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Nine days after a Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate took down the biggest US health care payment processor, pharmacies, health care providers, and patients were still scrambling to fill prescriptions for medicines, many of which are lifesaving.

On Thursday, UnitedHealth Group accused a notorious ransomware gang known both as AlphV and Black Cat of hacking its subsidiary Optum. Optum provides a nationwide network called Change Healthcare, which allows health care providers to manage customer payments and insurance claims. With no easy way for pharmacies to calculate what costs were covered by insurance companies, many had to turn to alternative services or offline methods.

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That's a very old version of Nginx. Bad admin for not updating at least once in a while.

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That works too. lol I just didn't have any handy, and I thought cinder blocks would either look trashy or get stolen.

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The party of gross, old sex-offenders really seem to want to water down the meaning of the list many of them are/should be on.

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I feel ya. If the printer drivers aren't OS-native and extremely basic, they're usually a bloated, buggy mess.

I've used mine on Linux with CUPS and it works great. Brother actually provides a .deb installer for the drivers which is amazing, but I think I successfully used the "universal" HP LaserJet 4200 driver before I installed that (I swear, that driver works for almost everything). Pretty sure I only installed the official driver to get the duplexing option to work.

The only major difficulty I had was getting the scanner drives working with SANE. Connecting over USB was easy, but getting it to scan over the network was a bit challenging. A few years ago, I built a scan server as a Docker image that had SANE, the Brother scan drivers, and the proper config. Now I just point SANE on my PC to that and, like magic, it works -- don't even need to install the scan driver locally.

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Lol, I mean....it's still solid advice. I know they did eventually start chipping their cartridges, but AFAIK, they're the least awful manufacturer. If not, please recommend something better as I fear what I'm going to do when this workhorse finally gives up on me.

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Best purchase I ever made was a Brother laser printer back in 2013. Paid $100 for it brand new. Almost 11 years later, I still have it, it prints every time I need it, and I'm still on the toner cartridge that came with it. Total number of paper jams: 1 (I failed at life one time trying to load an envelope lol)

I rarely need to print, but when I do, it's always something important (usually something I have to print, sign, scan, and email back).

Minus the cost of a few reams of paper, $100 has covered my printing needs for over a decade. I rarely, if ever, need a color print, but that's my only limitation (I think I did a color print at the UPS store a few years ago). For photos, I just have those printed at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or just about anywhere.

If you take anything away from this rambling comment, let it be this: Do not buy an inkjet printer, and also don't buy an HP printer. Laser printers cost a little more upfront, but the long-term costs are much, much less.

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Is the government able to take possession of his house/land and personal property, sell it and use that to help fund his incarceration? Is that a thing?

Yeah, a gateway to even more corruption. We already have Civil Asset Forfeiture, and it's abused exactly how you think it would be. In all but a few cases, the money goes to law enforcement (local or otherwise). It's basically legalized theft, though some states have higher thresholds than others.

Emphases mine:

In the United States, civil forfeiture (also called civil asset forfeiture or civil judicial forfeiture)[1] is a process in which law enforcement officers take assets from people who are suspected of involvement with crime or illegal activity without necessarily charging the owners with wrongdoing.

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Devil's avocado: People used to turn around in my driveway all the time at my old house. If they stayed on the pavement, that'd be one thing. But half of them cut into the grass, and it turned it into and stayed a rutted, muddy mess.

Granted, I would never start taking pot shots at people turning, but I did put up a sign.

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(Going to try my hand at one of these lo-fi memes)

🖼️ 👩 🖼️

"They're the same picture"

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No, I have Magisk which is probably what it is. I'm still used to the r/LineageOS rules where you're not allowed to even mention the existence of Magisk. lol

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I'm on LineageOS, rooted, and RCS is working for me. Is the block tied to the device safety attestation?

My device (somehow?) passes safety check, and I've had no problems with my banking app, Pay, or other annoying apps that insist you don't own your own device.

