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Am I the only one here bothered by that weird improper hyphenation?

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I know its easier than ever to dunk on how terrible reddit has gotten, but honestly? What is this? How is is safer to deliver this content to kids viewing reddit on a tablet or PC or in the app? Why even create the bs excuse?

They could just have easily told the truth an displayed a message like "Content is limited. Open in the app to view." It's still a jerk move, but at a minimum its honest.

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I think Hamas should surrender and release the hostages. I don't see another realistic way to end the war at this point.

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Well, ask a silly question I guess. Thanks 🤣

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This is why we should be making laws around likeness rights. If you damage somebody by publicly using their name to spread falsehoods, that's defamation or libel. But, if you produce an image or video of their likeness instead of using their name, there's no legal recourse. Makes no sense this day in age

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What is the story behind this image??

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That's why I use tabliss - plus all the other customization and config.

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I think it means they are not awarding any new scholarships in the future. I don't think that it nullifies any existing awards. It's been awarded to something like 900 African American students over the years, most of whom would not have been able to attend otherwise.

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It looks like they are shifting the funds into a leadership program. I'm not exactly sure what that means

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The scholarship is named in honor of Reginaldo “Reggie” Howard, Duke’s first Black student government president who died in an automobile accident during his sophomore year in 1976.

Duke is discontinuing its Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship Program, a program for “top applicants of African descent,” in the wake of last year’s Supreme Court decision that ended race-based affirmative action in college admissions.

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Of course, it was pretty surreal to see people vilifying the effects of the protest not the protesters.

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Yep. We saw how quickly some people abandoned their principles about nonviolent protest as soon as they saw people they disagreed with doing it. Suddenly half my ACAB friends were cheering for the police to "do their job."

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Okay, now I hope I die in a mass disaster

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Just 34 of these misleading posts received more than 37 million views, according to ISD. Many of the accounts posting the misinformation were also verified, meaning they have paid X $8 per month for the “blue tick” and that their content is amplified by the platform’s algorithm.

$8 for a million views is a pretty good deal. Ex-twitter is essentially now just a troll marketplace.

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I even have a flag 🏳️

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Texas is in the minority of states that requires parental consent before a teenager can get birth control, in virtually all circumstances. But there’s long been one exception to that rule: the federal Title X program, which provides confidential contraception regardless of age, income or immigration status.

This program has been a “lifeline” for teens in the Rio Grande Valley, Gonzalez said.

But no more.

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Cavoli's statement was the latest in a series of increasingly pointed warnings about how the ongoing delay in U.S. aid is weakening Ukraine's position on the battlefield.

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A Personal Journey Through Enshittification

As an important part of my work I often need to scan paper documents, and then use those pdf documents generated to update records or often reprint copies of the same documents. Using a full size document scanner/copier is often not an option or is just plain inconvenient compared with the quick availability of cell phone scanning. For anyone who is used cell phone scanning at any sort of professional scale, you know that it is often finicky. White documents come out gray, stray shadows ruin the contrast on half the page, text and images alongside each other Turn out to be difficult to optimize.

Enter Microsoft Office Lens. This was a great little app that has excellent filters making it easy to fix shadows and white balance in a snap (or rather a tap). However, in order to use all the features, Microsoft began nudging users toward Microsoft Office Mobile. For example, did you want to view or edit those scanned PDFs? Better get another app to connect your other Microsoft apps. Congratulations, you now have multiple redundant apps! Office Mobile replaced the Lens Scanner on my device.

Microsoft Office Mobile was itself discontinued in 2023 in favor of Microsoft 365 (Office). This brought the same functionality while also pushing other niche Microsoft apps (like OneNote). In the latest update, I was horrified (but hardly surprised) to see that the latest app is little more than a platform to launch Microsoft Copilot, their AI assistant that the company has clearly gone all-in with. Mind you, there is already a Bing App, a Microsoft Launcher, Edge Web Browser, and a dedicated Copilot App, all shilling the Microsoft AI front and center.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's at this time that I decide to re-evaluate an App I had tried months ago: OSS Document Scanner. When I first experimented with making the switch, I found that it lacked the image processing, text recognition, and ease of use I needed to really replace what at the time was still a very usable non-free app.

When I checked in on the project, I was blown away! This was not the juvenile scanning app I tried to test-drive before. Here instead was a fully functioning, powerful, and user-focused app. It is able to quickly and accurately detect document edges, scan multiple pages in a row, detect text (with a simple in-app download), and crucially, to automagically white balance each page for clear, readable, and printable results. Saving and exporting is a cinch too.

If I sound overly excited, that's probably true. This was a frequent pain point in my day to day work. I prefer to use FOSS apps whenever it makes sense to do so. There are many tasks in my life that are simply not easily replicated by FOSS software, so when I find one that is actually better than the non-free options out there, it really makes my day and I want to share it. If you ever use your phone to scan documents, check out this app, or share with a coworker:

GitHub | Play Store | IzzyOnDroid | iOS

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While the committee receives information about almost every death during or 12 months after a pregnancy in Texas – including pregnancy-unrelated deaths like those of pregnant women in certain car crashes – cases involving deaths from self-managed abortions have not come before the task force.

It’s unclear how many such cases the committee has unknowingly skipped since 2014. CDC data directly from death certificates shows at least 20 deaths in Texas that were coded as abortion-related from 2014 to 2020. Researchers predicted an increase in these kinds of deaths due to abortion bans. A 2021 study estimated a blanket ban of abortion would lead to 21% more pregnancy-related deaths overall in the U.S., noting that their projection was a low estimate because it didn’t include potential deaths caused by unsafe, self-managed abortions.

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I've been rewatching all the old Nickelodeon stuff and something is bothering me. In the legend of Korra, The first season culminates with a standoff between Korra and the season's big bad, Amon. Ultimately, Amon escapes in a motorboat with his brother Tarrlok, who uses an electric shock glove to ignite the fuel tank and blow them both up.

On the one hand, we have seen characters (including Amon) survive much worse. We never actually see Amon's fate to know for certain that he died. That probably has to do more with censorship and the limitations of what Nickelodeon would actually show onscreen. That's not what I'm talking about.

If what we see on screen is exactly as is seems and Amon has died, the only witness is Tarrlok, who is killed with him. To the rest of the world, it would have seemed only that Amon escaped and is hiding in obscurity. However in later seasons, Korra has flashbacks about Amon in which she clearly knows he is dead. Is there any in-universe explanation for how she would possibly know this? Or is it just an error? It seems like a pretty major detail to overlook for a series that doesn't overlook much.

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“Well over half of the musicians on streaming services are paying mony for you to pay money to listen to their music.”

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The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati put out a statement online about this banner, saying in part, "Although the banners are gone, they are a sad reminder of the current prevalence of antisemitism and our need to remain vigilant."

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How should our community treat out-of-date and abandoned Apps?

Sometimes a dev is away for an extended period of time, then returns to development. Sometimes an app is officially abandoned but still functions well. Sometimes an app may be under active development but not yet compatible with the latest version of Lemmy.

Should these apps be excluded from our Apps list? Which ones? What criteria should we use? Should we maintain a list of "Old Apps" for posterity, as a code database, etc?

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