They should use maybe 3/4ths of the amount of flavor they do. It's overwhelming, and burns my tongue if I eat large amounts of them in one sitting.

That being said, I don't eat junk food much anymore anyways. Prices are sky high, portions are pathetic, and it's not like I wouldn't be he healthier without it.


And I don’t mean because it’s stored “pre-pitted”. I have a cherry pitter and if it doesn’t have the pit, it just tastes off.

submitted 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago) by ModerateImprovement@sh.itjust.works to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world
  • It's harmful for the foot health.
  • It can cause injuries.
  • It causes a distracting sound that is very annoying in quite places(Public libraries, education classes, ...etc)
  • I’ve never seen anyone who thinks they look good in it, and personally, I don’t believe it makes the wearer any more attractive.

I don't know why men or women wear it and I think the only reason it was invented is to fuel consumption as they are usually not as durable as normal footwear.


Mod Note: I'm bending the "no politics' rule to highlight a disgusting trend I've been seeing on Lemmy lately. Due to the sheer volume of comments fitting that trend and the huge number downvotes given to anyone who speaks out against it, I'm convinced this opinion is truly unpopular in the Lemmy-verse. This is also topical and important enough to merit discussion or at least to provide a point of reflection. So while it touches on politics, that's merely the framing device of current events being used to highlight a larger problem.

As you're inevitably downvoting this, at least take a good, long look in the mirror while you do so.

The sheer number of people here praising the shooter, advocating for, glorifying, or just flat out calling for violence has been a real eye opener and litmus test for the kind of people I've surrounded myself with on this platform. Suffice it to say, a lot of you have failed that test spectacularly.

A rational, independent thinker should be able to condemn this kind of violence even when it's targeted towards their "enemies." Political violence has absolutely NO PLACE in a healthy society, and no one should be praising or advocating for it. No one. Ever. This is one thing that, regardless of the paradox of tolerance, should be universally condemned.

There are, apparently, a ton of extremists here that don't see themselves as such because they believe their extremism is justified and that they're on the right side of history. Ironically, which is what all extremists think.

This goes back further than just yesterdays's events. For example, it's been a common refrain since the Supreme Court presidential immunity decision that, paraphrased, "The current non-dictator president should do dictator things to stop the other dictator". Which is just another flavor of "Extremism is bad except when it's my flavor of extremism".

Don't give me that "it's just gallows humor", "I'm oppressed, and he deserved it", "if you had a time machine, wouldn't you go back to 1934...", "we haven't been a healthy society for X years...", or other excuses. This is a BFD with major implications and ramifications, and y'all Lemmings are treating like we just missed the exit ramp to Utopia and are trying to find a wide spot to make a U-turn.

It's certainly fine to have no sympathy for the guy (I sure as hell don't), but it's another thing entirely to be cheering on, promoting, and/or advocating for extremist stances like those being thrown out lately.

You say you want a better society? Then act like it!

Moments like this are the true test of one's character and intellectual honesty, and I'm beyond disappointed in so many of you.


I don't understand this weird American obsession with flag. I was looking at some photos of Trump's rallies. Flags everywhere - on shirts, hats, glasses etc. And this bizarre cult of the flag - "it cannot touch the ground" etc.

At the end of the day the flag is just a piece of cloth. If you worship any flag or take offense to any flag, you need to get a life.


Applies to most other things as well. More often than not "original" are the best tasting.


This series has a tremendous pacing problem. It took its entire six episode run time to to get nowhere. It should have been eight episodes with the current six condensed into four.

submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by neidu2@feddit.nl to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

Basically what the title says. Here's the thing: address exhaustion is a solved problem. NAT already took care of this via RFC 1631. While initially presented as a temporary fix, anyone who thinks it's going anywhere at this point is simply wrong. Something might replace IPv4 as the default at some point, but it's not going to be IPv6.

And then there are the downsides of IPv6:

  • Not all legacy equipment likes IPv6. Yes, there's a lot of it out there.
  • "Nobody" remembers an IPv6 address. I know my IPv4 address, and I'm sure many others do too. Do you know your IPv6 address, though?
  • Everything already supports IPv4
  • For IPv6 to fully replace IPv4, practically everything needs to move over. De facto standards don't change very easily. There's a reason why QWERTY keyboards, ASCII character tables, and E-mail are still around, despite alternatives technically being "better".
  • Dealing with dual network stacks in the interim is annoying.

