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Hey all! I've done a lot of database maintenance work lately and other things to make lemdro.id better. Wanted to give a quick update on what's up and ask for feedback.

For awhile, we were quite a ways behind lemmy.world federation (along with many other instances) due to a technical limitation in lemmy itself that is being worked on. I ended up writing a custom federation buffer that allowed us to process activities more consistently and am happy to say that we are fully caught up with LW and will not have that problem again!

Additionally, on the database side of things, I've setup barman in the cluster to allow for point of time backups. Basically, we can now restore the database to any arbitrary point in time. This is on top of periodic automatic backups which also gets pulled to storage both on my personal NAS as well as a Backblaze bucket (both encrypted of course).

Today, I deployed a new frontend at https://next.lemdro.id. This one is very early stages and experimental but is being developed by https://lemm.ee and seems promising!

If you live outside of the US and experience consistently long load times I want to hear from you! I am deploying the first read replica node to Europe soon, so if you live in that region you'll soon notice near-instaneous loading of content. Very exciting!

Finally, looking for feedback. Is there anything you want to see changed? Please let me know!

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Unexpected encounter (files.catbox.moe)
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Загальні бойові втрати противника з 24.02.22 по 25.05.24 (орієнтовно)

*УВАГА! У зв'язку з постійним надходженням уточнених розвідувальних даних, виникла потреба коригування деяких позицій загальних втрат противника - БпЛА оперативно-тактичного рівня. Загальна цифра скоригована, а втрати за добу подаються у звичайному режимі.

#NOMERCY #stoprussia #stopruSSiZm #stoprussicism #ВІРЮвЗСУ

| Підписатися ГШ ЗСУ | t.me/GeneralStaffZSU/14887

🐷🐷🐷 (hexbear.net)
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Love is in the air (files.catbox.moe)
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"Nobody uses Mastodon" (lemmy.dbzer0.com)
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A little comparison


Nothingham Trams! (i.imgur.com)
submitted 30 minutes ago by alessandro@lemmy.ca to c/pcgaming@lemmy.ca
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Patriarchy has everything to do with men, but at the same time, nothing at all. In a male-centered society where maleness is associated with power, what’s really being centered is power itself. What’s suppressed is mutual relationality. Patriarchy is intertwined with colonialism, racism, and other oppressive social structures based on hierarchy. It is a fundamental fracturing of our human wholeness.


These sequences come from early in the sixth album, Asterix and Cleopatra by René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo.

BACKSTORY: Caesar tells Cleopatra that he doesn't think much of 'modern' Egypt, claiming that all the great works were built during ancient Egypt's heyday, thousands of years before. Which was in fact true, as Cleopatra herself was part of a recent dynasty of Greek conquerors. Nevertheless, she's mortally offended on behalf of herself and her nation, and vows to build a great palace to Caesar in a mere three months' time(!)

Haha, I love the wittiness of that right panel above, which reminds me of classic Shaw Bros Kung Fu films. I mean the unintentional hilarity of choppy dubbing, that is.

Such a great premise for a classic adventure, no?

I always appreciated the transition from the queen's palace set in the baking sands of Egypt all the way to the rustic little village in wintertime. Somehow it satisfies the eyes and the soul, both. And for the sharp-eyed, the little dog that tagged along in the last adventure (Banquet) pops up again just above, altho isn't named just yet.

Hats-off to the momentum-building! Indeed, Goscinny & Uderzo are one of the great writer-artist teams in comics at the tip-top of their game, here. But let's also not forget translators Bell & Hockridge, who routinely did an astonishing job of preserving the cleverness of the original French, even when it was pretty much impossible to convey the nuance or cultural references.

submitted 1 hour ago by solo@slrpnk.net to c/climate@slrpnk.net

The activists say all their protests were open, accountable and non-violent, and contested the use of such a draconian law against them.

“This is the first time in German history that a climate protest group that uses measures of peaceful civil disobedience is charged as a criminal organisation,” Herrman said.

“This charge is especially dangerous for democracy and the right to peaceful protest because the charge turns the constitutional right of protest, freedom of speech and political assembly into a crime simply because some laws were broken in course of civil disobedient protest.

“This charge is meant for mafia and organised crime. This charge criminalises every act of support towards the group Letzte Generation. This creates an immense chilling effect on all climate protests in Germany.”

submitted 33 minutes ago* (last edited 33 minutes ago) by lemmyreader@lemmy.ml to c/asklemmy@lemmy.ml

feddit.de has been giving "Server error" for some time but I read that the server is still working when using a Lemmy app. Tried the Photon front-end today and choosing feddit.de as instance.

