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Is he'll call people ugly or fat. And act like he's some 'handsome Chad debate bro'.

The grift never stops does it Vaushy boy?

Gotta keep those young kids donating and hanging out in your chat.

This fucker (hexbear.net)
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Truly a genius. Far too dangerous

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The social media profile of bystander Corey Comperatore who was shot dead during an assassination attempt on Donald Trump yesterday shows that he was a racist who despised Black people, a fervent Zionist who wished death and murder on millions of Palestinian civilians as well as climate change activists and was calling for a Civil War, was in fact not ready.


Let's see if they are gullible and spineless enough to still go for it this time.

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The Last Thing This Country Needed by Branko Marcetic

But there's one thing we can say for sure: political violence is wrong and does not lead to anything good. It is morally wrong to kill people, period, whether someone is your political opponent, a feuding neighbor who finally pushed you too far, a stranger in a hoodie who makes you feel unsafe, or anyone who has somehow wronged you along the way in life. Had the shooter’s bullet not missed the former president by an inch, it would not have been a successful assassination; there is no such thing. To resort to murder as a solution, in politics or anywhere else, is to declare defeat: the defeat of reason, of one’s humanity, of functional society, of politics itself.

Folks is Donald Trump basically Trayvon Martin

And as they process this incident, former president Trump’s supporters should likewise think long and hard about the increasingly violent rhetoric that’s come from their side of the political divide. North Carolina’s Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for governor just declared to a crowd that “some folks need killing.” The head of the Republican-backing Heritage Foundation recently went on TV to announce his side was carrying out “the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.” Several other Trump-supporting GOP politicians have histories of calling for the execution of their opponents.

This is just NPR for succdems

It’s easy to call out the other side. But in a political climate like this, the former president’s supporters should realize it means nothing if they won’t do the same to their own.

I'm sure pointing out the hypocrisy of fascists will change their minds. This always works, both historically and in the present day!

The Right Way to Politicize This by (noted hack and dipshit) Ben Burgis

The assassination attempt was instantly and correctly condemned by figures like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just as it was by leading voices across the rest of the political spectrum. I have seen lots of people point out that, for example, more sympathy has been expressed for Donald Trump — a grotesque figure on any reasonable accounting — than for the tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians murdered in Gaza in the last nine months, and this is true, but it shouldn’t stop us from recognizing that these figures were correct to condemn the attempted assassination ... Violence in general should require a high threshold of moral justification, and nothing remotely good would come from this kind of assassination — which would, if anything, further radicalize Trump’s supporters and be used to justify waves of extreme political repression.

If you’re an anti-abortionist who calls abortion murder, you might still think this doesn’t justify the murderers of abortion doctors taking the law into their own hands. If you’re a left-liberal who believes Trump is literally a fascist you might point out that it hardly follows from this that shooting him would diminish the fascist threat. In all cases, I’d argue that the “stochastic terrorism” theory dangerously undermines free speech norms by blurring the line between speech and violence. Let’s not go down that road.

Just because we say Trump is a literal fascist doesn't mean anything besides i-voted is justified!

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stalin-garrison objectively the moderate wing of fascism btw

it makes me think of how the confederate leadership were pardoned by Andrew Johnson after half a million conscripts died. You can shed endless scalding tears for the scratch on the god emperor's ear, enough to fill a river, and it still won't buy you one bit of sympathy from the hogs. They will want to flay you alive when they get power. So who's this for? The press?

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What? (hexbear.net)
Today, We're all MAGA (web.archive.org)

Liberals not being total losers challenge (difficulty: impossible)

Assassination Attempt (www.youtube.com)

He's usually pretty good but this is peak lib



Libs would rather live under Trump than doing whats necesary


Loser energy at levels never thought possible before

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Here's Bernie not saying the word "genocide"

I strongly disagree with Mr. Biden on the question of U.S. support for Israel’s horrific war against the Palestinian people. The United States should not provide Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing extremist government with another nickel as it continues to create one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern history.

. . .

Supporters of Mr. Biden can speak proudly about a good and decent Democratic president

who is committing genocide

with a record of real accomplishment.

. . . of committing genocide

. . .

We battled to defend women’s rights in the face of moves by Trump-appointed jurists to roll back reproductive freedom and deny women the right to control their own bodies.

Battled and lost, and in such a way as to make the "battle" part seem implausible

. . .

So, yes, Mr. Biden has a record to run on.

of committing genocide

. . .

This election offers a stark choice on issue after issue.

except on genocide, where the candidates are united

If Mr. Biden and his supporters focus on these issues — and refuse to be divided and distracted — the president will rally working families to his side in the industrial Midwest swing states and elsewhere and win the November election. And let me say this as emphatically as I can: For the sake of our kids and future generations, he must win.

But not for Palestinian kids and future generations. Fuck them, I guess.



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