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This is the fourth megathread for discussion regarding the situation in Palestine.

Informal/Satirical news sources are not allowed on the main feed of the community but you are free to post them in this thread.

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The international criminal court must be allowed to carry out its work “without intimidation”, a group of 93 states has said in a significant public intervention intended to reinforce support for the judicial body.

In a joint statement issued late on Friday, the large group of ICC member states vowed to defend the institution and “preserve its integrity from any political interference and pressure against the court, its officials and those cooperating with it”.

The show of unity for the court and its staff comes in the wake of revelations published by the Guardian about efforts by Israel and its intelligence agencies to undermine, influence and intimidate the court as part of a nine-year campaign of surveillance and espionage.

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Eight Israeli soldiers have been killed in a blast that engulfed their armoured vehicle in southern Gaza, in the biggest loss of life for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a single incident since January.

The deaths came amid continuing fighting around Rafah in which at least 19 Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes.

According to the IDF, the squad of combat engineers were in a convoy of half a dozen armoured vehicles returning from a mission at about 5am on Saturday morning in the Tal al-Sultan area of the southern Gaza city when their vehicle was destroyed.

According to reports in the Israeli media, the IDF was investigating whether the vehicle exploded after being targeted or following the accidental detonation of explosives which the soldiers had been transporting in their vehicle.

The explosives had been stored on the vehicle’s exterior, a tactic reportedly used to avoid harm to the occupants in the event of detonation. The blast occurred after several other vehicles had already passed the same location, and killed all those inside immediately.


Until she was taken out of the house, Porat identified nine living hostages. She wasn't a witness to the close-range shooting of any of the hostages, or to any of them being hit in the exchange of fire. "I didn't see anyone execute anyone," she says. "I didn't see a body." That is compatible with what Hadas Dagan said – she was held in the house until the end of the event and saw only two hostages who were not alive. "Long before the two [tank] shells, Adi and I saw that two were no longer with us," she says.

Porat: "At one point I went to sit in a jeep with one of the Shin Bet [security service] men, and suddenly I see a tank moving along the road." The driver of the tank was Armored Corps officer Col. Nissim Hazan. A few hours earlier, Hazan had located the tank, which was damaged, in the area of the Re'im party. Hazan pulled a dead soldier out of the tank, rendered it serviceable, collected a pickup crew and asked on the radio, "Where do you need me?" At Be'eri, he was told. Hazan arrived at the entry gate of the kibbutz and was directed to Pesi Cohen's house.

"I understood that this tank wasn't like another bullet that's fired from a rifle," Porat relates. "So I asked: If you fire shells, won't the hostages be hurt? And the Shin Bet man told me, 'No, we only shoot at the sides, take down walls.' I believed him."

Lt. Col. Salman Habaka, a battalion commander in the Armored Corps, entered Be'eri with three tanks, all of which operated in other parts of the kibbutz. Habaka was killed last November in a battle in the northern Gaza Strip. However, testimony he gave before his death indicates that firing tank shells at homes in Be'eri was quite a routine practice that day – by order of Hiram Barak.

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NYT published the Istanbul agreement between Russia and Ukraine. The document was prepared in 2022, but was not signed. The New York Times publishes an alleged copy of the agreement. Main points from the document:

▪️ The states that guarantee the security and neutrality of Ukraine are Great Britain, China, Russia, USA, France. In brackets – Belarus and Türkiye

▪️ Ukraine must maintain permanent neutrality and not fight on the side of the guarantor state or any third state

▪️ Ukraine cannot conduct military exercises with the participation of foreign armed forces without the consent of the guarantor states.

▪️ The guarantor states pledged not to enter into military alliances with Ukraine, not to interfere in the internal affairs of the country and not to send troops into its territory.

▪️ All mutual sanctions and prohibitions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine are canceled, but a number of provisions of the agreement do not apply to Crimea, Sevastopol and a number of other territories

▪️ The maximum number of personnel, weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in peacetime is no more than 342 tanks, 1029 armored fighting vehicles and 96 MLRS.

▪️ The maximum firing range of MLRS and missile weapons is no more than 280 km. Ukraine has pledged not to produce or buy weapons with a higher firing range in its country

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In short: Chinese Premier Li Qiang is set to land in Australia on Saturday for the first visit by a Chinese premier in seven years.

A new visa scheme, pandas and trade deals could all be discussed during the official visit.

What's next: The visit is expected to last four days.

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I was putting butchers, bakers and candlestick makers in jail, but the big stuff we really wanted to go after was being ignored. — former IRS agent Michael Welu

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