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Jeje... (mujico.org)
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Friday night (mujico.org)
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Good cat (mujico.org)
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Math (mujico.org)
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What?... (mujico.org)
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peak 2000's (mujico.org)
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Hey all - hope everyone has enjoyed their February and the extra day!

Here's a roundup of everything that has happened on Lemmy.zip over February and into March.

New Communities

We've had even more communities pop up this month, please check them out and subscribe if you like them!

MaddieTian has also kindly brought the Xbox community back to life - please give it a sub and support it!

(PS - if you're a community mod and would like feature your community here, let me know and I'll happily pop it up here in April)

We still have one modless community - Apple - if you're interested in taking this over let me know.

Server Updates

It has been a bit of quiet month since last time. There have been no Lemmy releases but (at least from my perspective) most of the federation issues we had previously have been fixed and things seem a lot smoother.

The performance changes we'd also made to the server have appeared to worked wonders (again, thanks to locuester for their support with the database) and we're sitting quite happy performance wise, with no major unplanned downtime.

Last time I discussed that we had doubled the image size from 1mb to 2mb per image, and throughout February we've doubled that again to 4mb. This hasn't really had any impact on performance or storage, and I'm happy to keep it at 4mb for now, which should allow for quite good images. They still get compressed when they're uploaded but it shouldn't have too much of an impact. Here's a 3mb image i did some testing with.

Our feedback survey closed and we've taken a look at the results/comments and we're really thankful for all your responses. Many of you were very kind about the site which always makes me smile. The feedback isn't something we can report back as %s of answers, but we have taken on board comments and suggestions. One of my key things is to rewrite the instance rules to be clearer and flow better, and also to separate out the moderator community conduct bit as its own section and expand a bit on that.

What was interesting to see though was that many people have gone "all in" on the fediverse and replaced the large tech company apps with fediverse alternatives.

Finally, ZippyBot has had a very small update to make the report confirmations less spammy by limiting who they go to and in what circumstances. I've also changed the way we deal with urgent reports by keyword filtering in the report, so if you include something like "CSAM" in the report the admins will get pinged on matrix so we're at least aware faster of an issue.

In Zippy's next update i'm hoping to include the ability for mods to add RSS feeds to their community (including filtering for certain words) but it is quite a large task so taking me and my limited python knowledge a bit longer than I'd like to get it done - but I'm almost there! If there are any other tools mods feel they'd benefit from then let me know - happy to build them into Zippy.

Interaction reminder (help support the instance!)

If you’re new to Lemmy.zip - WELCOME! I hope you’re enjoying your time here :)

I just want to let everyone know that the easiest way you can support Lemmy.zip is to actively engage with content here: upvoting content you enjoy, sharing your thoughts through posts and comments, sparking meaningful discussions, or even creating new communities that resonate with your interests.

It’s natural to see fluctuations in user activity over time, and we’ve seen this over the wider lemmy-verse for some time now. However, if you’ve found a home here and love this space, now is the perfect opportunity to help us thrive.

If you want to support us in a different way than financially, then actively interacting with the instance helps us out loads.


I hate banging on about money and I'm not very good at it, but here is the general reminder that Lemmy.zip only exists because of the generous donations of its users.

We keep all the details around donations on our OpenCollective page, with full transparency around income and expenditure.

Therefore, my ask is that if you’ve been enjoying your time here, please consider a donation - it will help keep Lemmy.zip online and all donations go to paying for the server and for the surrounding services like image hosting and email. We have options for one-off donations of any amount, or recurring donations at set amounts.

You can see all the kind donators in the Thank You thread - you could get your name in there too!

Graph time

We've basically fully moved over to Grafana now for stats tracking, so here are some lovely graphs for you!, covering all of February.


Memory: (the dips are either server or database restarts)


Image storage:

Cloudflare overview:

Cloudflare requests:

Cloudflare bandwidth:

Cloudflare visitors:

Cloudflare traffic:

If there are any stats/graphs/insights i've not posted above but you'd like to see, let me know!

That's it for now - but as always if you have any questions pop them below or pm me.

Hope everyone has a lovely March and I'll be back again in April!



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The original was posted on /r/itookapicture by /u/vhunterart on 2024-03-02 08:57:03.

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This website allows you to connect your midi instrument and play with people all together.

