Use for classic lemmy-ui.

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Hey all! I've done a lot of database maintenance work lately and other things to make better. Wanted to give a quick update on what's up and ask for feedback.

For awhile, we were quite a ways behind federation (along with many other instances) due to a technical limitation in lemmy itself that is being worked on. I ended up writing a custom federation buffer that allowed us to process activities more consistently and am happy to say that we are fully caught up with LW and will not have that problem again!

Additionally, on the database side of things, I've setup barman in the cluster to allow for point of time backups. Basically, we can now restore the database to any arbitrary point in time. This is on top of periodic automatic backups which also gets pulled to storage both on my personal NAS as well as a Backblaze bucket (both encrypted of course).

Today, I deployed a new frontend at This one is very early stages and experimental but is being developed by and seems promising!

If you live outside of the US and experience consistently long load times I want to hear from you! I am deploying the first read replica node to Europe soon, so if you live in that region you'll soon notice near-instaneous loading of content. Very exciting!

Finally, looking for feedback. Is there anything you want to see changed? Please let me know!

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I'm having a fair share of problems with OpenSuse Tumbleweed and python atm.

Coming from Linux Mint and windows.

Installing python-packages with pip was pretty easy.

But I have trouble understanding how to install the following packages on TumbleWeed:

tkCalendar yaml for Python(311)

When I try to use pip I get prompted to use zypper.

I am stuck at this point. Do I have to use something different than zypper? What is the correct way here?

Help very much appreciated and thank you in advance!

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The activists say all their protests were open, accountable and non-violent, and contested the use of such a draconian law against them.

“This is the first time in German history that a climate protest group that uses measures of peaceful civil disobedience is charged as a criminal organisation,” Herrman said.

“This charge is especially dangerous for democracy and the right to peaceful protest because the charge turns the constitutional right of protest, freedom of speech and political assembly into a crime simply because some laws were broken in course of civil disobedient protest.

“This charge is meant for mafia and organised crime. This charge criminalises every act of support towards the group Letzte Generation. This creates an immense chilling effect on all climate protests in Germany.”

Game preservation rule (

[Image Description]: A meme in the style of anti-piracy ads stating the following:

You wouldn't pirate a game you already paid for to be able to play it again since the company stopped supporting it and no longer sells it


"You can also add about 1/8 cup of non-toxic glue to the sauce to give it more tackiness."

"Nobody uses Mastodon" (
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A little comparison


Reminder... (

Danish banks have implemented significant restrictions on how Danish kroner (DKK) used outside Denmark can be repatriated back into Denmark.

Due to these circumstances, which are unfortunately beyond Mullvad’s control, Mullvad will no longer be able to accept DKK from its customers. We will continue to credit DKK received until the end of the month, but considering postal delays, it is best to stop sending it immediately.

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Barring any changes with tonight's Collision, below is the final card for tomorrow's Double or Nothing! So:

Who ya got?

AEW World Trios Title / ROH World Six Man Tag Team Title Match Bang Bang Gang (Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn & Jay White) (c) vs. Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes)

Singles Match
Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta

FTW Title Three Way Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hook

IWGP World Heavyweight Title Eliminator Match
Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita

AEW TNT Title Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
Adam Copeland (c) vs. Malakai Black

AEW Women's World Title Match
Toni Storm (w/Luther & Mariah May) (c) vs. Serena Deeb

AEW International Title Match
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Will Ospreay

AEW TBS Title Match
Willow Nightingale (c) vs. Mercedes Mone

AEW World Title Match
Swerve Strickland (c) vs. Christian Cage

Anarchy In The Arena Match
FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood), Bryan Danielson & Darby Allin vs. The Elite (Jack Perry, Kazuchika Okada, Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson)



I want to create an AI model to learn about AI/ML. so I have scraped some data from Threads and I am wondering how can I use this dataset to make an AI model or do something useful with it? (BTW I don't know anything about AI/ML. I have done internship as Data Analyst so I know a little bit about Linear regression etc. but don't know anything advance.)

