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Hey everyone,

I'm calling it. Both c/PS5 and c/PlayStation voted to merge community building efforts under the c/PlayStation community by a large margin, so there's no reason to drag this vote out any longer.

So what does this mean?

  • c/PS5 will remain open for the community to use however they wish.
  • Mods will remain to monitor discussions and posts for rule breaking content on c/PS5.
  • The rules will remain as-is.
  • Mods will focus on posting all PS (including PS5 and PSVR2) content that we find to c/PlayStation instead of on c/PS5.
  • c/PlayStation will be our sole focus for community building and content seeding.
  • Building of c/PS5 will be left solely to the community.

Thank you all for participating and following us on this journey to make the best place for PlayStation on lemmy!

If you have any questions please ask us below! 👇


So I've recently started to replay Watch_Dogs (digital version) on PS5 and oddly enough, it's the only game that won't suspend in rest mode. The console itself has to tell me it won't keep the game open and it'll close in 30 seconds. I've played both PS4/5 and use both digital and physical copies between my library. Anyone have an explanation?

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I'm afraid of buying another controller and having the same problem. I don't know if it's like this everywhere in the world, but in Brazil it's a disgrace.

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Trying to see if I can use alcohol swabs to clean it.

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I want to get a sync box but they are not 4k120. The FancyLEDs box only has one input meaning I can't use a PS5 and set top box or Apple TV.

Any advice or successful set ups?

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In the past I used to have EA Play (2 or 3 years ago) but for some stupid reason if I had for example Titanfall 2 in my library added for EA Play and then they gave it away in PS Plus there was no way to claim it in my PS Plus library because "I already had it added in my library", although it was for EA Play license and not PS Plus and during a year that I had EA Play they gave away several EA games that I could not claim precisely because of this and I find it quite frustrating not being able to claim games of a membership that I paid, I mean, even if I have it for EA Play is the same as having it for PS Plus, the game is not mine, it is "borrowed" while paying the service and it is more likely to pay PS Plus than EA Play, so I wanted to have them in my PS Plus library.

Now, that was in the PS4 era and now I have a PS5 and I don't know if that has changed anything, I remember contacting Playstation support and they couldn't help me claim a game that I already had in my account.

Edit: I already read about the merge of communities but it seems to me that in c/Playstation most of the posts are news, and if I ask something it will most likely be ignored or removed.

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Looking for some suggestions I'll play anything other than rpgs. Was thinking to wait for the black Friday sale. I also am wondering if it's worth renewing my plus essential. don't really play online just keep it for the sales since my system is digital. Look forward to all's suggestions!

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Hello c/PS5!

~~Let's get some business out of the way first. The current c/PS5 poll results are showing:~~ ~~* 149:10 in favor of migrating to c/PlayStation (93.7%)~~

~~And for c/PlayStation we are seeing:~~ ~~* 68:10 of in favor (87.2%)~~

~~I will be leaving the vote posts up at least through the weekend to hopefully gather a larger representative sample, but even with a larger margin of error due to the small sample size, the results so far seem largely in favor of the merge. I have to admit, I didn't expect it to be so one-sided.~~

~~If you haven't voted yet, please go do so! You can find the post here:~~ ~~https://lemmy.world/post/5420017~~

~~And if you want to get ahead of the curve, consider migrating/subscribing now to !playstation@lemmy.world because it looks like it's gonna happen.~~

Edit: Vote is finalized. We are merging with c/PlayStation. See the other pinned post for details.

Now for what we are all playing this week:

Personally I am trying to finish Dave the Diver so I can get back to some PS5 games. I am so close to the end, so I'm going to try and drive it home tonight. Then I have Baldur's Gate 3, but honestly, I might start God of War Ragnarok. Something about Spider-man 2 on the horizon has me wanting to finish another PS exclusive before it comes out.

Anyway, what are you all planning to get up to this weekend?

P.S. Not video game related, but I bought some Disney Lorcana cards off ebay to play with my wife. Slight markup, but eh. Planning to get those in tomorrow, so I'll be playing that also.


Here is a direct link to the voting thread:


You vote by upvoting the corresponding comment in the locked pinned post. Downvotes will not count as some instances do not allow downvotes.


Please see this post for more context and to VOTE:


This is just a reminder posted at a different time for those in other time zones. If you have already voted, no further action is required.

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This week c/PlayStation ownership was handed over to us (the mods of !ps5@lemmy.world). In an effort to concentrate our community building efforts under one umbrella, we are proposing bringing all PS5 content under the broader PlayStation community.

What does this mean for c/PS5 and c/PlayStation subscribers?

  • The c/PlayStation community will be a lot more active and will be the core focus of the mods in terms of community building. 

  • PS5 content will be much more prevalent on c/PlayStation as it is the current gen console. For c/PS5 subscribers worried about PS5 news being suppressed, we do not intend to pull back on the current posting volume of PS5 specific content.

  • Topics/discussions on legacy consoles and games will be allowed, but from a news perspective they naturally will not be as much of a focus.

  • PS Studios, Movies, and TV shows discussions will be allowed.

