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Lemdro.id strives to be a fully open source instance with incredible transparency. Visit our GitHub for the nuts and bolts that go into making this instance soar and our Matrix Space to chat with our team and access the read-only backroom admin chat.

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Lemdro.id App List

This is a curated list of various apps for Lemmy, an open-source federated alternative to Reddit. The list includes web apps, Android and iOS clients, as well as Linux and browser extensions.

The Lemdro.id Lemmy App List will be kept updated and evergreen. Feel free to share or pin across your respective communities and instances. Comment below if you have a suggestion.

Don't forget that you can also add the main https://lemdro.id page to your home screen. The mobile version is surprisingly good!


  • Originally adapted from [email protected].
  • Lemmy apps haven't been audited for security vulnerabilities. Use at your own discretion.

Web Tools

Lemmy Instance Assistant

A browser extension to make Lemmy and Kbin easier to use (GitHub).

Web Apps


Formerly wefwef. An Apollo-like web client for Lemmy. Works great on mobile and desktop (Github, Play Store, Web App).


A familiar Reddit-like desktop experience for lemmy (Github, Web App).


The Neat Lemmy App for the Web (Github, Web App).


An alternative web client for Lemmy with the UI of Xylo (Github, Web App, [email protected]).


A desktop-first alternative web UI for Lemmy (Github, Web App, [email protected]).


A Lemmy UI rewrite in SvelteKit. (Github, Web App Preview).


A lean-ish web client for Lemmy (Github, Web App).



The Official Android Lemmy client (Github, Play Store, [email protected]).


A Lemmy client for iOS and Android built with Flutter (Github, IzzyDroid, [email protected]).


A mobile client for Lemmy (Github, Play Store, [email protected]).

Connect for Lemmy

Aimed at being easy to understand, fast, and clean (Play Store, [email protected]).


A mobile Lemmy client aimed at being fast, simple, and effective (Play Store, [email protected]).


An Android client for Lemmy (Github, [email protected]).

Arctius for Lemmy

A simple and accessible mobile client for Lemmy built on React Native (Github, [email protected]).


An Android and iOS Lemmy built heavily inspired by Infinity for Reddit (Announcement, Play Store)

Lemmotif for Lemmy

A simple app for Lemmy (Play Store, [email protected]).

Infinity for Everything

Alpha available! Fork of the full-featured Reddit app for Lemmy (Github)

Infinity for Lemmy

New project! A clean UI and smooth browsing Lemmy client written in Java, fork of the full-featured Reddit app (Codeberg, Announcement).

Slide for Lemmy

Builds are available! Developer is working on bringing this full-featured Reddit app to Lemmy (Github).

Sync for Lemmy

Initial release of their Reddit app brought to Lemmy (Play Store, [email protected]).

Boost for Lemmy

Coming soon! Developer is working on bringing their full-featured Reddit app to Lemmy (Play Store, [email protected]).


Coming soon! React Native + Typescript app for Android and iOS that uses its own API to scrape kbin (Dev Diary, Discord, [email protected]).


Coming soon! A mobile app in early development (Github).


Memmy for iOS

An Apollo-inspired iOS client for Lemmy (Github, Testflight, [email protected]).

Thunder App

A Lemmy client for iOS and Android built with Flutter (Github, Testflight, [email protected]).


An open source Lemmy client focused on ease of use, intuitiveness, and optimization (Github, Testflight, [email protected]).


A mobile client for Lemmy (Github, Testflight, [email protected]).


An Apollo-inspired iOS client for Lemmy (Testflight, [email protected]).


An Apollo-inspired iOS client for Lemmy (GitHub, Testflight, [email protected]).


Coming soon! React Native + Typescript app for Android and iOS that uses its own API to scrape kbin (Dev Diary, Discord, [email protected]).


Coming soon! A mobile app in early development (Github).


Coming soon! An Android and iOS Lemmy built heavily inspired by Infinity for Reddit (Announcement)


Coming soon! An Android and iOS Lemmy built heavily inspired by Infinity for Reddit (Announcement, [email protected])

Inaccessible instances (self.lemdroid)
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lemmy.studio and sopuli.xyz are not populating for me. Probably soft blocked? Also, it may be worth opening and pinning a megathread for this topic so the community doesn't get spammed.

edit 10/15: sopuli has started working, studio is still not showing

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Hey there everyone. I think the Photon project has matured enough to the point where I feel ready to replace the default lemmy frontend with it. Since this instance serves roughly 1000 people now, I figured this was worth holding a vote on!

