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Excuse the goofy helmet until I can find something that looks better. Progress, progress, progress, level 22 now and ready to start the lowbie questlines.


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Goku would make a good president because he'd just do what the people want him to do, he's kind of a simple guy.

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I said, m'am, M'AM I am tfw NO GF. Well she rightfully apologized and wished me god speed in finding a gf.

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want to trade love and affection for sword of smiting +2

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hexbear is going to have to make it themselves.

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I'm still waiting for a dating app for people that play old dead mmorpgs.

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Fully support comrade Xi killing amerikkkans

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In the 90's through the early 2000's they were. It feels like today they've become common parlance. I know tv shows today can say shit, bastard, stuff like that without censorship I think?

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I wonder if maybe now people will finally look at the two shooters being neo-nazis and not placing blame on rock music and video games.

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Maybe it is, maybe it isn't?

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I'm not allowed in fakenews because I am cringe.

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Wouldn't be Trump without them.

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and they don't sound like that." To which the judge loudly ruled irrelevant and Trump softly rebuked "it's true".

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I know you are, but what am I?

Smelly butt says what?

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Just fuck my shit up fam

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Also got to level 2 on my wizard on takp server. To be honest I'm having more fun playing live everquest and feel like I'm making more progress. I hit 200 platinum and bought some gear for the monk too. Old EQ is is slow like real fucking slow. Plus you need to group versus live where I can do everything solo with a barbarian mercenary.


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It's a server that aims to emulate the Al'Kabor server which was Everquest for Mac computers. It's locked at the Planes Of Power era expansion so it's filled with nostalgia for me. It's even got the old, old, old, UI from 1999, check it out!

So I made my wizard on here, next I'll make my monk.

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Got invited to a guild on my new monk and someone geared me with a good weapon, so kind :fishe:

^^ fighting big skeletons in the butcherblock mountains

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Will my medicaid cover both the eye exam and the glasses and or contacts, whatever I decide? I haven't been to the eye doctor in years and I never used medicaid for it, last time I went I paid out of pocket since I had some cash.

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What a cowardly organization that runs interference for zionism. Asna Tabassum has every right to speak out against zionism and support for Palestine.

Conflating anti-zionism with antisemitism gives cover to actual antisemites to spread hatred.

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I want to see how far I can get using some of the old trash gear from quests. I'll still help out my druid with my paladin giving her better gear. She kind of looks like Lara Croft too.

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Expired by a day and it goes into a locked dumpster. These are companies making millions a day.

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Getting closer to level 20

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