I am really curious to explore this space :)

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Hi, don’t ask me how or why,but if you have a US bank account I can help you make money instantly & I mean instantly. I will not ask you for money at any point of time so there’s that. Your job is just to collect payments on my behalf as I don’t have a US bank account & then later transfer me the money after you deduct your commission ( 15% ). Make upto 10,000$ / Month

I only need one person so hit me up ( Telegram @rkr1209)


Dude works for the Australian National University and the Atlantic Council and can't scrape up any better dirt than "textbook girl wear pants now 😭"

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Kupyansko-Svativska section. The Armed Forces struck the enemy's BC position and field forces in the eastern part of Berestovo

📍 49.539632, 37.900290

Enemy infantry advanced along Tsentralnaya street to 550 meters.

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corsspost !

Artikel: Befragung ab Freitag online – Union will Mitglieder über Vebrenner-Aus abstimmen lassen

Umfrage: Sollte das geplante EU-Verbot von Verbrennerautos ab 2035 beibehalten werden? Antwort: Ja, aktuell bei 37.4%

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Here's the entire thing if you don't want to go to that link:

There were a series of accusations about our company last August from a former employee. Immediately following these accusations, LMG hired Roper Greyell - a large Vancouver-based law firm specializing in labor and employment law, to conduct a third-party investigation. Their website describes them as “one of the largest employment and labour law firms in Western Canada.” They work with both private and public sector employers.

To ensure a fair investigation, LMG did not comment or publicly release any data and asked our team members to do the same. Now that the investigation is complete, we’re able to provide a summary of the findings.

The investigation found that:

  • Claims of bullying and harassment were not substantiated.

  • Allegations that sexual harassment were ignored or not addressed were false.

  • Any concerns that were raised were investigated. Furthermore, from reviewing our history, the investigator is confident that if any other concerns had been raised, we would have investigated them.

  • There was no evidence of “abuse of power” or retaliation. The individual involved may not have agreed with our decisions or performance feedback, but our actions were for legitimate work-related purposes, and our business reasons were valid.

  • Allegations of process errors and miscommunication while onboarding this individual were partially substantiated, but the investigator found ample documentary evidence of LMG working to rectify the errors and the individual being treated generously and respectfully. When they had questions, they were responded to and addressed.

In summary, as confirmed by the investigation, the allegations made against the team were largely unfounded, misleading, and unfair.

With all of that said, in the spirit of ongoing improvement, the investigator shared their general recommendation that fast-growing workplaces should invest in continuing professional development. The investigator encouraged us to provide further training to our team about how to raise concerns to reinforce our existing workplace policies.

Prior to receiving this report, LMG solicited anonymous feedback from the team in an effort to ensure there was no unreported bullying and harassment and hosted a training session which reiterated our workplace policies and reinforced our reporting structure. LMG will continue to assess ongoing continuing education for our team.

At this time, we feel our case for a defamation suit would be very strong; however, our deepest wish is to simply put all of this behind us. We hope that will be the case, given the investigator’s clear findings that the allegations made online were misrepresentations of what actually occurred. We will continue to assess if there is persistent reputational damage or further defamation.

This doesn’t mean our company is perfect and our journey is over. We are continuously learning and trying to do better. Thank you all for being part of our community.

Iced coffee (

Happy accidents! Have you had your coffee yet?

I forgot I left this coffee in the freezer to cool off.

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  • NTSync coming in Kernel 6.11 for better Wine/Proton game performance and porting.
  • Wine-Wayland last 4/5 parts left to be merged before end of 2024
  • Wayland HDR/Game color protocol will be finished before end of 2024
  • Nvidia 555/560 will be out for a perfect no stutter Nvidia performance
  • KDE/Gnome reaching stability and usability with NO FKN ADS
  • VR being usable
  • More Wine development and more Games being ported
  • Better LibreOffice/Word compatibility
  • Windows 10 coming to EOL
  • Improved Linux simplicity and support
  • Web-native apps (Including Msft Office and Adobe)
  • .Net cross platform (in VSCode or Jetbrains Rider)

What else am I missing?

Unit Tests (
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