Sure, IPv6 is nice and all. But as an addition rather than as a replacement. I've disabled it by default for the past 10 years, as it tends to clutter up my ifconfig overview, and I've had no ill effects.

Source: Network engineer.

submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by ramble81@lemm.ee to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

Quite often you see people saying “tourists need to go home” or “we need less tourists” and there are some valid issues with how people can be, but overall, having tourists is a good thing. It shows that the middle class actually has means of traveling. It also tends to stimulate a local economy with additional revenue and can offset taxes for locals through hotel and other tourism fees. Those that do travel also tend to develop a broader world view then being in their own little sphere.

A reduction in tourism means that only the rich will end up traveling, and everyone else will be stuck only in the place they’re born, relegated mainly to pictures and videos “of a far off land” and will foster deeper divides of “well that’s just them over there” instead of getting to experience it firsthand.

submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by tigerjerusalem@lemmy.world to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

Hear me out: if someone believes in horoscopes, they know what each sign mean. Which means they recognise themselves into a sign. Which means they will mostly act in ways to conform to that sign, giving you a way to figure that person out. The sign tells it all, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The games they release are complete in them selves, and with 15-20€ dlces every ~6 months they keep the games fresh with new content.

People rarely complain that features are missing from their games until it gets added in a DLC. Then suddenly it's a mandatory feature.


They risk our infrastructure and they steal or extort billions. I wouldnt feel bad if I read "Scam phone center destroyed in mystery explosion"

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by ptz@dubvee.org to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

Quality journalism costs money. Period.

Sometimes it's ads, sometimes it's asking for an email address, sometimes it requires a subscription. The bottom line is good reporting is not free.

There's also a million and one ways to bypass most paywalls that require very little effort (assuming you bother to put forth that minimum effort rather than whining "PaYWaLLEd!" in the comments). Sometimes it's just a soft paywall (daily article limits, regional locking, etc), but some people still can't help but whine about it and demand you accommodate them (while refusing to put forth any effort to obtain the information themselves).

"Just post an archive link instead" I often hear.

That's a terrible solution (and Lemmy UI's worst feature), and here's why:

Astronauts Land on Moon: Discover It Really IS made of cheese

Source: archive.ph/abcdefg

Just scrolling through your feed: Is that headline from a reputable source or some trash tabloid, troll farm, or crazy person's blog?

Should it be believed, taken seriously, or given more than 1/2 second thought? Is it even worth clicking into the article at all?

It's absolutely impossible to tell because its source is obfuscated with an archive.ph link which tells you nothing about where the headline comes from.

People scroll and just absorb headlines as fact, adding that little tidbit of information to their collective knowledge. I do it, you do it, we all do it. I get it: we're busy with lives and can't read every article that gets posted. I'm not shaming the practice.

Having the canonical source of news headlines apparent goes a long way to combating misinformation by giving context to the headline's credibility, letting you know where the information is coming from, and what, if any, agenda it may be pushing. Obfuscating the sources removes all of those protections in a "trust me, bro, this is legit" kind of way.

It should not be on the poster to accommodate everyone's tinfoil-hat reasons. If they prefer an alternate source, that is 100% on them to deal with.

PS: For those of you posting quality news with the official links and not kowtowing to the "pAyWAllEd!" crowd, I thank and salute you.

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by Allonzee@lemmy.world to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

Would I hurt other people in some strange hypothetical to literally save my family's life from certain death? Maybe, and I'd be guilt ridden about it for the rest of my life.

Would I hurt people to make more money? Of course not, and that's not a defensible reason to hurt others... at all, and it makes you deeply broken at your core, especially as habit.

Really the only thing I can think of as a more horrifying reason to be cruel to others than "for money herp derp" would be "because its fun!"

Hurting others for profit in the name of business shouldn't be a defense, it should be considered an admission of guilt and come with consequences.

