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The Journal of Cog "Abc" Itebirid, Mayor

This journal was written as the fortress has entered its third year and elected me as Mayor on the third day of Granite. As we continued to strike the earth and forge the halls of our new Mountainhome, I must confess to the feeling of trepidation that crept into my bones after being given the reins to this fortress. The beginning of Spring has always been both a blessing and a curse in my eyes; the surface becomes lush and abundant - but with this bounty the new year also brings new horrors and tribulations for every dwarf..

Time moves quickly when you have been elected by general consensus to strategically lead a fortress of your fellow dwarves. The miracles, trials, and moments of suffering that I detail below will be broken up by the month. Specific dates will only be provided if I had the foresight to write them down. (If you're wondering, yes I did actually keep a notepad..)

Granite 102

As I settled into my new role, I pondered what I wanted my long-lasting legacy of this fortress to be. Certainly my predecessors were Dwarves among dwarves, so to speak. Porkroll had supported our burgeoning industries and delivered unto the entire community master crafters and smiths. Valentina had quite literally struck the earth to bring the fortress out of our collective hearts and minds. I feared becoming the progenitor of destruction and famine. Would any endeavor I decided upon be fruitful? I did not know but I came to the conclusion I would first invest in public works across Roomtheaters, as any good leader should, by building bridges - both literally and metaphorically. A great number of bridges in fact.

A caravan of Elves arrived in the second week of Granite as bridge construction was nearing completion. At first, I doubted they would have anything great, Roomtheaters is small and elves are no great crafters of metal, but I had the broker meet with them. A fool I was! The Elves, normally a blight upon hardworking Dwarves, had brought an auspicious beast for purchase. I, of course, immediately gave them what they were asking for to save the creature and bring them into the fold - a pittance if anything.

I took the sale and freedom (through purchase) of Hex the Grizzly Bear as an omen of the year to come and immediately assigned her to be our War Bear and later entrusted her to the Militia Commander.

The remaining days of Granite were peaceful and unremarkable, save for the slight expansion of the tavern, The Craft of Posts.

Slate 102

Slate was marked by continued expansion. The month began with the construction of levers in The Craft of Posts and their linkage to the fortresses' various bridges. Since many dwarves tend to listen to the bards there on their days off, it is an ideal location to ensure there is always at least one or two idle dwarves an arm's length away from retracting a compromised bridge or sealing an area.

Additionally, the Chapel of Safety's petition for further expansion into a temple was completed. A slightly audacious building, I authorized the construction of a 2x8 platinum floor since we discovered a bit more of it and 16 blocks for like 6000 zone wealth was worth it in my eyes after dumping like 6 statues and slabs in there and engraving everything but failing to meet the temple requirement.

Perhaps it was the display of excess wealth in the Temple that drew a new migrant later that week. As a Dwarf who does not believe in borders, I immediately accepted their petition to join. Please welcome al ustobot, dingo woman poet, to the fortress.

An additional 10 migrants from the Mountainhomes made their way to the fortress shortly after Al. This brought our population to 70 on the 12th of Slate.

The only other event of note as Slate drew to a close was the completion of the Mayoral room. By all accounts, it is more suitable for a Duke and a waste of space - but I have hope in my heart that I will not be re-elected again and it will be bequeathed to subsequent Mayors to make them happy.

Felsite 102

Felsite brought the appointment of a High Priest to the newly completed temple in the Chapel of Safety. A visitor dingo woman also brought a number of rumors from afar of Goblins marching upon a neighboring dwarf fortress. Many in the community were clamoring to go out on a raid in response to this, but I did not want to incite any deaths.

Hematite 102

The rumors of conflict on the horizon spurred me to create a new Squad during Hematite. You, dear reader, may wonder what I decided upon. A squad of Marksdwarves named Books of Meeting was established. (I completely forgot Marksdwarves squads are still tricky to get working/bugged until I noticed months later that they were not properly grabbing bolts...)

