dont show this to george rr martin lol

oh, and im zhzhzh

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read as: people are evading the surveillance state using cheap, inconspicuous masks and we dont want people to take baby formula and clothes from target without paying $100 for 4 items

mythical fyp pull (

just discovered this guy. hes honestly really talented, im pretty sure he does the production himself. his album "eroica" is a perfect mix of silly and serious and i think hes got major potential. he covers a lot of serious topics like toxic masculinity and capitalism juxtaposed with humor that gives his songs this wild polarity; hes also genuinely funny

more lethal aid for ukraine (

this was from monday, but i didnt see this round of aid posted on this comm

$60 billion, but its different this time in that they are going to use frozen Russian assets to partially fund it. this is actually a crazy move that flies in the face of the neoliberal rules-based international order. more than that, it’s sets a precedent for economic warfare. the US has seized assets from enemies during war, but the US is not at war with Russia. this is an egregious faux pas with deleterious consequences for the US (Russia doing the same to US-owned assets in Russia), but it may also mean the US intends to directly declare war against Russia (unlikely). what’s more likely is that the US strong-arms european allies to do this. ukraine simply doesn’t have the manpower to continue for much longer.

the article notes that this asset seizure is illegal. the author also hypothesizes that the US will force the EU to act similarly. this will lead to an even deeper rift between “the west” and Russia that will be near impossible to mend. this illegal asset forfeiture was enabled by bipartisan support (vote of 360-58 in the house). the global times agrees with this perspective

Putin will be visiting China soon, and Blinken just finished a 3-day visit that seemed rather unproductive and uneventful. blinken was tactless and the topics he brought up were the usual “China bad” drivel. among these topics was “concern” about China supporting Russia’s military industrial capacity

the US is also sending more of its troops as “military advisors”. so less than a quarter of this $60 billion is going to weapons for Ukraine, 11 billion is going toward the US troops, and the rest is to replenish the US weapon stockpile. $50 billion just handed over to the MIC. basically, they’re not sending enough for a counteroffensive, which is probably the best thing for ukrainians considering how much of a failure every single one of those has been.

the most “exciting” new toy ukraine is getting is the ATACMS (attack ‘em up real good). this missile system brings Crimea into range. however the US is running into problems meeting its goal of 100,000 shells per month by 2025. the deindustrialization of the US has consequences?!


discovered this guy tonight. he thinks he’s gonna be the next president of China but is campaigning in English on western social media. def not a psyop! /s

he says he’s gonna democratize China and his first action as president will be to apologize to the world for covid hahaha

“once China becomes a democratic country it will give american entrepreneurs and companies lots of opportunities in the Chinese market” agony-deep

he “respects” the “special requests” of the LGBT community but will enact legislation to “protect the children”



wow! he canceled 8% of the student debt in convoluted, means-tested policies that only benefit 10% of those who were promised debt relief a year ago? what a hero! some of these plans have people continue making payments but it being forgiven in 20-25 years. absolute chefs-kiss of liberal policy.

The situation for kids and families at the border is vastly improved over what it was under Trump


same user engages in some genocide denial in this thread

this comment was deleted but it was in this post

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neolibs: tribalism is bad, thats why i support reaching over the aisle and working with republicans to execute immigrants

[-] 73 points 3 months ago

They're successful business owners

ask this person what their parents did in Iran. ill bet they were also bourgeois there


ive been playing this game since 2011 when i was in middle school and im still coming back to it. im sinking hours into it after work while my puppy sleeps next to my desk and my gf is working evening shift. its such a cozy game and reminds me of when i spent all day after school playing MC and other games w friends. its not just nostalgia tho, its just such a cute game that can be whatever the player wants. after all this time, i still derive so much joy from exploring a new world, building a sprawling estate, spelunking, and even just mining. even tho MC doesnt track ur hours played, im certain its my most played game

just wanted to share that i love this game kitty-cri


chose Mint with Cinnamon DE bc its easy. its been a great experience so far and i dont think ill ever look back. Victoria 3 works and thats the only game ill care abt before TES 6 comes out