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by MNByChoice@midwest.social to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

I don't like subscribing to nonphysical things. I can read a physical paper a month after it arrived. Digital is faster, but I tend to lose it before I have read it.

I need a recipient in my pocket. Too often my virtual thing is lost, my device fails, or things reboot and I don't have my secure 24 digit password with me.

I won't subscribe to a digital only anything. Physical and digital is nice.

Edit: They don't even have to be identical. A digital daily with a monthly print would be nice.

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by Cheradenine@sh.itjust.works to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

The only time I make my bed is when I change the sheets. That's once a week, and I only make it then because my mother instilled it in me.

Not making it everyday saves time but more importantly airs everything out and deprives bacteria of moisture. That, makes it less stinky and lets my bedding last longer.

I sleep hot, it doesn't matter what the ambient temperature is. Vermont in winter? Heating is off in my bedroom, and I have a leg out.

Edit: seems like this isn't unpopular. It was a random thought that popped in my head. Everyone I have explained this to thinks it's weird.

I understand the tidy thing, everything else in my bedroom is quite tidy, my life really, with the notable exception of my thought processes.


Parasocial relationships refer to one-sided relationships in which a person develops a strong sense of connection, intimacy, or familiarity with someone they don’t know, most often celebrities or media personalities. These relationships exist only in the mind of the individual, who experiences a bond despite the lack of reciprocity.

Forming parasocial relationships is fine.

Fapping (masturbating) to nsfw content is fine (unless it is illegal or unethical).

But forming a parasocial relationship with someone you fap to feels like cheating if you are in a relationship and a poor substitute for a relationship if you are single.


I get that until recently it was considered normal and relatively cheap, but you are literally paying someone else to make food for you.

It can't be sustainable without exploitation of workers and/or animal welfare to have that available to the majority of people on a regular basis.

If you can only afford fast food as a luxury, to me that seems like a good thing.


Rational beliefs should be able to withstand scrutiny and opposing arguments. The inability to do so indicates that the belief is more about personal bias and emotional investment rather than objective analysis.


Alright, just started watching Steven Universe. I'm 4 episodes in. That poor boy. All he wants is to be part of a family, and all three of the crystal gems are horrible mentors. Pearl likes to think of herself as responsible, but she cannot relate to Steven and is utterly failing to provide a system of structure that he can understand. Amethyst gets along with him, but she acts like she's the same age as him and can't provide him any of the guidance a kid needs. And Garnet is barely even trying. Greg is the best mentor figure Steven has in his life, and he's homeless with no future. At least he's actually taught Steven to have a positive outlook, but he's still not parent material.

That poor boy is getting wrapped up in big ideas of how he's going to save the day and have the perfect family, because the reality of his life is unbearable. I saw this show on the TV a few times when I was a kid and it bummed me out, but now that I'm a grownup I can see how traumatised that boy is and how badly he needs a responsible parental figure who can relate to him. All of the adults in his life suck! Watching this show is miserable, because I'm watching a kid who desperately needs a family be failed by the family he has.

I like traditionally grimdark settings like Warhammer 40k, but watching Steven Universe gives me the same feeling I imagine non-grimdark-fans must feel seeing a setting like 40k. Overbearing, unrelenting misery. It all sucks and it isn't getting better. On occasion 40k describes the life of civilians in that setting, how oppressed and abused they are by the fascist governments they live under. The fun of seeing evil soldiers who chose a life of violence killing each other fades away. Suddenly, we're seeing the perspective of the innocent. Their suffering. It's depressing and heartbreaking in the same way SU is.


Most free web sites pay for their upkeep with ads. It has been an unwritten agreement since forever (or at least as long as there have been ads on the web) that if you consume the content, you pay the creator by looking at the ads on their site.

Consuming the content without looking at the ads is like shoplifting because you don't like the way a store's checkout counter works and/or the fact that they want money from you at all.

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by Audrey0nne@leminal.space to c/unpopularopinion@lemmy.world

You identify a problem, you then call the attention of your family, friends and peers and really anyone who will listen to your rantings and ravings. After which if enough people support your claim to give confidence of legitimacy, you voice your concerns to authority. Or governing body or anyone that has been designated for the responsibility of resolving issues that arise within the realm of the aforementioned wrinkle in the rug. Only in the direst of need would would you and your conglomeration of dissatisfied citizenry shout, picket or otherwise raise a ruckus to your needs but life is such that needs be great at times. Go figure.

