navigate ethical dilemmas. It should consider consequences, fairness, and societal impact.
    • An AI system that can weigh trade-offs and make ethical choices aligning with human values is a positive sign.
  5. Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement:

    • While self-awareness akin to human consciousness remains elusive, an AI system that can self-assess its performance and seek improvement is promising.
    • Continuous learning, adaptation, and self-correction are essential traits.
  6. Transparency and Explainability:

    • True AI should be transparent about its decision-making process. It should provide explanations for its outputs.
    • Efforts to develop interpretable AI models and techniques for explaining their predictions contribute to trustworthiness.
  7. Robustness and Safety:

    • AI systems must handle adversarial inputs, noisy data, and edge cases gracefully.
    • Robustness against attacks and safety precautions to prevent harmful behavior are critical indicators.
  8. Human-AI Collaboration:

    • Rather than replacing humans, true AI should complement human abilities.
    • Systems that collaborate effectively with humans—such as AI assistants, co-creative tools, or medical diagnostics—demonstrate progress.
  9. Quantifiable Metrics:

    • Researchers propose various metrics to assess AI capabilities, such as perplexity, BLEU score, F1 score, and accuracy.
    • However, no single metric captures the full spectrum of intelligence.
  10. Detection Tools:

    • Researchers are developing tools to differentiate between human- and AI-generated text.
    • These tools analyze features like fluency, word frequency, punctuation patterns, and sentence length¹.
    • While imperfect, they contribute to identifying AI-generated content.

In summary, the arrival of true AI may not be a singular event but a gradual evolution marked by advancements in the above dimensions. As AI continues to progress, our understanding of its capabilities will evolve, and new indicators may emerge.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/29/2024 (1) How to spot AI-generated text | MIT Technology Review. https://www.technologyreview.com/2022/12/19/1065596/how-to-spot-ai-generated-text/. (2) Intelligent Supertrend (AI) - Buy or Sell Signal — Indicator by .... https://www.tradingview.com/script/q9244PAH-Intelligent-Supertrend-AI-Buy-or-Sell-Signal/. (3) Indicators - True ALGO. https://truealgo.com/indicators/. (4) Improve Key Performance Indicators With AI - MIT Sloan Management Review. https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/improve-key-performance-indicators-with-ai/. (5) New AI classifier for indicating AI-written text - OpenAI. https://openai.com/blog/new-ai-classifier-for-indicating-ai-written-text/.

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i watched the veritsatum video on blue led https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AF8d72mA41M

and this sleep video at 29:30 https://youtu.be/ZvS1KDT4ObM

and my brain connected dots

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