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Also, there was no boy to be massacred, the boy was massacred as soon as it was created

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ikr its even more fake than the first time.

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That fedora dude omg he really wants to be the stereotype.

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It didn't use to be like this. Arafat visited India and was respected by everyone regardless of religion.

Hindutva-corporate media and BJP Social Media apparatus is responsible for this.

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India picard

Good on Japan

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Time to be a vtuber

Two Years of War in Ukraine (peoplesdemocracy.in)
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Of course Brandon walked back the Monday ceasefire thing.

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Destiny needs to piss off the right person

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Damn they specifically say "Israeli gunfire" good job on doing the bare minimum, CNN

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Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari has told the World Zionist Organization (WZO) Emergency Conference that Israel is “fighting against Hamas, not against the people of Gaza” despite Israeli attacks on the besieged enclave killing almost 30,000 people.

“Our aim in this war, our main mission, is to rescue our hostages but also make sure that the citizens of Gaza are free from Hamas,” he added.

“We are dismantling the military framework of Hamas from the north to the south. We already dismantled 18 battalions out of 24 and we are finishing the others, the last four are in Rafah,” Hagari claimed.

He also said that the Israeli army “cannot conduct an operation with 1.4 million people in Rafah”. There will be a “movement of people to a safer zone”.

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Show me Israelis allowing Palestinians to flee to Israel "proper".

The comparisons Americans and westerners make between War in Ukraine and Gaza are so stupid. Two completely different wars fought over completely different things.

The west has completely shown their asses about their care for "human rights".

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He told AFP his long career spent working on documenting Soviet crimes and human rights abuses in modern Russia gave him no choice but to also campaign against the invasion of Ukraine.

From that time on, according to Oleg Orlov, his father became a determined opponent of communism. In the kitchen of their Moscow apartment many people would often gather to hold political conversations, argue, and listen to songs of bards

Having not succeeded in getting into Moscow State University on his first try, Oleg Orlov became a student of the agricultural Timiryazevsky Academy. After successfully completing three courses in the academy he transferred to the biology faculty at MGU. Upon finishing his studies he worked for the Institute of Plant Physiology at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.[2]

During the course of his work at the institute—after the start of the war in Afghanistan in 1979—Orlov made himself a primitive copy machine (hectograph), and for two years posted political leaflets dedicated to the war, the situation in Poland, and the activity of the “Solidarity” movement.


Through his work with Memorial, Orlov as a laureate of the 2009 Sakharov Prize in recognition of his human rights work.


Honestly, fuck him. Don't care, same as Navalny.

Trump & Milei hug (streamable.com)
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... (hexbear.net)
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