Please check out Photon as currently hosted at https://p.lemdro.id.

If you support changing the default frontend to Photon, upvote my comment on this post. If you don't support it, downvote that same comment.


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Has anyone else been getting frequent error messages on lemdro.id the last couple days? I am using the standard web interface and keep seeing something to the effect of:

FetchError: request to http://lemdroid-lemmy.flycast/api/v3/post/list?type_=Subscribed&page=1&limit=20&sort=Hot

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Basically title, can't get any communities from the instance to load. It is in the list of federated instances in the footer.

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I was wondering if we could create a PornHub community to discuss the PornHub app as well as the content on it. It would be really nice to have a space here where people could discuss this amazing app.

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Earlier today, I identified the root cause of an issue causing annoying 502 errors intermittently. If you've ever had an action infinitely load until you refreshed the page, that is this issue. I deployed a fix, and am slowly scaling it down to stress test it. If you encounter an infinite loading occurrence or an HTTP 502 error please let me know!

UPDATE: Stress testing complete. Theoretically we should be equipped to handle another 5k users without any intervention from me

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Hello folks! I am migrating the image backend to an S3-compatible provider for cost and reliability reasons. During this time, thumbnails and other images hosted here will be borked, but the rest of Lemdro.id will remain online. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: Image migration is gonna take a hot minute. Should be done in around 6 hours, I'll get it fully fixed up in around 7-8 hours when I wake up (~08:30 PDT)

UPDATE 2: It failed, yay! Alright, fine. I turned the image proxying back on. I am migrating to S3 in the background and will switch over when it is done. Any images uploaded in the next 8 hours or so may end up being lost.

UPDATE 3: Migration complete. Will be rolling out the update to S3-backed image storage in around 6 hours (~6pm PDT)

UPDATE 4: Object storage backend deployed! Thanks for your patience folks.

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I'm sure you all have noticed the latency problems on this instance. Stage 1 of my 4 stage scaling roadmap is taking place tonight as I migrate the database to physically run closer to the machines running lemmy.

I will do a more detailed write-up on this later, but the gist is that each db operation required a new connection from lemmy, and that means a brand new SSL handshake since the db is managed elsewhere. Pooling would solve this, but lemmy does not handle a properly configured pg bouncer correctly in my testing. So the solution is move the database closer and within the private network to avoid SSL handshakes altogether.

TL;DR instance gonna go brrrr, downtime starting at 10:30pm pacific time tonight, should be done by 11:30pm

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I shared bits and pieces of this before, but it's officially up and running now: https://www.search-lemmy.com/

This is an enhanced search engine for Lemmy. With a few primary goals:

  • You can choose a preferred instance. After choosing what your primary instance is, and performing a search ALL links will open in that instance.
  • This aims to be a replacement for using site:reddit.com in Google, but just for the fediverse.
  • You can filter the search results by:
    • Instance -- This will filter the results to only show communities that belong to a particular instance. Just type something like instance:lemmy.wrold or instance:https://lemmy.world/. This is separate from your preferred instance, such that you can search for posts on lemmy.world while still opening them on lemmy.ml.
    • Community -- You can refine the search by a specific community. You use the same syntax that you'd use here community:[[email protected]](/c/[email protected]).
    • Author -- Similar to the above you can also filter by a specific author such as: author:@[email protected].
  • The entire thing is open-source. You can view the code and even host your own instance... See more details here: https://github.com/marsara9/lemmy-search.

NOTE: This only supports Lemmy instances for now. Other fediverse type instances may be in the future depending on how this works out.

I've been working on this over just the last few weeks, so it hasn't had a chance to crawl much of the fediverse yet. For now it only supports lemmy.world and lemmy.ml but other preferred-instances will come online as time goes by.

If anyone finds any bugs, and I'm sure you will, or if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE raise an issue on GitHub for me to track. Lastly, if anyone wants to help contribute please feel free to reach out.

NOTE TO SERVER ADMINS: You can prevent your site from being crawled by adding lemmy-search to your robots.txt for the user-agent.

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I got tired of hitting ⌘Enter and not having my post automatically go through, so I wrote a little userscript that enables exactly that.

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For all curious, Lemdroid now runs via fly.io and neon.tech.

The database is hosted by neon tech while the frontend and backend are horizontally scalable and deployed to fly.io. This should be massively scalable both up and down, so we can handle nearly any amount of users. Pretty neat, right?


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