  • Lower effort content such as show-off posts, screenshots, and technical troubleshooting questions will be allowed, but if they clog op the feed we may begin to segregate them into weekly threads. (Down the line this may be negated if lemmy implements post tag/flair)

  • Memes will NOT be allowed at this time. The focus will remain on news and discussions. 

  • The rules currently enforced on c/PS5 will persist on c/PlayStation.

Please vote by upvoting one of the two comments below. Downvotes will be ignored as some instances do not allow downvotes.

This post will be pinned for up to 1 week or until consensus is reached

A separate vote post will be made available for c/PlayStation subscribers. Only if both communities vote to merge community building efforts will we do so.

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Recently revealed at the RGG Summit:

Story trailer

Gameplay trailer

The game is coming January 26, 2024 on PS4 & PS5

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In case you missed the post from earlier today, we are now the "owners" of !playstation@lemmy.world (in addition to !ps5@lemmy.world).

The mods over there transferred ownership of the community to us so that we can better grow the PlayStation community as a whole on Lemmy. Essentially, we are much more active over here on c/ps5 by comparison. We are also growing steadily in subscriber count.

How would this community feel about following us over to !playstation@lemmy.world?

To answer a few questions you likely have:

1. What would happen to c/PS5?

  • We would continue to be mods but consistent posting would shift to c/PlayStation instead. This means that the weekly discussion threads and regular content you have come to enjoy at c/PS5 would instead continue over on c/PlayStation. The community can continue to use c/ps5 if they wish.

2. Why transition again? Didn't you already do this with c/PS5 from Lemmy.ml to Lemmy.world?

  • This is just a hypothetical question for now and we are seeking community feedback to make the best decision. I have been friendly with the former mods of c/PlayStation since the beginning and had no intention of merging or migrating PS5 over there. They reached out and asked if we would be interested in taking the reigns and we accepted. We are now asking the community if a transition, merge, or some 3rd option would be in the best interests of both communities. Based on feedback today from a pair of posts both here and on c/PlayStation, the overwhelming opinion appears to be in favor of a merge. If you have an alternate suggestion in maintaining both c/PS5 and c/PlayStation as separate communities we are interested to hear your ideas/opinions.

3. What would change other than the community location? Would posting rules be different?

  • I anticipate that business would continue as usual. We would still mainly be a news and discussion focused community. Since PS5 is the current gen console most of the news would be PS5 focused. What would be different is that we would allow content for all PS consoles, PS Studios, and PS Movies and TV. As for lower effort content (such as screenshots, memes, show off posts, etc.) We would likely allow it in a limited fashion and perhaps introduce sticky posts or certain days of the week if posts of this type grow in quantity. We want to remain news and discussion focused.
  • Our co-mod (@slimerancher@lemmy.world) is the lead mod for !nintendo@lemmy.world, so if you are wondering how we would run c/PlayStation, just go look at c/Nintendo and that should give you an idea of our intentions.

Again, nothing is concrete at this moment. We received a good amount of feedback from c/PlayStation subscribers on this topic in favor of a merge, but responses from c/PS5 were not too large in quantity (even though the sentiment was the same). That is why I am making this post at a different time of day to gauge interest and feedback.

Ultimately we may consider putting out a poll/survey to make this vote more official, but for now we are looking for your opinions to guide our decision together. Please post your opinions and feedback below.

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Leaked emails have revealed Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s thoughts about PlayStation 5 back in early 2020.

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Is anyone else getting problems with charging from an external USB charger after the latest DualSense update?

We updated both controllers, and now neither will charge from an Anker USB charger we've been using. They both charge from the PS5 itself. The charger works fine for phones.

It's like they've updated them to no longer charge from any source other than the PS5, and maybe official PS5 charging docks. Don't have one of those to test.

Annoying to say the least, as it means playing while charging now needs a cable trailing across the living room floor.


Hello everyone,

The former mods of c/playstation have graciously decided to pass over the lead mod position to me so that we can continue to build a great place for PlayStation here on Lemmy.

I have posted a discussion post to the c/playstation community members which you can find here: https://lemmy.world/post/5350313

I am proposing a few questions to subscribers of Playstation and PS5:

  • Should c/playstation and c/ps5 join forces? Lemmy as a whole is still very small, and I believe having subscribers divided across two largely similar communities is doing us a disservice. A larger community means more discussions, more comments, more everything.

  • Should we remain separate? I know many of you likely joined c/playstation and c/ps5 for different reasons. Merging the communities might not be what you all want.

  • Do you have different ideas from those above? Please let us know below!

The point of this post is to hear from all of you and gather feedback and ideas before any decision is made. Currently, I plan to release a survey to formalize the options and opinions of the community before we do anything. For now, this post is to inform you all of what is happening and see what you all think.

Many of you are also aware that we previously migrated from lemmy.ml to lemmy.world. I did that migration unilaterally because I felt the community was being threatened. I do NOT intend to merge or migrate this community again without direct feedback and direction from c/PS5 subscribers as I do not want the community to lose faith in our leadership. Please let me know your thoughts below.

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