Hex, fortress mascot and warbear, kept getting into fights with wild horses that wandered into the pasture. In an effort to keep her alive and also prevent other wild animals or invaders from attacking our defenseless pastured animals, I have scheduled both squads to assign a single dwarf to guard duty when it is their month to train. This has cut down on wild horse fights significantly and, when the Captain of the Guard chased down a horse and cut its head off so viciously with a swing of their axe that the horse & its severed head landed in the river, provided hours of new songs for the Bards to recount in taverns worldwide.

Malachite 102

Malachite brought another 8 new migrants - bringing the population to 78. A human bard, presumably enamored with the dope ass bear we have, also requested to join - bringing the population to 79.

Malachite was the month a spark of inspiration struck me. My legacy would certainly be in Public Works for the fortress! I ordered the construction of four windmills upon the peak of the mountain (small hill really) we call home.

Galena 102

The month of Galena saw the construction of what many would call the pinnacle of Dwarven engineering. In an effort to ensure good morale across the entire fortress, I approved the construction of a mist generator above the Craft of Posts and central stairway.

The windmills were connected from above to power it.

Everyone loves it.

Limestone 102

Another month, another group of migrants. 10 this time. The population stands at 89.

A trade caravan from the Mountainhomes arrived. Nothing of note was for sale, but I did purchase two hens and two gobblers for eggs. In two years time we may have a bountiful flock.

Hex was injured again by another wild horse - so she has been pastured in the Craft of Posts, where the mist and numerous passerbys can ensure she doesn't die.

Sandstone 102

The Craftdwarves unionized and petitioned for a guildhall. I of course, an ardent supporter of the labor movement, begun construction on a guildhall immediately. Tis perhaps quaint compared to the ostentatious wealth displayed in the Temple or even in the Mayor's room, but the Craftsdwarves were happy with it.

I constructed a room for Valentina, Captain of the Guard. Also perhaps better suited for a Duke - but she's worth it.

Finally, I created a room for the new Dungeon Master as well as a Dungeon and future new barracks (the hospital deserves more space).

Timber 102

The start of Timber brought fear into my heart when the Giantess, Lecitala Sted Irol, arrived on the 8th.

Honestly it seemed like she just wanted to sight-see and I did not want to hunt an intelligent creature like her, but I only had a single cage trap placed near the windmills and she refused to walk near them...

When she begun chasing a poor child who was just wandering outside, I regretfully had to send a squad to intercept.

...A single axedwarf caught up with her and made shockingly short work of her before the rest of their squad arrived. Actually horrifying, I thought she would at least put up a fight...

Rest in Peace Lecitala Sted Irol, 8th Timber - 15th Timber.

Moonstone 102

Not much of note happened as Winter arrived. A human soldier petitioned to join the fort and of course, still believing in an open border policy until the first necromancer appears, I allowed him to join bringing the population to 90. Two dwarf children were born shortly after, bringing the total population to 92.

Opal 102

Nothing happened in Opal beyond the Bone Carver entering a trance and creating a masterpiece Horse Bone Weapon Rack. Someone will surely enjoy it...?

Obsidian 102

Obsidian brought the close of winter to the fortress. Another Human, this time a Lasher, petitioned to join for the purpose of soldiering. The population stands at 93.

A bunch of wild dingoes appeared and killed one of the pastured dogs. I kicked off the years' end celebrations with a military wide Dingo Hunt.

Hex certainly had fun, although I have heard reports of the Militia Commander muttering about how "no one should have to see a grizzly bear treat a dingo like a chew toy" into their drinks at the tavern...


  • Population grew from 58 to 93 by years end. That's 35 new dwarves, which is more than half of what we began the year with!
  • We did not lose a single dwarf to death, disease, drowning, or beasts!
  • We have two squads now and they are all armored/kitted out.
  • The fortress has expanded significantly across all areas, except below.
  • We've created a ton of wealth and the majority of the population is damn near ecstatic to be living in communist harmony.

