Nice to see, in 123: (mastodon.social)
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Nice to see, in @firefox 123:

"We now implement linearRGB interpolation for SVG gradients, as well as the existing sRGB interpolation. You can choose which to use via the color-interpolation property."


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Why I use Firefox (xn--ime-zza.eu)
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Questions like “Which browser should I use?” regularly come up on the r/browsers subreddit. I sometimes respond to these posts, but my quick replies usually only contain one or two points. To be honest, until recently I wasn’t even sure myself why I use Firefox. Of course it’s a pretty good browser, but that doesn’t explain why I’ve stubbornly stayed loyal to Firefox for more than a decade. After giving it a bit more thought, I came up with the following reasons.

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Happy to see Firefox prioritizing and implementing long awaited features.

Why I use Firefox (xn--ime-zza.eu)
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I've been using this extension for a while now and it works great, but since recently a QR-code is put onto the video when downloaded (if it's a HSL one that needs to be converted). I understand that this converting process can be expensive and I'm willing to donate, but $30 seems like a lot no? The QR-code is not small either, it takes up like 40% of the video, rendering it absolutely useless. Does anyone know any alternatives or workarounds?

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Upon going to the releases page, I clicked on the xpi file only to see an alert pop up in Firefox:

“The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt.”

I… don’t know if this should be allowed. It just feels wrong.

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We need to exert more pressure on apple and eu to not remove PWAs. Every signature counts, please sign and share EU has already started a preliminary investigation on this http://archive.today/2024.02.26-223134/https://www.ft.com/content/d2f7328c-5851-4f16-8f8d-93f0098b6adc

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Firefox for Android does not support Material UI, has a low minimum API level, and generally seems lacking in features. Why is that?

Edit 1: also the downloading function is super unstable, I lost several files due to firefox starting the download then stopping and removing the download for no reason.

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When you use Alt+Number you automatically switch to the tab that is assigned that number, but when you have more than 9 tabs Alt+9 just switches to the last tab instead of opening tab number 9, and you can't go beyond tab number 9 either, is there any way to go to tabs beyond 9 with Alt+Number?

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I normally don't use Firefox very often but wanted to give it a try again. My usual default browser would be Vivaldi (which is unfortunately Chrome based). Anyway I usually have turned on my NordVPN system wide (Windows 10 Edu V. 22H2), which works fine on Vivaldi. I turns out it does have a weird side effect on Firefox. The DNS resolution for "google.com" just doesn't work anymore. Any http request runs into a timeout. Strangely it works on any other google domain like google.de or google.org, also I couldn't find any other domain to reproduce this behavior. Now this wouldn't be such a big deal if google's reCaptcha wouldn't also be used by a lot of webpages and the api is hosted on google.com so basically the reCaptcha box just never appears and I'm stuck on those pages.

I tested it with v. 123.0 (64-bit), in private mode, in safe mode, FF portable 115.8.0 ESR and it is all the same strange behavior.

NordVPN also does have a FireFox Extension and using this extension everything works again.

Also tested it with the FF MacOS version and NordVPN client, here it works.

I can't really explain this behavior other than some weird Firefox behavior together with NordVPN or some interaction with the Windows 10 vpn layer.

Can someone confirm this behavior on Windows? I assume other VPN providers like Mozilla VPN don't have this?

[Update]: Forgive me it was late yesterday. I still can't explain the behavior exactly but for sure the reason is the split tunneling feature of NordVPN. I had it enabled as I only wanted certain apps to go through the VPN and Firefox wasn't on that list. So actually the NordVPN client should have treated FF routed through my default system connection and FF should just not have been routed through the VPN. Now it is more likely that it is some split tunneling bug that for whatever reason the google.com requests are treated differently by NordVPN/FF and are kind of blocked on my side or wrongly routed and never reach the google server.

[Update2]: As @[email protected] noted in the comments, the problem is not only related to Firefox and therefore wrong in this community. It actually also works on other browsers as well. It seems to be a problem of the windows NordVPN client and/or Windows 10. As soon as you use the split tunneling feature and exclude a browser from it, suddenly google.com doesn't work anymore. Very strange, but that's it. Actually for Firefox you should just use the NordVPN add-on anyway as it gives you a lot of flexibility to use split tunneling per domain, which actually works also for google.com then.

