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He's hardly inconsequential if you live in Florida.

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I would have thought that until I read Jon Krakauer's book about people ascending Everest, Into Thin Air, which includes a lady the Sherpas basically carried up.

So some of them could be lazier than you think.

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I believe you mean "Wookiees." But it's easy to tell male from female.

This is a male Wookiee:

And this is a female Wookiee and her son, Lumpy:

Any questions?

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I can't speak for anyone else, but I can find lots of houses. I can't afford any of them.

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We do not have municipal broadband here (we live outside city limits anyway), but we have the next best thing- a local ISP started up and promised to lay fiber in any neighborhood in the county where 40% of the residents agreed to sign up for their service. Everyone said, "fuck Spectrum" in our neighborhood and lots of other neighborhoods and signed up and now they're doing great.

The part that pissed me off was that once they started putting the signs in our neighborhood offering this, Spectrum tripled the neighborhood's broadband speed. Meaning they could have done that any time, but didn't.

And now the locally-owned ISP is laying fiber down rural roads.

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I do like that the rainbow has been ruined for them despite their holy book talking about how god made it to show Noah and his descendants that he wouldn't kill them all off like he did everyone who came before them.

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Yes. The lawsuit would not have happened without Thiel bankrolling it. And paying for very good lawyers.

It doesn't matter that Gawker did something wrong. That's not the point. The National Enquirer did all the same shit but it still exists because no one who has sued it has been bankrolled by an angry billionaire.

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He's still alive? That's too bad.

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Prisms are a liberal plot to destroy America!

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Gawker sucked, but the fact that it was almost single-handedly brought down by a vengeful billionaire (Peter Thiel) who was angry that they outed him was disturbing as fuck and all of the people who celebrated absolutely shouldn't have.

And now here we are again, except this time it's more serious.

People don't fucking learn that billionaires are never the good guys.

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I don't think you guys can suck Israel's cock any harder just by inviting him over.

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As part of DeSantis’ “Freedom Summer” initiative, the state’s transportation secretary, Jared W. Perdue, announced earlier this month that bridges in the state will have no choice but to be illuminated in red, white and blue from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

“Thanks to the leadership of @GovRonDeSantis, Florida continues to be the freest state in the nation,” Perdue wrote on X.

Give my regards to the Ministry of Truth.

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Oh no, it's too bad Germany isn't surrounded by other countries it could sell that excess power to!

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He also does a great Redd Foxx impersionation- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=490TsUYe5f4

Free Speech (lemmy.world)
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Happens around 1:10:00 in the latest video.


'I just invested $24,000 in GameStop from the fees I earned from suing Monsanto for their knowingly poisoning our soil and causing cancer. 'Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Does he have the fees in a special account he uses to invest in meme stocks or...?

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