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Jokes, even ones in poor taste, are not inherently against the sub rules.


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A note of caution, NY Post has, at best, mixed credibility:


Just a friendly reminder that while WorldNews allows news from a wide variety of sources, we also strongly encourage you to consider the biases and accuracy of those sources by using a resource like http://mediabiasfactcheck.com/

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This seems like they didn't stick around for the damage walk through or someusch rather than malicious damage.

But apparently that's a risk of the business:

In 2018, landlords were warned not to rent to diplomats after the deputy head of mission for the EU’s delegation in New Zealand, Eva Tvarozkova, was cleared from paying $20,000 to cover unpaid rent and damage to a property she rented in Wellington.

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I feel that way about many things.

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Only ever heard of it with a duck but I think a cat could be great! I'm telling it that way next time in person!

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There's a not entirely implausible chain of events from this private guarding the bench to a post-apocalypse cult centered around that same very bench.

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Turns out it’s a talking duck, which orders a beer.

The human next to him is flabbergasted, starts to ask but midsentence realizes he can’t even formulate his question “You, you’re a … but what… you’re a…” The duck takes a sip and says, “Yeah, I’m a duck, spent most of my life as a roofer.”

“A roofer?!?”

“Yeah, you know, we put shingles, tiles other roof things on roof places. You know, roofer?”

“But you could be in the circus!”

“The circus? Place with all the tents and what have you?”

“Yes! You could make a fortune!”

“Now what the heck is a place like that going to need with a roofer?”

(This joke is older than I am but I love it. Fun one to tell as you can give the duck whatever voice and however condescending an attitude you want. I've seen some great people tell this joke and really stretch out that conversation for nothing but the joy of the voice.)


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