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I noticed a few websites i use do that when i open the console. I don't know if it may cause performance issues but it looks like abusing something. It happens so fast that screen flickers.

I don't know why browsers allow this and wonder if there is a simple setting to disable that action in somewhere like about:config?

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Last Friday everything worked fine. Today, if I try to watch a video while signed in to Google account I can only do it with quality set to auto that then defaults to 144p or 240p. Setting quality to 360p or higher results in constant buffering like we're back in 2008 and 720p does not even start playing. Tried Firefox on my work computer at work, Librewolf on my personal machine at home, both machines are at different ISP-s, work DL speed is 50 Mbit/s, home is 150. Tried disabling uBlock Origin, tried clearing browser cache, no go. Only way I can get videos to play in FF is when I log out or open them in private window. Cromium-based Vivaldi works without a hitch, too, with uBlock, Tampermonkey and all that jazz active.

What in the Seven Hells is going on here, Google? Has my account been flagged and throttled for refusing to disable adblock? Then why does it work fine on Chromium with adblock? Is FF under attack by Google and they are throttling YT? Then why everything works fine when signed out from Google? Why it started happening suddenly over the weekend? So many questions...

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I use the term "Reddit" when I search for things a lot so I can get human responses to my questions but Reddit blocks VPN connections. Old reddit works though. All you need to do is change www. to old. I know extensions exist for it but I don't really want to install one for this and I no longer have an account on Reddit to set it in my preferences.

Edit: I think @[email protected] gave me what I was looking for with REDIRECTOR. It's open source and has a privacy policy of not using analytics. It's an extension but it seems pretty reputable with a decent community.

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When I switch applications on iPad, and switch back to Firefox, it opens a new blank tab every time. But doesn’t happen on iPhone. Settings are the same on both devices.

Has anyone else seen this?

Firefox 123.1

iOS 17.3.1
iPad mini 5
iPhone 13 mini

Furryfox is real (www.instagram.com)
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I was on a streaming site and fumbled some keystroke that popped up a menu where one option was "disable keyboard shortcuts". I accidentally clicked on it and now the arrow keys don't scroll, space doesn't pause, etc. I can't figure out where that menu is to restore functionality to the keyboard, even after a browser restart.

As far as I can tell, this is site specific, as the keyboard works for youtube and other streaming sites. Any ideas? If it helps, the site I was on is fmoviesz dot to

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Apple has decided to remove Progressive web apps from iOS in EU. If you have a business in the EU or serve EU users via Web App/PWA, we must hear from you in the next 48 hours!

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Which is a shame as it's a really nice fork of Firefox. That picture doesn't do it justice, you can see the three row tab bar that expands only if'n there's enough tabs, nor the hide away bookmarks toolbar.

So why the thumbs down? Well, for starters it ate all my settings, I closed it, realized I'd forgotten to do something, reopened it, and default. If that were it, that wouldn't be so bad, but while installed Firefox wouldn't work, At first it was some minor glitchiness, but when I closed Floorp and went to use Firefox to research the problem and what the solution is, my three home tabs didn't open, and the one tab that didn't showed Tumblr but the browser displayed the Firefox new tab window, as did any other tabs I opened, it was completely unresponsive.

Really it's a shame, because Floorp is a really nice browser, and the customization is great, not just for eye candy, the vertical Thunderbird like toolbar gives easy access to things you need, the hide away ( like your taskbar can) bookmarks toolbar makes it easy to get to your bookmarks without them taking up space. Unfortunately, it's far too buggy to use.

I do wonder, how many of it's features are available in the config? While the vertical toolbar and built in syncable notes obviously aren't, what about hiding the bookmarks toolbar? Moving the toolbar and tab bar around? Multiple tab rows? Are their extensions to add some of this?

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I updated and I was able to move the "bookmark items" onto the bar. It must have been a bug or I was not understanding the process. I'm pretty sure I tried what I did to fix it, but who cares, it's fixed.

