[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 0 points 2 hours ago

Ridiculously qualified, intelligent, experienced, liberal as we could hope for at the time.

Just so unlikable. And shrill!! Oh, and not even a man. Pfft.

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 1 points 2 hours ago

Whatever you gotta tell yourself. It’d be great if you’d help us not succumb to religious fascism as run by a sociopathic rapist, sir. Please, sir.

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 1 points 2 hours ago

This attitude is what is alienating gen Z from voting.

Hey, y’know what alienated John Lewis from voting? THE KLAN. Y’know what alienated every woman from voting before 1920? All the asshole patriarchy your shitheaded tantrums continue to support.

So why don’t you take all the millions of Gen Z voters you represent, and your GRU playbook, and shut up. This is bullshit.

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 1 points 3 hours ago

You know those people who live in counties that don’t matter? Okay, not them. Obvs.

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 8 points 4 hours ago

She was never the best choice of the Democrats available, but you must admit we had no idea how goddamned stupid people were back then. She should have won. Turns out, yeah, russia was listening.

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 12 points 8 hours ago

I don't give a single solitary fuck how jaded some motherfuckers are - People died so we could vote! Fucking DO IT.

So many goddamn toddlers out here like “weaaah why can’t everything work like magic! Waahh i don’t like the politics! I know everything about government and I pronounce it a dumb stupid thing because i dont like it!” Christ in a bucket we got nazis walking up the goddamn driveway and shitheads in here are all “ewww biden might lose, i demand offers for my partici-“ VOTE you assholes! ffs

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 10 points 9 hours ago

More fish for Kunta

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 19 points 9 hours ago

Third party “options” will fail in the electoral college. Because electoral votes (with very few exceptions) are all-or-nothing.

Non voting, third party voting, helps trump.

This is not complicated.

[-] homesweethomeMrL@lemmy.world 36 points 10 hours ago

He’s not normal. Yes, anyone would be rattled. But have you known anyone who has been scared of being poisoned for 40 years? Yet is a raging narcissist and sociopath?

No doubt it’ll be a new goddamned thing for the MAGAts and Qanuts

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This is from May 7th, but I hadn’t seen it.

Joe Kahn, after two years in charge of the New York Times newsroom, has learned nothing.

He had an extraordinary opportunity, upon taking over from Dean Baquet, to right the ship: to recognize that the Times was not warning sufficiently of the threat to democracy presented by a second Trump presidency.

But to Kahn, democracy is a partisan issue and he’s not taking sides. He made that clear in an interview with obsequious former employee Ben Smith, now the editor of Semafor.

Kahn accused those of us asking the Times to do better of wanting it to be a house organ of the Democratic party

. . . And to the extent that Kahn has changed anything in the Times newsroom since Baquet left, it’s to double down on a form of objectivity that favors the comfortable-white-male perspective and considers anything else little more than hysteria.

Throwing Baquet under the bus, Kahn called the summer of the Black Lives Matter protests “an extreme moment” during which the Times lost its way.

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Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (1985)

Wed Jul 10, 1985


Image: The Rainbow Warrior in Marsden Wharf in Auckland Harbour after the bombing by French secret service agents. © Greenpeace / John Miller [greenpeace.org]

On this day in 1985, the French government, in an act of state-sponsored terror, bombed the Greenpeace-operated boat Rainbow Warrior, which was en route to protest a nuclear weapons test planned by the French state. The bombing, later found to be personally ordered by French President François Mitterrand, killed a freelance photographer on board named Fernando Pereira.

France had been testing nuclear weapons on the Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia since 1966. In 1985 eight South Pacific countries, including New Zealand and Australia, signed a treaty declaring the region a nuclear-free zone.

Since being acquired by Greenpeace in 1977, Rainbow Warrior was active in supporting a number of anti-nuclear testing campaigns during the late 1970s and early 1980s, including relocating 300 Marshall Islanders from Rongelap Atoll, which had been polluted by radioactive fallout by past American nuclear tests.

For the 1985 tests, Greenpeace intended to monitor the impact of nuclear tests and place protesters on the island to observe the blasts. Three undercover French agents were on board, however, and they attached two limpet mines to Rainbow Warrior and detonated them ten minutes apart, sinking the ship.

France initially denied responsibility, but two of the French agents were captured by New Zealand Police and charged with arson, conspiracy to commit arson, willful damage, and murder.

The resulting scandal led to the resignation of the French Defence Minister Charles Hernu, while the two agents pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were sentenced to ten years in prison. They spent a little over two years confined to the French island of Hao before being freed by the French government.

In 1987, after international pressure, France paid $8.16m to Greenpeace in damages, which helped finance another ship. It also paid compensation to the Pereira family, making reparation payments of 650,000 francs to Pereira's wife, 1.5 million francs to his two children, and 75,000 francs to each of his parents.

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