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Looks like its 10 years in mine :(

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Yeah im just ghosting. In reality it's a moot point for me cause I don't answer numbers i dont have saved in my phone, and if it's important someone will leave a message.


Yeah let's move this to chat or effort post. I'm not opposed to it being on this comm, but I tend to think of this as a more silly comm than a serious one. Not gonna lock it or anything, moving it is your call.

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I would prefer to think garden fairies don't operate on a capitalist-adjacent system of any sort

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"Gee ya know whatd be sick and cool and good? Killing millions upon millions!"


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The children yearn for the deep fryers

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I haven't kept up with shit in Ukraine well the past few months but this was my uneducated, gut reaction as well. Seems super reasonable.

Of course, they won't be going for it since their donors won't let them.

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The Lebanese border? Is the IDF just duking it out with every country surrounding them?


Don't fuck with the Mao Mao

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Holy shit this title is fucking gold, good work comrade


Loading up my Retroid with a few. I found a Deadpool NES game that actually is super cool, a Halloween Kirby game, Shovel Knight and Celeste ported to older consoles, stuff like that.

What are your favorites? I usually go for action/platforming/metroidvanias, and stray away from turn based RPGs. Only catch here is the hack has to be PS2 era or earlier.


Opening up a space for everyone to talk about how they're doing! Got some cool stuff going on? Feeling kinda down? Let's talk about it!

Remember you are lovedstalin-heart

Started "working" with Outlier, basically training AI responses. Minimum wage, boring ass work, but i put in 70 hours this past week (most of it time thievery). Behind on rent and bills, but if I can push myself for 2 more weeks of this I can maybe catch up! Had a few "serious" job interviews this week, so we'll see where they go. The one I'm looking forward to most is a pet care company, but no response after a phone call like 10 days ago. Partner just got a job today so that's cool!

Beyond that...I dunno. Just feeling kinda blah and not very great. Both tummy and brain troubles today.

How have you been?

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