~~Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I'll delete if it isn't.~~

~~I have the settings to "always shown" and in the customize tool bar section to be shown. They also still show up under bookmarks and toolbar from the pulldown, but otherwise, the toolbar is blank. I have no idea why.~~

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I've been having inconsistent crashes for awhile now where the screen will just suddenly freeze and go white, requiring a close/reopen. It's not usually an issue as it's not too frequent, but it's frustrating to have a bunch of tabs waiting to be reopened.

My issue is that I've tried to check google on how to even look up what might be causing it, and it has been very uncooperative.

first: about:crashes. It's empty. I tried to see if there's a way to turn it on. Any links I could find seemed to be outdated as they pointed to about:preferences#advanced. Which isn't present.

second: checked C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(user profile)

First I checked to see if there was just a general log, then I tried to check crashes.

in both places I tried checking, the file was in a mozlz4 format. I am unsure how it is meant to be read. It was also concerning that despite finding a crash file that matched the time of the crash, all it had was a single meaningless line

"mozLz40 8 ô{"v":1,"crashes":{},"countsByDay ðrruptDate":null}"

I'm assuming it's not meant to be opened in notepad, but the files I saw in datareporting seemed to be much more comprehensive than this.

So what I'm basically wanting to know is: How do you find out the last thing Mozilla tried to do before freezing? I can't determine if it was Mozilla or an extension doing it, and if it was an extension I can't determine which one.

The main issue is that the crash is inconsistent and mostly randomly. Even if I turn off extensions it could take hours to days before anything happens.

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The extension shinigami eyes is back.

Quick context: the extension allows you to see which profiles are supportive or transphobic and it wasn’t updated for 2 years.

I was worried it was abandoned. Hopefully we can get Ecosia and Lemmy supported and have it expanded it to cover racist/sexist profiles soon. I would like to donate to the developer if I could.

It is my favourite Firefox extension because it would protect you from seeing all the hate online and prevent unintentionally supporting a slimy transphobe😡 and it literally reveals to you people’s true colours.


*support for blue sky *updated bloom filter *Fix colonization of Tumblr tags

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Firefox for Android has been a disappointment in the mobile browser world for a while now. Let's go through the many reasons why Firefox for Android just isn't measuring up:

