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Hi folks! Today I have asked myself if I could login with one (no, not google or apple or micosoft) account in all the (30 I think) forums that I have to use as a FOSS admin. Nextcloud Forum, Ubuntu Forum, Mint forum, Makemkv Forum, Papermc Forum, linux.org, etc.

We obviously are on a forum-like social platform but we cant make people use this as their forum I suppose. Ideally, I'd like to federate "all forums" so to speak but that would probably take a shit ton of work. https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/does-this-forum-use-activitypub/2545/2

If not federate the content, maybe federate the logins. So that the profiles federate from one place to the next and you can login anywhere without having 30 different passwords for one "service" (forum in this case).

The next step down would be a foss SSO solution. There seem to be some but I hardly see any pages mention them possibility at all. https://sennovate.com/best-open-source-single-sign-on-solutions/

Am I missing something or is this still in the distant future?

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

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I could not recommend AnySoftKeyboard to my mum. I could recommend Florisboard, tho.

Openboard is virtually dead from what I can see. So that leaves Florisboard as the only open source alternative (that I know of) that could really be used by the masses. And the world would actually be a way better place if we all opensource freaks could install Florisboard on our family/friends phones and them barely noticing anything weird.

The problem is... no word suggestions yet. It's been years and we are still lacking what is almost an essential feature of a phone's keyboard.

I wish I could really work on it, but I lack the knowledge to do so; so I hope I am bringing some attention to the project.

Is there any other alternative I am unaware of?

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Hi, I am currently working on a website I plan to release under the GPL3 license. I was wondering what copyright notice I should put in the footer of the web page. The notice I currently have is "Copyright 2023 ", but I do not know if this conflicts with the GPL licence. Should I change it to something like "Copyright 2023 contributers"?

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I woke up this morning to an awful looking homescreen on my Android - turns out my Niagara Launcher subscription had lapsed!

I went to check the renewal prices, and they were literally 2-3x more expensive than what I was paying recently - not really excited about that.

Since my homescreen already looked like garbage, I decided may as well try Kvaesitso, a FOSS search-based launcher. I tried it in the past, but abandoned it since I would want to set up my homescreen and apply an icon pack to all the apps individually.

After several hours of setup (mainly applying the icon pack 😭), I've been using it throughout the rest of the day and I'm pretty pleased with it, it's a very smooth, polished and well thought out minimal search-focused launcher. Here's what I like and don't like so far:


  • Search is much more powerful: can use DuckDuckGo or any custom search engine, search app shortcuts (i.e. webpages saved as apps), as well as tagging apps - none of these are possible in Niagara
  • Very, very customizable
  • Supports gestures to open apps or run things, so even less apps are needed on my homescreen
  • The clock looks so nice
  • Cool charging animation that shows rising bubbles from the bottom of the homescreen
  • Contextual media controls under the clock
  • Allows full-size widgets on the homescreen, these can be hidden off-screen by default if you prefer

Meh but not dealbreakers

  • Upcoming calendar events don't show up under the clock, however there is a very nice custom calendar widget included
  • Contextual media app cannot be set (e.g. when bluetooth/3.5mm headphone is connected, pin music app on homescreen)

Highly recommend giving it a try if your Niagara subscription lapses, and open to trying a neat FOSS alternative!

F-Droid | GitHub

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As much as I'd rather use more private software for messaging, like matrix, there are still some groups I am only able to reach using discord. Does anyone know of any good frontends I can use to minimize the data hoovering?

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Suppose I want my project to have as many contributors as possible. Generally do you think more people are inclined to contribute (upstream) if the code is permissive or copyleft or do you think it doesn't really matter?

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Today we are sorry to announce that we are not able to bring the Libera Chat bridge back online. We have already begun working through clean up tasks, such as clearing ghosts, and expect to be done by December 22. If you see any bridge artifacts left past that point, please let us know.

We at the Matrix.org Foundation have been working behind the scenes for months with the team at Element who operated the bridge and our peers at Libera Chat. Our hope had been to address the issues that were raised about the bridge to the satisfaction of Libera and to quickly bring it back online, but ultimately the Foundation is only a facilitator in the process and does not have the resources to maintain and operate the bridge itself.

