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I always appreciate your analysis. Thank you. If the election was held today, more than likely Trump would win. I don't know why Dems aren't ringing the alarm about that. I think they have some delusions of grandeur that Biden will just magically pickup more support closer to the election.

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I just love chaos.

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Majority of Voters Say Trump Guilty Verdict Would Not Impact Vote

The May 2024 Emerson College Polling national survey of U.S. voters finds 46% support former President Donald Trump, and 44% support President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. Ten percent are undecided. When undecided voters are asked which candidate they lean toward, the race splits evenly: 50% support Trump and 50% Biden.

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The delusion is real with many of them. Insert surprised Pikachu in November when they wonder why their voter shaming instead of pushing Biden to do something didn't work.

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This was NBC News August 2019. "But Trump" isn't going to work again. The latest polling shows that.

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Dr West is the closest but he won't win. The United States is a very conservative country. Even Pelosi said we're capitalists. I hate it here.


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Universal healthcare, college for all, raise the federal wage to a livable wage, guaranteed housing, massive increase in public transportation, 4-day work week with same pay, tax the rich at a 50% or greater tax rate, ban corporations from owning housing. These are just a start.

Reminder... (lemmy.world)
Reminder... (lemmy.world)
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V70 R is a sleeper car. So fast!

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They're focusing on the wrong things. Trump's supporters DGAF that he's on trial. They just say it's the deep state/Soros/Biden/whatever trying to stop Trump.

Hit the campaign trail and talk to the people face to face. Not from a stage reading a teleprompter. Yeah you'll have some yelling at Biden and angry but the majority just want to be heard. Then have Biden admin take all the grievances and create a plan to fix them. No excuses about "the Republicans are too strong, sorry" crap.

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I'm tired... (lemmy.world)
I'm tired... (lemmy.world)

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