It's quite fun, with moments of silence, chaos, and wonderful music

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OCR, autobackup, text color, evernote links -- all's new in Joplin 2.14

🔤 Autodetect text in pics and pdfs (#ocr) + search
🖌️ Text color in Rich text editor
💾 Rotating auto #backup - now bundled out of the box
🔗 Auto restoration of #evernote note links
📂 Import a directory of #ENEX files
💪 #Markdown editor upgrade

read more:

#Joplin #notetaking @joplinapp

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Gnome 46 getting VRR (gitlab.gnome.org)
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Gnome is finally getting VRR added in version 46. A freeze break was requested and accepted to get it added as an experimental option. Awesome!

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The original was posted on /r/antiwork by /u/Tiffany_truer on 2024-03-02 12:45:16.

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(If this isn't the right place to post this, please let me know.)

This is going to be a very long post (an essay maybe), because that's what it is. Some parts may go all over the place, but that's because my mind will go bankrupt everytime I remember it. Even though years have passed since it ended and everybody has moved on, I am still occasionally afraid of potentional retaliation. I don't have a lot of proof in the form of screenshots because it just hurts looking back, but I will try to explain with the best of my ability.

There were some details to the story that I left out because I didn't think they were relevant. And before I get any comments questioning my involvement with a subreddit like this: I was one of the kids that fell down the "anti-SJW rabbithole, and communities like these prey on vulnerable young people, regardless of gender and sexuality. I was so attached to this community that I refused to leave despite it hurting me.

For context, I am currently 20 years old, and all of this happened when I was 13-14.

PS: Please do not try to go and contact my harassers. Most are suspended, some deleted their accounts and others are inactive. However, very few of them are still active on Reddit to this day. Regardless of where they are or what happened to them, still do not go out and contact them. Plus, the subreddit where the harassment first took place is banned now.

Alright, here's the story:

It was late July 2017. I discovered a subreddit we will call "X" via an app called iFunny, dedicated to supposedly real stories about intellectually and developmentally disabled people doing mundane things with the intent to mock them, with the majority of the subjects being children, in a "4chan greentext" format. I discovered it via an app called iFunny, so I decided to create a Reddit account there to post my own "t*rd stories". They got upvotes and not-so-bad comments, inspiring me to create more. However, little did I know at the time that joining the subreddit would be the biggest mistake of my life.

In late August of that year, a user within the subreddit made a call-out post with my username in the title, indirectly asking me to "stop posting obviously-fake tard stories", calling me "the real t*rd". It was THE post that caused all the the troubles I went through on the big R. I had civil arguments with other users that only turned aggressive since they mostly responded back with insults. It got to the point that I, at one point, fell into depression. The few that supported me told me not to mention anything about the subreddit to avoid being hunted down by the mob, but I was too stubborn because I wanted to take back all the power they had over me via those arguments. Mind you, I was 13-14-years-old at the time this whole shit happened.

When I made a return to the subreddit in the hopes that I could be better and fit into their rigid standards, I was hounded down with insults, told to "fuck off", and even got stalked in almost every other subreddit I was in. Angry, I created a counter-sub in the hopes of reforming X. A day after I created the sub, one of my harassers created a secret burner account pretending to be on my side, messaged me via ModMail that they wanted to join. Not long after I let them in, they ended up causing trouble on X by picking fights with the users. For some reason, people thought that it was me in an alt account, and even had one accusing the account of being me using a throwaway account to pretend that people liked me, and that I was chasing my haters across Reddit by telling them off". The targeted switched them to say that "they were not me".

When this whole drama was dying down, so did the activity of the reform sub, but oh holy moly, it didn't really end there. One of my major harassers and stalker, who became a mod after one of the old moderators have him the roles, made a post on a "help" sub for Reddit mods trying to imply that I was making multiple accounts to evade bans, when I have never did sort of thing and that acc he was implying wasn't even mine and never was. I tried contacting the sub's mods about taking down the post, but they denied my request because the post didn't have any usernames on it. I got angry with the harasser and demanded he apologised, which led to me being temp banned from the sub for "trying to cause drama again".

At that time, I began to question the user I believed to be on my side. I sent a PM to them about their username and the true purpose of the account, but they never responded back. With more questions in my mind, I reached out to the "help" sub, telling other users that I suspected that somebody was impersonating me or it it was all just a coincidence, as for some more context, their username vaguely resembled mine, though they were named after a character from a game I have no interest in.