Recommendations for the next Chair of the Dwarven Communist Party

  • The Marksdwarf squad could probably be changed to a sword or spear squad and be even more effective. At last glance though, they may not be completely bugged as it does seem like the majority of them have raised their marksdwarf skills, but I did witness a dingo get beat to death with a crossbow instead of being fired upon - so....
  • We need way more bedrooms. I did begin construction on more, but only finished a handful. I believe a number of dwarves remain without beds but thankfully the mist generator has prevented everyone but the children from being dangerously unhappy.
  • The troglodytes remain below and have actually given birth so there are a number of them. I am confident the militia can easily take them, but did not break the seal.
  • The corpses of the troglodytes in our refuse stockpile above keep depressing the children and should probably be tossed, since they will not be used for anything since troglodytes are sentient.
  • I did start constructing some additional defenses for the pasture and main gate of the fortress (walls for what were supposed to be the epic marksdwarves to stand upon and fire from), but they remain unfinished. Do what you will.
  • The Soap industry needs to be started, as it is the only thing holding the hospital back. There is an Ashery and Soap Maker workshop already built. Just needs lye or fat (dingoes maybe??)
  • Be sure to choose a dwarf and give yourself a nickname!!
  • Dig!

Save File: https://mega.nz/file/dztwBaZD#jPhpWZmF1R0YeLXToH9awBy2wK0K3ftR4rJ1M1044lI

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For those of you who don't care, I promise this is the last post about this. All further discussion can be relegated to the matrix space.

Matrix Space: https://matrix.to/#/!tyfTFjggYNboCPZPKo:envs.net?via=envs.net

The main base isn't anything special, at least for now, but it's enough to protect from the main planet's frequent boiling storms. If any comrades need to be picked up, you can use the S.O.S. channel in the matrix space. All four stars are yellow, so no special hyperdrives are required to traverse the whole federation.

Portal Coords:

Hexadecimal Transcription: 4 0 6 E F E F B 4 9 1 3

Atlas Transcription: Tepaavpe Dipedigu Teudzago

Feel free to join us! No other planets except the main one in System Alpha have been discovered, so feel free to name them how you wish, and build small outposts, huge bases, or anything in between! I can't wait to meet all of you in our marxist-leninist space commune!

astronaut-2 astronaut-1

edit: thank you for the pin! heart-sickle

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EDIT: Holy shit thanks so much whoever made the $19.17 donation

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Edit: the server is live at byond:// !

Brief instructions:

Get the BYOND client, make an account, and log in.

Click "Space Station 13" in the game list.

Click this gear icon in the top right of the window:

Click open location and paste in the link at the top of the post starting with "byond://" and press OK. Then you should connect!

Me and @WithoutFurtherRelay@hexbear.net have been talking about running a Hexbear SS13 server for a bit and we just now got it in a working state for testing.

Around 4 PM US EST / 7 PM UTC I'll edit this post with the IP address so anyone who wants to play can join. It's okay if you haven't played before.

All you need to play is the BYOND client from here:


Come join us in running/blowing up our space station!

There may be a few technical problems we haven't foreseen yet but we'll deal with them if it happens.

Here is our Discord discussion group if you're interested:


We are gonna replace it with something more secure and private sometime. Didn't we have a Matrix server once?

Do the Shadow voice (www.youtube.com)
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I was decently hyped for CCP's take on an extraction shooter, having greatly enjoyed DUST for the PS3, but the latest preview completely killed my interest.

They added the prototype of their microtransaction system.... BEFORE implementing a second gun.

This looks DOA by all indicators.

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It sucks compared to superior middle aged Japanese women playing Final Fantasy. Feels so cozy compared to HEY WHAT IS UP GAMERHEADS IT'S YA BOY LIL' WOLVERINE BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH ANOTHER hIdDeN gEm FOR THE SNES - SECRET OF MANA

This motherfucker (hexbear.net)
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What a nerd

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iww big-bill malcolm-checks

For those of you who have been hearing about Selaco for the past few weeks: yes, it's as good as people keep saying it is, though YMMV since it's very much tailored towards people who like 90s/00s shooters and immersive sims (and modern indie games in the same vein). That said, it's oozing inspiration from other games like through atmosphere and music (Halo ODST, Resident Evil, etc), which all fit its somber tone relative to the usual boomer shooter fare.

I could also say it plays like a more agile Wolfenstein TNO with ImSim elements which hits all the right notes for me.

Mao 2.0 (hexbear.net)
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Lets goooolets-fucking-go

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