  1. Android's security measures are lackluster. It's like leaving a toddler to guard a candy store - not very effective.
  2. Certificate Issues: Firefox for Android is like a friend who never gives you the full scoop. While Chrome reveals all the details about a website's security certificates, Firefox leaves users in the dark.
  3. Engine Rewrite Fail: Firefox for Android attempted to one-up Chrome by rewriting their engine, but the result was a flop bigger than my last cake-baking attempt.
  4. No Mute Tab Option: Firefox for Android doesn't offer any way to mute tabs, a feature that Chrome has had built-in for ages.
  5. Limited Extension Support: Firefox for Android is trying to lure users away from Chrome by supporting 450 extensions, but browsers like Yandex, Samsung Internet, and Kiwi have offered full extension support for years. Firefox is late to the party, and their limited selection might not be enough to sway users who value extensive customization.
  6. Unclear Address Bar Search: When you search in the address bar of Firefox for Android, only the search term is displayed, making it difficult to ascertain if the URL is legitimate or not.
  7. No Clear URL Display Option: Unlike some other mobile browsers, Firefox for Android does not offer an option to always display the full URL, including the protocol and "www" prefix, in the address bar.
  8. Persistent Full-Screen Bug: The full-screen bug (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1797340) has been hanging around Firefox for Android for years, and they're slower than a sloth when it comes to fixing it.
  9. Lackluster Design: Firefox for Android's design is like a cheap knock-off of a premium product.
  10. Analytics Overload: Firefox for Android has both Google and Firefox Analytics baked in. Talk about bloatware.
  11. Compatibility Issues: Firefox for Android breaks more sites than a bull in a china shop, Compatibility is not its strong suit.
  12. Bookmark Management Troubles: Firefox for Android presents a number of frustrating issues when managing bookmarks, which significantly lag behind the standards set by its competitors. Users are unable to edit bookmarks during a search due to the absence of the "hamburger" icon for editing options. Additionally, when multiple bookmarks are selected, the only choice offered is to delete them, with no other options available. The process of organizing favorite bookmarks becomes a tedious task, as users are unable to easily arrange them, and cannot move multiple bookmarks to a single folder in one go, but instead have to move them individually. Moreover, users are unable to see the number of bookmarks in a folder, making it difficult to manage and organize bookmarks effectively. These limitations pose significant challenges to the overall user experience, causing Firefox for Android to fall short of the expectations set by other browsers in terms of bookmark management.
  13. Limited Customization: Firefox for Android claims to be "customizable," but it doesn't offer any significant customization options that Chrome doesn't already have. While Firefox does provide some basic customization features, such as enabling or disabling the shortcuts and jump back in features on the homepage, these options are also available in Chrome. In fact, Chrome offers additional customization features like moving the search bar to the bottom, adding widgets to the home screen, and a dark mode. Thus, Firefox for Android falls short in terms of offering anything truly unique or groundbreaking in the realm of customization.
  14. The home button located near the address bar is a persistent eyesore, refusing to disappear even when you want it to. This inflexibility contradicts Firefox for Android's claim of being "customizable," leaving users frustrated and disappointed.
  15. No Tab Groups: Firefox for Android is stuck in the past, with no option for tab groups.
  16. View Lists of All Websites: Firefox for Android lacks a feature that allows users to easily view lists of all websites saved, cached, or cookie-stored on their device. This can be inconvenient for users who want to manage their online content effectively. The absence of this feature may make Firefox less appealing to users who prefer browsers with more comprehensive options for data access and control.
  17. No Split-Screen UI: Want to use Firefox while doing something else simultaneously? Unfortunately, you can't because the UI won't adapt properly to a split-screen mode.
  18. No "New Window" Feature: Unlike Chrome, Firefox for Android doesn't have the "New Window" feature that allows users to open a new instance of the browser while using another app. In Chrome, you can access this by opening the menu (the "hamburger" icon) and selecting "New Window," which will open a second Chrome window. Even if Firefox had this feature, its UI issues would likely prevent you from accessing it, as the UI would be outside the reachable area in a split-screen mode.
  19. Constant Forced-Unloading of Tabs: Firefox for Android often forcibly unloads tabs under memory pressure or after using another app for a while and keeping Firefox in the background.
  20. Lack of Tab Previews: Unlike competitors, Firefox for Android doesn't offer tab previews, making it difficult to quickly identify tabs.
  21. No Dedicated Tablet UI: Firefox for Android does not have a dedicated tablet UI, making the browsing experience on a tablet less than ideal as the UI is not optimized for the larger screen size.
  22. Poor WebAssembly Support: Firefox for Android struggles with WebAssembly, leading to more issues than solutions.
  23. Lack of Complete Video Format Support: Firefox for Android doesn't support all video formats, leaving users frustrated and searching for alternative browsers.
  24. No Offline Dino Game: Firefox for Android takes itself too seriously to include a fun offline game like Chrome's Dino game.
  25. Unreliable Offline Page Caching: If you're offline and need to access a previously visited page, don't count on Firefox for Android to have your back. Its cached pages are about as reliable as a broken compass, leaving you in the lurch when you need them the most. You're better off using smoke signals.
  26. Bloated and Slow: Firefox for Android is more bloated than Chrome, making it slower and less efficient.
  27. All Talk, No Action: Firefox for Android is like a friend who always promises to do better, but never follows through.
  28. Clumsy Performance: Firefox for Android is like a clumsy waiter - always dropping the ball. Stick with Chrome, folks. It may not be perfect, but at least it won't leave you hanging.

Some Firefox fans are attempting to manipulate me into developing features myself, so they can benefit from my work and free time. They seem unwilling to contribute or offer support, and expect others to do all the work for them. It's disappointing that they can barely type a few words before complaining about fatigue, yet they expect others to dedicate their time and effort to developing features for their benefit.

Using Firefox on Android to "improve" your privacy is pointless - it's like saying cutting off your nose will prevent COVID. Firefox doesn't have its own WebView, so it relies on the system WebView, which is based on Chromium. This means you're still indirectly using Google's technology. Additionally, since Android is made by Google, using Firefox on it doesn't really make a difference. It's like having toddlers guard your security - ineffective and unreliable.

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