[update] drug test (

update to

i passed! it was an oral swab test and the last time i smoked was a week before the test. unfortunately, i was talking with some of my coworkers who are already internal employees and the company does a lot of random tests, so ill prob only smoke on the occasional friday from now on (no biggie, i took a 4 month break recently and after coming back to it i only smoke twice a week max). if i wanna smoke more, i just have to wait 8 months to when i start grad school (pending acceptance 🤞 )

thanks for all the reassurance comrades! ive been MIA from hexbear for a couple months but i wanna be active here again meow-hug


i recently applied to go from a contractor to an internal employee and got the official job offer last week. my drug test is tomorrow and the form says its an oral fluids test, which i will pass, but i have this gnawing anxiety that ill go in and they spring a urine test on me (i would not pass this). i have powdered urine from testclear, and ive used it before and passed a urine test two years ago, but this test will be given on the jobsite and will be harder to pull off.

wish me luck that its a saliva test, i really dont want to lose this job :(

ideal (

trying for council republic by 1875

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genocide that has countless pieces of evidence and has resulted in brutal apartheid

libs: its a nuanced topic! these are counter terrorism measures! its the only democracy in the Middle East!

alleged “genocide” with zero concrete evidence and the vast majority of the ethnic groups facing this supposed genocide have equal rights with the majority ethnicity

libs: ebil see see pee is equivalent to nazi germany! we need 1 billion americans to counter the Han menace!

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anti-communists and being reactionary freaks, name a better combo


as soon as they stopped being marginalized, my trade unions formed the first fascist party. there's already a social democratic party led by the rural folk (that used to include the petite bourgeoisie) and a communist party led by the armed forces.

its especially weird considering the ideologies my the trade unions IG are proletarian, egalitarian, populist, anti-slavery, and socialist. how do they go fascist w that set of ideologies?!

oh well, they have half the clout of the communist party, and a quarter of the clout of the socdem party

murica vicky 3 run (

i feel like i could have done a lot better if i didnt get lazy during the last 20 years and just let the automated private construction build whatever it wanted-- big mistake, it caused my GDP to plateau for the rest of the game.

other than that my game went very well, population was 200 million! literacy was lower than i wanted bc i constantly procrastinated university building. my population was overwhelmingly loyal and my taxes were at the lowest setting with zero consumption taxes and i still had 2.5M budget surplus. 1B in gold reserves and 2B in the investment pool. i couldnt find enough shit to spend money on lol

as you can see, i went heavy expansionist, leaving Mexico w like 4 states, taking most of central america, half of Colombia, and most of the Congo. call me a colonizer, but my standard of living is #1 in the world, and check out how drastic the SoL difference is between my African states and the rest of Africa

even the lower strata is "prosperous"!

the laws are cool too except i was in the process of enacting collectivized agriculture when the game ended. i ended slavery super early, like 1850 or smth

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if it’s “their home now” why don’t you give them the deed?

[-] 79 points 9 months ago

12 day old acct

“hello fellow hexbears”

[-] 59 points 10 months ago* (last edited 10 months ago)

im so proud to have inspired this quote. all i did was post abt the current status of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. it was a long ass post and there was only ONE part that could remotely be interpreted as “pro-Russia”. it was heavily factual reporting from MoA in which mostly western sources are cited. that didnt stop it from turning into a >400 comment lib struggle session, reality is too real for them

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trump-moist folks, we have some great posters. many would say they are the best posters. they say “hexbear has the most posting power.” our posters are big and strong and powerful. you wouldnt believe some of the posts ive seen. incredible

[-] 57 points 10 months ago

you cant block instances as a user. but if you block the top 5 hexbear comms you will very rarely see our posts. it must be so hard to see ppl not think the same as you cri

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when Xi Jinping offers to pay ur rent, its hard to say no

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