My question (I'm just curious, I have no account on feddit.de) is : Can an alternative front-end on their server co-exist with the other server software ? I guess it would be a matter of installing Photon and then point nginx configuration to that. Or am I missing something crucial ?

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Archived link

Romanian prosecutors announced Friday that they had ordered the arrest of a man suspected of spying for Moscow, while the government declared a Russian diplomat persona non grata.

The arrest of a person suspected of spying marks the first of its kind in Romania since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine more than two years ago.

Prosecutors said the arrested man, a Romanian citizen, had "since 2022, been monitoring Romanian or NATO military objectives located near the municipality of Tulcea," a town near the border with Ukraine.

He is suspected of "collecting military information and taking photographs of military combat equipment and the movement of personnel in the border area with Ukraine, which he transmitted to diplomats from the Russian embassy in Bucharest," prosecutors added.

Authorities did not disclose the man's age or identity.

Romania's Foreign Ministry later said a diplomat from the Russian embassy had been declared "persona non grata on the territory of Romania" for activities in breach of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

The ministry said it had summoned the Russian charge d'affaires to notify the latter of the decision.

[Edit typo.]

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This is an automated archive made by the Lemmit Bot.

The original was posted on /r/nosleep by /u/TheAtlasOdyssey on 2024-05-25 01:04:30+00:00.

There is an evil in this valley, I know that now. It exists in every stone, every felled tree and the air we breathe. It is old, following my family from generation to generation; from the first step we took here long ago, to right outside my window at this very moment. It is difficult to grasp at first, because it hides from you. But you learn to live with it. You have to, because it never concedes. Not an inch.

And it is slowly gaining on us.

When dad still walked, he used to take me on hunting trips. Often the snow would be so thick and the air so biting cold that I cried throughout the whole ordeal. Of course, this wasn’t ideal when the whole point was to be quiet, at one with nature, awaiting a very precise moment. He usually told me as much.

“Ain’t much room for people like us anymore,” he said one particular morning.

A layer of freshly fallen snow covered the ground and glittered in the sunlight. The lightest chirps could be heard all around us, if you listened. I laid prone with my dad right beside me, perched at the top of a hill overlooking a field below. He held the rifle – and I the binoculars. Though it wasn’t cold, weirdly. This brand of winter I could endure. 

“Ain’t much money in what we do, either,” he said, “don’t know how much time we’ve got left, you’ve got to enjoy it, son.”

When he started groveling like that I turned my ears away. As a child, I didn’t comprehend our situation fully. But he was right, there isn’t much (if any) money in ranching. At best you break even, at worst you ringbark your family tree. However, he always tells me to forget all that money is and do it for the love of it. For the freedom of always getting to choose. For the horses, for the cattle, for the family and for the valley.

“Remember, squeeze softly. Do it when you exhale,” he said, handing me the weapon.

We’d spotted a doe jumping through the field. I have always thought they looked too big to bounce like they do. It is almost like they’re filled to the brim with helium. Wondrous creatures. It is amazing what you can see when you look. When you notice details.

I had shot a gun thrice up until that point, the only difference between those times and that time was the target. Gone was the empty jerrycan, now the barrel was pointed at one of God’s creations. That is if He even exists. Somehow I doubt that nowadays. We were raised catholic, but ever since I took over the ranch I’ve been drifting towards the spiritual, the religion of the land. That is the only belief I have received any sort of tangible evidence for. 

Still, I was a bit nervous, I recall. I think I even shuddered a little with every breath my tiny lungs produced. I aimed the gun, gently guiding the crosshair, placing it over the animal. I inhaled. Time seemed to stop, then-

“Wait. Quiet,” dad whispered, looking at something through the binoculars.

“I am quiet!”

He hushed me with vigor. Not the time to be annoying, I guessed. He pointed at something in the distance, by some pine at the foot of the mountain. It was far away, yet seemed… aware of us. It was another deer. And it stood there, yes stood! The thing stood on its fucking hind legs. It didn’t lean against a tree (in which case it would’ve been slightly less unsettling), nor did it try to reach for some high-up leaves. It just stood there. My dad started getting agitated, and soon he looked just as nervous as I was. 

After what seemed like an impossible amount of the time the deer turned around, still on two legs, and walked off into the forest. I couldn’t place what made its movements so bizarre back then, but I can now. It walked like a human. The knees bent the wrong way.

“We should go back home now,” my dad said. “Mommy wouldn’t want us to miss supper.”

