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another common win for China

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Oh yeah, the best move the west made in a while in my opinion.

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Oh weird, pretty sure that's not how the west is responding to Israel bulldozing Gaza right now.

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Nah, pretty sure the nation committing a genocide is a staunch ally.

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No, the point is that this move undermines western financial system because billionaires all over the world will realize that if they or the government of their country runs afoul of the west, then their assets will be stolen. Meanwhile, freezing and seizing the assets of Russian billionaires amounts to the west doing capital controls for Russia. This would've been a very unpopular move if the Russian government imposed such controls, but the west decided to helpfully do that themselves. This forced Russian oligarchs to invest domestically resulting in Russian economy growing faster than the west now.

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Nobody with a functioning brain is going to keep any significant money in the western financial system going forward.

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I love it how they passed it on Hitler's birthday. Very on the nose.

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I'm so glad they finally did it because we'll finally be able to put the narrative that Ukraine is losing because additional 61 billions wasn't allocated to bed.

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That's what I thought.

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If you're disputing what he's saying then feel free to provide your rationale and sources. Stock market data is publicly available, so if you're claiming he's wrong then it's very easy for you to show that.

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The whole plan was rooted in the racist assumption of western superiority from the every start. The politicians in US assumed that a country of 1.4 billion people wouldn't be able to figure out how to make chips on their own.

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China's tech industry is thriving! They produced 3 billion chips daily, with a total output of 100 billion in Q1, up 40% YoY. March alone saw an impressive 28% jump to 36 billion units, driven by growth in NEVs and smartphones (17%). By 2027, China's global share of mature-process capacity is projected to rise from 31% to a staggering 39%.


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