My harasser then barged in and silenced me by saying that none of the other moderators thought that the user was me and that I should have no concerns regarding that account. Many hours after I made that post, the "imposter" account was mysteriously deleted. Shockingly, it still didn't end here!

My other harasser with a history of indirectly harassing others by namedropping them with derogatory remarks under the guise of "memes", had done it multiple times, even long after the three other dramas were over. They did it in the comments within tardtales, and even on other "edgy" subreddits. Informing another old moderator about it, hell broke loose again, but the other harasser who had deep ties with him tried to downplay the situation, and even compared me to Hitler by saying that "even though he might've said sorry that doesn't change what happened" when I tried apologising multiple times for my behaviour because of my vulnerability and the fact that I WAS JUST A CHILD AT THE TIME THIS WHOLE THING WAS GOING ON. I didn't question it because if I did then he would silence me even more.

Even after this whole situation, the other harasser would still get away with this behaviour and even get promoted as mod by the other major harasser.

All this time leading to mid-2018, I contacted the mods of other subreddits he was in getting them to delete comments and ban him for namedropping me. And mind you, the admins did jackshit about the harassment campaign I was caught in. I contacted them multiple times via the normal Reddit PM system and email, and always got the same bullshit AI bot response that goes "thanks for reporting. my important advice is to ignore the users and not reply to them further", yet, even if I didn't engage with them, they still insultet me. The block button wasn't better either because it only let you so that once you blocked the person bothering you, YOU WOULDN'T SEE THEM INTERACTING WITH YOU rather than the system in all other socmeds where the blocked cannot communicate with you AT ALL.

Furious from being ignored by the admins, I re-opened the reform subreddit, made a call-out video specifically for one of my harassers, and got the "mod" to see it. A few days later, he mocked me and banned me from X, and THEN made a copy subreddit with a description that said "fuck off (my username)", trying to get me to keep it. Obviously, I didn't want to keep it, and successfully closed it own after several failed attempts. At one point, I brought the two harassers including X up on a sub where you could report a misbehaving mod, where each of us told our own versions of the story.

Guess who the sub's mods sided with?

Following up, I was threatened to get reported to the admins and then suspended, and afraid, I had no choice but to comply. And then, a few months later, something miraculous happened...

The harasser who stalked me, who was a mod for X, got his mod privileges revoked, and banned from the subreddit after one of the old moderators (the kindest I've ever seen tbh) got multiple messages from other users saying that he mistreated them, and when doing an investigation through his acc, the old mod realised that everything he was told turned out to be true. He got banned, and never touched the subreddit again.

Due to all of the stress and trauma surrounding my harassment, I decided, after being inactive for months after getting advice from someone on Discord, deleted my account (exactly two years after it was created), vowing to never go back there again.

I guess I'm done with the story. Remember, it is supposed to tell you about how Reddit's administration team doesn't take reports about rule violations seriously, mostly harassment/cyberbullying-related, and the fact that they care more about the site's reputation than the safety of their own users. Looking back at it 6 years from now, I'm glad that my sister tried to keep me away from the site.

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Instructables sucks and my github's a mess, so I'm just going to post this here, so Lemmy exclusive I guess..

Before starting you will need an rpi 4b, after monitoring over ssh I'm pretty sure a 2gb model will be enough, the RAM usage didn't really get much past 1.7gb, I used an old 4gb that used to be my projects centre. Cooling is advised, you can overclock and get the performance boost that way too which helps a lot with 1080p, although still don't expect to get near that with youtube, go with piped instead. Ethernet and an overclock will get the best performance, although 720p on most sites seems to run okay over wifi. You will want to run from USB storage too, I'm using the M.2 SSD base with the argon ONE case, but I tested on a USB 3.0 thumbdrive and results were pretty similar.

Start by flashing the latest 64-bit raspi lite OS to a usb device. You may need to update the EEPROM if you haven't already in order to boot from USB. Take advantage of the rpi imager settings here to enable SSH and change the hostname so you can tell it apart from the 6 other pi's you have running around your house, if using a different imager then don't forget to include the SSH file you may need it on the next step.