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WebDAV has been around a lot longer and does many of the same things as object storage. It also has support for random access read/writes where object storage requires you to download, edit, and re-upload the whole file. Seems like a no-brainer if you wanted to offer cloud storage to customers.

I thought maybe supporting large uploads was the draw, but WebDAV can support chunking, so you don't need to allocate extra server resources to accommodate large files.

I use both daily, and WebDAV just seems like it does everything better: object storage feels like throwing files in a junk drawer and WebDAV more like an organized filing cabinet.

Aside from Nextcloud and a few FOSS applications, the only big thing I recall that adopted WebDAV was Frontpage back in the day.

So, what am I missing? What makes object storage so compelling that it became ubiquitous while WebDAV is practically a legacy spec?

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Image description: Lisa Simpson in a very poorly made costume in the shape of Florida. The state name is misspelled as 'Floreda' and she's sobbing "I'm not a state, I'm a monster"

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This pup is famously difficult to photograph (even her shelter photo was blurry). Somehow manged to grab this shot, so I have to share it.

And yes, that little chunk of missing drywall in the background was all her lol.

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The screenshot doesn't make it apparent, but the user self-deleted that account.

As a user, it's annoying when there's good conversations in the comments that just disappear forever.

As an instance admin, it's annoying to have that inaccessible stuff just taking up space until it maybe, eventually gets garbage collected months later (except any thumbnails/media....that lives forever wasting space 😠)

Never Again (dubvee.org)
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I bought 5 of these less than two years ago, though they were the 500 GB model. Every single one of them has failed - some within 45 days and just outside the return period. The last one, which I honestly forgot was still running and thought I'd replaced, failed this morning.

These SSDs are absolute garbage and their warranty replacements are a joke (read: you're outta luck, Chuck). Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me 6 times, well, shame one me for buying them again, I guess. lol. I had one fail prior to this batch, but assumed it was an oddball.

Pro tip: Never buy Silicon Power (SP) SSDs. I you have any in use, make sure you have backups running daily and that you check those backups every so often.

Seems like the 3v3 regulator is what goes out on these, but I'm not going to bother trying to repair it since I've got backups.

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I wish DYSDPWBPU had a better ring to it.

Edit: Yes, It's from The Orville, but it's good Trek, damn it. lol

Bonus meme:

'He Gets Us' parody saying "she gets us" over an image of Dolly Parton

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Note: Unfortunately the research paper linked in the article is a dead/broken/wrong link. Perhaps the author will update it later.

From the limited coverage, it doesn't sound like there's an actual optical drive that utilizes this yet and that it's just theoretical based on the properties of the material the researchers developed.

I'm not holding my breath, but I would absolutely love to be able to back up my storage system to a single optical disc (even if tens of TBs go unused).

If they could make a R/W version of that, holy crap.

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A stupid toilet joke from another post, a snow day, and a stronger edible than I was expecting got me wondering: have we ever seen a 24th century Starfleet toilet, and how would it function?

Edit: I meant 24th century / 2300's and not 23rd century.


I know we've seen the sonic showers which seem to operate similar to, but also different from, a regular shower, but I don't ever recall seeing any other typical bathroom fixtures in the 24th century Starfleet vessels (well, mirrors still seem to be just mirrors, so there's that)

The only references I saw on Memory Alpha for the 24th century were:

  • A very blurry, zoomed-in shot of a section of the Enterprise-D when the Borg cut away a section of it.
  • Lower Decks where Boimler drops his tricorder in the toilet (Note: I am in-between P+ subscriptions until Disco comes back, so I can't reference the episode for evidence)
  • Various references to "waste extraction" on vessels of other civilizations

A very blurry shot of what Memory Alpha claims is a toilet on the Enterprise-D

A very blurry shot of what Memory Alpha claims is a toilet on the Enterprise-D

For the purposes of this episode of Shitty Daystrom, we'll only focus on Starfleet's facilities.

