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We have found evidence that a foreign operative known only as "The Colonel" was running an illegal enterprise out of these tunnels.

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Kadafi Fried Chicken gaddafi-happy

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earliest uses …. smuggling in KFC from Egypt.

Turns out the desire for tendies is universal. Who knew

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Only democracy in the middle east and they ban treats. Not so much of a democracy anymore, huh?

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yim yum treats. everyone deserves some level of treats.

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yim yum treats. everyone deserves some level of treats.

As Hexbear's current official "joyless scold" treat critic:

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there's definitely a doughboys episode in this

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So if Israel isn't the fascist apartheid ethnostate like they say and label an anti-semite anyone that says otherwise means that Israeli citizens are banned from eating that food and anything else the Palestinians are banned from, right? Right?

The fact this is happening is the IDF playing rogue and not a directive from Netanyahu and others in the Knesset, and will be remediated immediately, right? Right?

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Dr Snack liked this

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Uncritical support for KFC.

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I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that fried chicken travels quite well without refrigeration, which makes it quite rare amongst cooked prepared foods. Would be consistent with the other foods being Twinkies, crisps, and biscuits, which all have long shelf lives.

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Wings or drumsticks?

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Professional Hog Groomer and Dr. Snack. sicko-hexbear-crowd you sillies!

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