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submitted 23 hours ago by hahattpro@lemmy.world to c/reddit@lemmy.world

I just created a community to see what reddit offer for mod.

And I see they use blackbox rule to "guess" if user is break a rule, or if user is ban evasion, ...

And they give you two options without any measurements, that is "low" and "high" confidence.

Now they are obsessed with AI. Opposite voice might be automatically labelled as breaking the rule.

The problem is that their blackbox doesn't work very well.

New account (of newly join user, or for privacy concerns) might be censor due to reputation filter.

Break rule

Ban evasion




It's been a long time since I've been ban from Reddit in May so it's been over a month. Could it be possible that they just forget who you are. I found one post talking about getting permanently ban that was 5 months old on an account still active. What ways could I get around a Reddit ban? Probably like use an email that doesn't use my name I guess and don't be too obvious. But yeah Reddit has permanently ban me and I've basically tried everything I could with other accounts. So there does seem to be a way around the Reddit ban and it seems like partly luck and making sure Reddit doesn't remember you.

submitted 5 days ago by Betawhat@lemmy.zip to c/reddit@lemmy.world

...And WTF events related to Karma led me to come back here, because Lemmy really surpasses Reddit on all points (even if it cruelly lacks users compared to Reddit).

On some subreddits, we ask to have a Karma in comments good enough on all Reddit to be able to publish one on the community in question (it happened to me on /r/iOSBeta). I don’t know you but these communities shouldn’t get involved in what I do on other Reddit communities, it doesn’t make sense.

Another problem is users who feel superior to others because they have a better Karma. There was a discussion on r/privacy that talked about alternatives to Fire Stick and Chromecast, and one guy had proposed Apple TV, another had replied that Apple was worse than Google and Amazon when it comes to data collection. So to this guy I told him that he would have to be a little clearer by giving evidence. And there, he answers me « You’re a fresh 0-Karma account, you bring proof ».

Well, that’s what Reddit is for me. A huge social game where only Karma allows you to express yourself freely. It reminds me of the episode of Black Mirror where everyone has social points.

In short, I stay on Lemmy.

submitted 4 days ago by glimse@lemmy.world to c/reddit@lemmy.world

I don't browse reddit anymore but when searching for solutions to various problems, many times I end up on a reddit thread with the answers. I haven't posted or commented since the exodus but I almost always have a red notification icon. And every time curiosity gets the better of me and I click it, it's a reply to a comment I left years ago.

I usually mark it as read and ignore it but last night curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the user's profile....lots of comments, all on ancient posts.

If they're bots, I'm actually kind of impressed. They'd be good and relevant comments if they were posted when the thread was active. I searched for some of the unique replies and the only result was the comment in question so it's not just copying replies. I just checked again while posting this and have a new reply - a question about a game tip I posted.

So is it someone farming 1 comment at a time or a sophisticated LLM? I'm leaning the latter but like I said.... it's an impressive one. If I didn't know that reddit was full of bots, I wouldn't have even questioned it.

Anyone else have the same "issue"?


This comment was in a post about a guy who openly spilled secrets then got fired.



I left Reddit because I got perma sub banned for being part of another sub. Which had no correlation to the other one. After this happening twice I said screw it. Fediverse it is for me

submitted 1 week ago by Beaver@lemmy.ca to c/reddit@lemmy.world

I'm a dude, but I frequently browse BadWomansAnatomy. I was having a (calm, respectful) debate with a few users regarding how a lot of people that have "transitioned" still bear hallmarks of their former gender (I mentioned one of my long time friends who has gone from MTF and still looks the same. Kaitlin and Elliot are also good examples). The ban was because I dared to use the "dead names" of Elliot Page and Kaitlin Jenner! Oh the horror! 😱

I went to post in /r/rant how I just thought it was ridiculous and it was autoremoved because I mentioned the world "mod" in the title and I mentioned a specific community 🤣

submitted 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago) by rabber@lemmy.ca to c/reddit@lemmy.world

On a discussion about a revolution in Canada I merely suggested that there are no resources to protect the rich in the event of a revolution breaking out.

I even went on to explain I can't even kill ants though so count me out.

Perma banned for inciting violence, appeal gives you 100 characters to explain so I won't bother. How do you appeal a site wide ban in one sentence?