Would toilets still be the same as we know them, familiar but different, or something more exotic?

Option 1: Same As We Know Them

Without any evidence to the contrary, it would be relatively safe to assume nothing has really changed on that front between now and the 24th century. Furthermore, water conservation isn't much of a concern due to replicators existing. The waste would be carried via sewer pipes, similar to what we have now, to a waste reclamation system (which may operate differently but do the same thing as treatment plants we have now).

Evidence for this includes VOY: Projections where "sewage and waste reclamation" was a system that was reported to be offline when the computer was queried for a status update. While the episode existed in a malfunctioning holodeck program, there's no reason to assume those systems don't exist on the real ships.

I'm not a fan of this assumption since it would imply a huge lack of innovation and would be generally inefficient given other technological advances at their disposal. The supporting evidence is also vague in that it doesn't specify whether "sewage and waste reclamation" was a central or distributed system.

Option 2: Familiar But Different

As mentioned above, "sewage and waste reclamation" is a subsystem that exists on Starfleet ships. In this model, rather than being a centralized system like a treatment plant, it would be a distributed system.

The restroom fixtures would remain more or less familiar to what we have now, but instead of physically carrying the effluent away for central processing, they would simply dematerialize it and reclaim the energy (like putting your dirty dishes back into the replicator). This would simplify the engineering requirements and reduce mass since the EPS network is readily available; no extra pipes would need to traverse the ship.

Alternatively, instead of directly converting it from matter to energy, it's beamed from the fixture into a central processing unit. That seems inefficient to me because of the extra and unnecessary step of re-materializing it.

Option 3: Something Completely Exotic

I grant that this one is more of a stretch, but bear with me. Instead of anything we're familiar with, it would simply be a special type of transporter which locks onto your waste and just beams it out of you. From there, it's either immediately reclaimed as energy and stored or transported to a central processing unit for bulk conversion.

As said earlier, this theory is a bit out there, but with the one-piece uniforms, I can see how they would be practical.


Without the ability to reference the Lower Decks episode 'Grounded' for possible additional evidence, I'm going to stick with my personal head-canon of Option #2 as the standard Starfleet waste reclamation method. The reasoning is based on how I see the available technology being best utilized and the efficiency at which that method would operate.

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Got suckered into helping a non-profit with their web presence, and of course, it was a Wordpress site (at least it wasn't a Facebook page).

Everything about WP is mildly infuriating at best, just regular infuriating at worst. Everything. If you know, you know. It's like they tried so hard to make it "easy" to use that it went full circle into a fuster-cluck of unintuitive and clunky everything.

With every facet of the experience being an upsell, is there a tier where it's just not horrible to use?

Specific examples:

  • WYSIWYG editor doesn't match the preview
  • Chasing the scroll point in the outline when moving elements
  • Can't edit block properties after they're added
  • Everything is a damn upsell
    • Want to remove the Wordpress footer? Upgrade to a paid plan (does not specify tier)
    • Okay, I've updated to a paid plan that meets our needs. Please remove the footer please.
    • "Oh, you have to have a plan two tiers up to do that"
  • General clunkyness
  • Only supports Apple map embeds which cannot find any of the addresses I need to enter
    • Cannot embed a Google map properly (doesn't support percentage widths for the iframe element so I can't make it responsive)
  • Changing the column widths on a layout grid block never releases the slider, so you have to mash keys until something else selects that locks it roughly where you want it.
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The short version of the Unix philosophy is basically, "Do one thing, and do it well".

Michelle Rodriguez basically plays the same basic character in every movie: tough girl / tomboy who doesn't take crap from anyone, usually wears a tank top, and dies about as often as Sean Bean.

And it's not a bad thing.

While I haven't seen every film she's done, I have seen a lot of them, and she gives a stellar performance every time.

So she may play the "same character" over and over, but she does it very well.

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