Long term, the Foundation’s hope is to have the resources to service its core programs as well as provide additional community services like bridge maintenance and operations. However, as an open source foundation that is still early in its journey, we must be realistic about our capacity and make hard choices about where we put our scarce resources.

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PeerTube is a decentralized and federated alternative to YouTube. The goal of PeerTube is not to replace YouTube but to offer a viable alternative using the strength of ActivityPub and P2P protocols.

Being built on ActivityPub means PeerTube is able to be part of a bigger social network, the Fediverse (the Federated Universe). On the other hand, P2P technologies help PeerTube to solve the issue of money, inbound with all streaming platform : With PeerTube, you don't need to have a lot of bandwidth available on your server to host a PeerTube platform because all users (which didn't disable the feature) watching a video on PeerTube will be able to share this same video to other viewers.

If you are curious about PeerTube, I can't recommend you enough to check the official website to learn more about the project. If after that you want to try to use PeerTube as a content creator, you can try to find a platform available there to register or host yourself your own PeerTube platform on your own server.

The development of PeerTube is actually sponsored by Framasoft, a french non-for-profit popular educational organization, a group of friends convinced that an emancipating digital world is possible, convinced that it will arise through actual actions on real world and online with and for you!

Framasoft is also involved in the development of Mobilizon, a decentralized and federated alternative to Facebook Events and Meetup.

If you want to contribute to PeerTube, feel free to:

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I'm looking for an application (windows or maybe web) that can be used to combine images vertically and horizontally. I usually go with PhotoScape (screenshot) to for this but that's not free nor updated anymore. Important features for me are to be able to combine horizontally or vertically, set the number or rows or columns and have the ability to resize the final image.

Thank you.

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Sentry has moved to a new license for its products called Functional Source License, and explains in this article the story of the licensing for these products and why they throw BSL for FSL.

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Become a Github sponsor or buy the dev a coffee.

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In a recent Matrix blog post dated November 24, they wrote:

"Matrix 1.9 is due out next week. Keep your eyes peeled for an update."

This means that we can expect the new version this week. All new features are described here.

The most important are:

  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Account locking (by server admins) [MSC3939]
  • Official spec support for custom emojis and stickers [MSC2545/MSC1951/MSC3892/MSC4027]

I am so excited especially about the custom emojis! Stay tuned 😎

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Hello everyone, I would like to share my little project I've been working on recently. There are many awesome data sharing solutions around. However, I've always wanted to be able to just alt+C on one machine and Alt+P on another, clipboard is just such a handy thing! so, I finally decided to get this done. Welcome Clipshare, a foss, end to end encrypted universal clipboard, written in Rust! Only Text and desktop platforms supported for now, but Android is definitely coming and files / images perhaps too.

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Hello Lemmy,

invidtui is a TUI-based Invidious client, which can:

  • Search for and browse videos, playlists and channels
  • Play audio or video from any instance
  • View, open, edit and save m3u8 playlists
  • Download video/audio in any format
  • Authenticate with the preferred instance, and show user feed, playlists and subscriptions

This release contains the following new features/fixes:

  • Playlists are downloadable as well, with progress display in the "Downloads" page. Deleted/private videos are stored separately from the public ones.

    To use this feature:

    • Select a playlist with the i key, wait for the playlist to load
    • Press Ctrl+S to initialize the download
    • To view the progress of the download, press Y

  • Optimizations to the playlist file loading and queue rendering (reduced CPU usage)
    • Updating the queue only for new/updated items
    • Rate limiting the calls to MPV
    • Cancellable loading of playlist entries
      • Open the queue and press x to cancel loading the playlist entries.

  • An "Initializing" indicator is shown when the player is hidden and about to start playing a file

I hope you enjoy this release, and any feedback is appreciated.

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Their goal is to release for may 24.

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Hosted @ https://ajnabee.live/

Also Ajnabee mean Stranger ;)

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It's also made with plenty of Tkinter modules and other libraries, and it's a small application but it's very universal since it runs on anything!! Thank you Python :3

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with the recent news about the things that were said about Google slowing down Firefox on purpose, are they doing this because they severily dislike Firefox/open source? :c If so, that wouldn't make a lot of sense!!! Because Google loves open source too. I read they were doing this to stop adblockers, and well if you use Firefox without those, it can work maybe! I use Chromium and Google Chrome on Ubuntu ^u^

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