That was the first time I encountered one of them, but it wasn’t the last. That’s why I’m writing this, things have escalated these last couple of weeks. They are learning faster than before. I do not know how much longer I can pick them out, and then I can no longer protect us. I think one of them is inside the house right now, but I can’t be sure. 

Sorry, I’ll deal with that when it comes to it. Let me tell you the rest.

Time passed and suddenly I found myself in the position of patriarch. Dad wanted to retire, or at least he thought so. He kept working the stables and breaking horses until he no longer could. Good man. 

When I took over, we stopped focusing on cattle production. In the modern world you have to be a large corporation to make that type of venture profitable. So, what do you do as a small, family owned ranch? You focus on quality, that’s what you do. And that is where the horses enter the equation. You invest in a reputable stallion, feed him, keep him happy and healthy. We only bought the finest hay, burning through our savings fast.

“Why do the horses need that fancy stuff?” Dad asked one night.

“They do not need it, but the buyers need to know we feed it to them,” I replied.

Old man had a point. It was a risky play, but turns out, it would work out in the end. We bred that first stallion (Speedy Newton II) over and over again. Soon, we had quite the roster on our hands. And we always made sure to market our horses well.

We became famous in the world of equestrian sports, and it became sort of a status symbol to own one of our fullbloods. That is how we modernized the business, with a strategy similar to what Apple did back in the early 21st century. Luxury goods, basically. And it made us rich (or at least it took us out of destitution). For the first time ever we could afford to hire some cowboys, build a bunkhouse and further push our margins into the green. That has been our reality for the last decade or so, and we now have horses all over the world. I do not intend to dox myself here (not for fear of what you might do to me mind you, it’s just better if you can’t find this land) but we are one of the top ranked stables in the world at the moment of writing.

Last month the first domino fell. Me and a couple of day workers were cleaning the stalls in the stable. It was a tight knit group of people, and I had the greatest time just chatting with them, tugging their chain a little. I think we were talking about the Tigers game, when I noticed something in the corner of my eye. 

Newton was staring at me. And it wasn’t the usual empty-minded horse-stare, it had intent. Or malice, even. His skin was pulled a little too tight around the eyes, and it looked just a little bit too perfect. I had known that horse for the better part of two decades, and this wasn’t him. And after a while, I swear to God, he licked his lips. The long tongue of a horse…

I felt so creeped out by the fact that I decided not to tell any of the cowboys about it. They were a superstitial kind, no need for any extra friction in the bunkhouse. After we wrapped up, I started making my way back to the house. During that walk it struck me that something else was off about Newton: the eyes. Despite the outwardly likeness between a horse's eye and a human’s, they are quite different. Especially in context. And he had stared at me with human eyes.

I went back to the stable to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me, despite the growing anxiety I felt. When I turned on the lights, he was nowhere to be found. Our most prized possession. Gone in an instant.

A cowboy found his skin later that week, hanging from a branch deep in the forest. Dad knew. I knew. But we didn’t tell the workers that. To them this was the doing of rivaling ranches or thrill-seekers or whatever. So they remained calm but in the main residence, behind closed doors, unrest grew.

I had told my dad about the encounter in the stable, and we came to the only logical conclusion. It wasn’t like that deer all those years ago. No, they were adapting, learning, becoming a threat. They were getting closer. 

No, they are close now, I can feel it. I am writing this from my beloved rocking chair. It is very dark here currently. Everybody is sleeping, and for reasons that will become clear later, ‘everybody’ means a lot of people. Just a moment ago a shadow moved silently in the dark, towards the bathroom. I’m not completely sure it was him, but it almost looked like the silhouette of my dad. Walking. 

I didn’t call out to him.

Three weeks ago we had a nightly visitor. Me and my wife sat curled up on our couch under a blanket. The soft glow of the TV casted dancing lights around the room. Some of those hit our kids, others mom and dad. The evening news droned on in the background, and we waited patiently for the movie to resume. 

The house was still, in a sense. The only sounds were the rustling of pillows and the occasional creak of old wood settling. A sudden knock on the door changed that. 

I glanced at the clock. 10:37 PM. 

“Odd time for visitors, huh?” Mom said.

“Yeah… Kids, follow mommy and grammy upstairs,” dad added.

“It’s bedtime guys,” I said, giving them both a kiss on the cheek. “Nighty!”

They had barely made it halfway up when the knocking began anew, this time more aggressive. I peered out the window next to the front door. There was a figure standing out on the porch, cloaked in the dim light of a lantern outside. He looked almost ordinary, dressed in a worn flannel shirt and jeans. Maybe a drifter, or trucker down on his luck, I thought. But there was something off about the way he stood–too still, too deliberate.

I unl...

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