12 years of contributing to IT communities and it's all gone, that's what I'm upset about.

submitted 1 week ago by Mwa@thelemmy.club to c/reddit@lemmy.world

for me r/teenagers or r/youngpeopleyoutube from what i remember

submitted 2 weeks ago by jeffw@lemmy.world to c/reddit@lemmy.world
submitted 2 weeks ago by neme@lemm.ee to c/reddit@lemmy.world

I originally posted irregularly on a sub and when I asked a mod for help as to why my posts weren't being approved, he randomly banned me from the sub without asking. I messaged and he said in the future I will be allowed again, he said 30 days.

When I logged out of my first account on my pc accidentally, I had to make a new one because I hadn't written my password down.

On my second account, since the 30 days passed, I made a post on that sub. I woke up to seeing reddit saying I got permabanned for ban evasion, and they won't reply to my pleas.

I found it really frustrating. I tried waiting 3 weeks after that and Making a new account. It got banned in 8 hours. Next week I make a new account, again banned in 8 hours.

I'm extremely disheartened that I got banned over a mistake and now I'm unable to use reddit at all.

Anybody else relate to this?

I use reddit for university subs as well so it's very frustrating I can't ask questions anymore.

submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by Die4Ever@programming.dev to c/reddit@lemmy.world

Isn't this what upvotes and downvotes are for? Do they only want posts about billionaire mega corporations? 10% is a really strict cutoff for people that make things as a hobby. What else am I gonna post when everything else is already posted instantly? I can't post to r/pcgaming for the same reason.

I'm not trying to sell anything, it's a free download, my videos aren't monetized, I don't accept donations. I'm an active commenter too even if I don't make many posts there. My posts get lots of upvotes with good ratios, and I space out my posts so they're not frequent at all.

Also the fact that they count it site-wide instead of sub-wide means if you create your own sub or use an appropriate niche sub, you're gonna screw up your own ratio.

submitted 3 weeks ago by cyborganism@lemmy.ca to c/reddit@lemmy.world

This is what I get when going to Reddit while connected to Proton VPN, connected to a server in the same country I live in.

submitted 3 weeks ago by overdevs@lemmy.world to c/reddit@lemmy.world

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/16670881

Posting the update here because most of the users of RDX come from Lemmy community only.


A lot of users asked for a more polished viewer with more features and users in the EU now can not add web apps to home screen, so I spent some time building an iOS app. You can also save images and videos/gifs from Reddit now. It's stil completely free (with an optional donate option available), the web app also works.

You can download the app here

Previous posts for context:


My reddit web viewer still works! Story: When reddit killed 3rd party apps, I uploaded a web viewer I have been using for myself to Github pages for everyone to use...

If you want to lurk on Reddit, you can use this web reader I built for myself when I got inspired by the Apollo app years ago

submitted 1 month ago by _number8_@lemmy.world to c/reddit@lemmy.world

i posted a fairly obscure support request on an obscure sub and instead of just saying the post isn't live, etc etc, it'll fake-show me the post as #1 on the hot page of the sub, #1 on the new, but then if I open the sub in a private window it isn't there -- so it either wasn't approved at all, or hasn't been approved yet. why lie? why why why.

it's so fucking frustrating, because usually there's literally no other place to go for support, and now I can't even post about my issue because some mod who works for free decided my valid thread with support logs and everything "isn't good enough" or god knows what. sick of it.

Reddit be like (lemmy.world)
submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by SyntaxErrorLine0@lemmy.world to c/reddit@lemmy.world

Thank you for proving this site is just as garbage as reddit. Same people, different forum.


According to wikipedia the subreddit blackout started on June 12, do you think that date qualify to marked it ?

submitted 1 month ago by Emotet@slrpnk.net to c/reddit@lemmy.world

Using reddit without an account is a pain nowadays, especially with any commercial VPN. There are ways around that:

Some of you may known the rather short-lived Libreddit, an awesome frontend for Reddit that got struck down by its success.

Redlib is a (still working) fork of Libreddit with a few instances. Due to reddits API Limits, it's not very practical to rely on one instance.

A quite elegant solution is the Automatic Redlib Quota & Error Redirector userscript. Once installed, most Redlib errors are automatically detected and your request gets redirected to another instance. This results in an excellent user experience, altough some instances can be a bit slow if you're trying to access media.

The list of available Redlib instances the script uses gets updated quite frequently. The script also works nicely with redirect plugins, e.g. this one for Firefox, if you want to automatically redirect all Reddit URLs to Redlib.

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