After initial boot, the screen may black out, using the same image I had this happen with the USB SSD, but not the USB thumb drive. If it blacks out then ssh in and vi or nano into /boot/firmware/config.txt and comment out and add the following lines:


Now that the screen is working you can log into the session, and make the usual prayer sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y followed by a sudo reboot for luck. And next install KDE Plasma; I originally went for kde-plasma-desktop as its the lighter install, but it kept hanging at boot, you might have more luck, but expect to start again if it fails.

sudo apt install kde-standard

After that another reboot for luck. Then we need to activate the sddm login manager service, and tell raspi OS that we want it to boot into GUI on the next boot:

sudo systemctl enable sddm
sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target

And reboot again. It should now boot into plasma, and the first thing you should do is disable all the desktop effects; older KDE plasma guides suggest to disable compositor, but the session defaults to wayland unless you tell it not to, and wayland can't run without the compositor - I've noticed no major differences between X11 and wayland myself in this use case (don't believe the hype).

Now the effects are disabled, and if you have your cooling set up, now is a good time to overclock, so back into /boot/firmware/config.txt. I just went with the following:

# Overclock

Next we can install the other bits we need:

sudo apt install chromium-browser rpi-chromium-mods plasma-bigscreen

If you want to watch DRM services like netflix you will need another package thats not included in lite:

sudo apt install libwidevinecdm0

KDE connect and an android phone make the perfect remote control, connect should already be included in the KDE install. But firewall suggested, with connect and ssh rules:

sudo apt install ufw
sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp
sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp
sudo ufw allow 22/tcp
sudo ufw enable

Next open chromium, add the extensions you want, and "install" your "web apps".

Now open up KDE settings again, select Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen (SDDM), and then click the behaviour button at the bottom and set plasma to log in automatically and change the session to bigscreen, password to confirm, and it should prompt you to set a password for the keychain, I set a blank password because I want other people to be able to use the tv. Also disbale power saving, or at least getting sent back to the login screen after sleep.

Done! Reboot and enjoy!

Some optional polish:

plasma bigscreen is designed to work one window at a time, so if you minus a window without a keyboard you've essentially lost it, so ins settings you can remove the titlebar buttons for max/min and hide and just leave the one to close the window with.

Xscreensaver has a pretty cool analog tv effect screensaver that will cycle through images in a folder and display them with various tv static effects:

sudo apt install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra
Darya's Grandpa (hexbear.net)
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(Someone in my discord server posted this so I don't know the source url)

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I found this review very interesting. It goes quite deep into the different problems. The author have done the research and does s good job of presenting it in a clear and understandable way.

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A hidden crisis is unfolding across the South China Sea. While regional powers work to strengthen their claims to disputed waters and territories there, the marine environment in which they maneuver has been declining to critical levels.

In recent decades, increased fishing, dredging, and land fill, along with giant clam harvesting, have taken a devastating toll on thousands of species found nowhere else on earth.

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"Hungary’s willingness to enter security arrangements with Xi Jinping and do the bidding of Vladimir Putin while, simultaneously, maintain membership in NATO and the EU is deeply troubling and presents an existential crisis for those alliances," writes Elaine Dezenski, senior director and head of the Center on Economic and Financial Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in the U.S.

The €3.8 billion Serbia-Hungary railway project, financed by Chinese loans under the BRI, is expected to be completed by 2025, but some estimates suggest that it will take a further 979 years — or nearly a millennium — for Hungary to break even on the project.

Hungary’s BRI issues are not unique. As described in a new report on the BRI, "Tightening the Belt or End of the Road", many BRI projects around the world face serious challenges, from hydroelectric dams with thousands of cracks in Ecuador, to promised infrastructure that was never built in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to massive debt distress in Zambia.

"Despite the problems for host countries and the large portfolio of failing loans for China, Beijing has still been successful at building influence across authoritarian-leaning regimes, who are eager to follow the Chinese model of single-party state control and high-tech domestic repression," Dezenski says..

While Western states have awoken to the risk of overreliance on Chinese supply lines, Hungarian officials are taking the opposite approach, going so far as to call de-risking suicidal.

This position, however, doesn’t impact Hungary alone. The entire EU market is open to Chinese manipulations through the Hungarian economy, such as dumping of cheap goods to prop up the failing Chinese economy or undermining domestic European industries with subsidised competitors.

As German chemical giant BASF seeks to disengage from China’s Xinjiang region, leaked documents indicate that China is planning to build a chemical hub in Hungary.

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