No, typically your movement starts with a letter campaign, phone calls and emails. If you're real lucky you might get a tête-à-tête with someone and if you're doubly lucky, on your way to resolution. It doesn't go down like that for most causes, most of the time it's all but ignored. Fear not seekers of change there is a way to avoid a fizzle out, get more people to join. Of course you could jump straight to hard disruption of daily life but letter writing, emails and phone calls are considered good places to start. Needs be great though and ignorance is willful and bliss. About now is a good time for ye ol' controlled rabble rousing... (it's a joke) but good intentions don't account for the actions of others though property damage doesn't trump a just cause. The bill on justification will come due and I expect to be satisfied. Feelings on rainbows don't meet my admittedly meager standards on letting your opinion be known, not that anyone asked.

There's not much recourse for your average person if the effects of your stance did not sway affections, unless that person is a multi-billion dollar corporation (cuz come on guys, corpos are people too) then you just drown the problem in money until it's buried or washed away to become someone else's problem. Most people are left with a problem unresolved and a pain in their chest that's not from the cuts, bruises or contusions that can accompany making your displeasure publicly known.

I would like to take this moment to tell you how stupid anyone is that intends to create change with the destruction of life that is not their own. I make an exception for self-immolation. If you believe in your cause so strongly that your only option is to extinguish your own flame in a dazzling display of sheer will. You get my respect for your force of determination if not your cause. The only 72 things anyone else gets though is in being blasted to 72 different dimensions of pain and shrapnel and good riddance too.

That is all to say that if you can't pay and you won't choose violence what other avenue is left to pursue?

Stop the machinations that allow people to remain willfully ignorant of the problem. I am sorry that you might be late to work, I'm sorry that couldn't get your triple pump whateverthefuck you're getting in a cup that makes you feel like the emptiness inside isn't so vast, I'm sorry you were delayed running those errands. I'm sorry for your death during a cardiac episode stuck in traffic. I am sorry. But to the point where your life has to stop in its tracks so you will listen, it's important. Some person decided to put their own life in danger to warn you that your own and those around you are also in danger. I'm not saying it is not a bitter pill.

Let us not forget that all of this is predicated on the assumption that when the piper cometh those ends were indeed justified by the means. What constitutes a worthy reason is beyond the purview of the arguments I'm laying forth. As for the eggs that are gonna get cracked, I don't mourn the loss of property only loss of life. In the many words I have used, I am saying that there is a reason the right to free speech and assembly are enshrined in places around the world and I believe in that reason. Whether or not those rights are protected in an equal and fair manner is a whole different can of worms.

tldr; I wrote this for amusement and for the play on words, doesn't mean I don't believe it. By default I care more about my own bodily waste than I'm going to care about your reactionary opinion. Exceptions will be made for adding to the conversation, upgrade to better-than-what-I'm-scooping-out-of-the-litter-boxes-at-home levels of interest.

I thank you for joining me in this ramble. Have a wonderful day.

edit: just want to give a couple special shoutouts, I won’t name names but you’ll know if I’m talking about you. First, to my peeps that are taking this personally, offensively or otherwise as an insult; fucking good, you need to face uncomfortable topics more often and I’m glad I could be there for you and share in this together. Second, to my peeps who found themselves vindicated in their original positions; the same to you as the first group. This has absolutely been my pleasure so thank you if you voted or voiced an opinion. Going to sleep for now but if you call me back to this topic with something good I’ll try to catch you in the morning.


Blunt tools shouldn't be used for complex real-world things. Other examples would be mandatory sentencing in courts (you should let the judge assess the particular situation), or things like "I don't go out with guys under 160cm" (you should get to know him).

Just because someone is in their 70s, doesn't mean they can't lead. Not with any certainty. In some cases it does, but the political process should have the flexibility to deal with each case.

Look at Deng: he was mid-70s to mid-80s when he was in power and he improved the lives of 10⁸ or 10⁹ people.

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