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gets immediately owned

59 positive is enough for rule 8, right?

Link even though I'm a lib: https://lemmy.ml/post/14319237

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They even put the ape on the cans. all-my-apes-gone

Tastes pretty good though.

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sicko-crowd Hexbears on their way to make "feel the burn" jokes.

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Considering the number of trans people on Hexbear, what are they talking about? Trans people are a big target. And I don't just identify as non-binary, I have it on legal documents too.

The kind of user who is convinced hexbear is run by foreign government agents tend to also think hexbears are faking being trans.

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How is it possible to have this much brainrot?

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Best comment:

This is a deeply silly essay. But I gotta comment on this statement. "I dream of new structures, a world in which women have entry-level jobs in their 30s; alternate avenues for promotion; corporate ladders with balconies on which they can stand still, have a smoke, take a break, make a baby, enjoy themselves, before they keep climbing."

Hahahaha. While you are dreaming of it in your leisurely marriage to wealthy not-old man, my female colleagues and I are making it happen. (You're welcome.) Tonight we'll meet up for happy hour, drinking wine we learned about on trips we happily planned and paid for ourselves, giggling over those girls we saw hanging around our business school library who imagined that the single men we went to school with were prizes worthy of trading our wonderful, formative, adventurous 20s for. Cheers.

P.S. Your husbands are trying to have affairs with us.

Israel's Holocaust trauma is a myth (electronicintifada.net)
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It's especially impressive since they recorded this shit in high school.

Blurb from the bandcamp page:

In 1989, three high-school mates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania would bring together their creative talents to form a progressive psych influenced heavy garage rock band known as SORCERER. The power-trio of guitarist Sam France, bassist/keyboardist Michael Selcovitz, and drummer Steve Burdziak would avoid popular trends and focus on a more organic and pure sound. By manipulating the guitar to his advantage, France moved from powerful rhythms to blazing, furious, speed-picking leads with swift and precise accuracy. The band’s driving bass and intricate keyboard playing by Selcovitz and the raw and unleashed drumming of Burdziak complemented each other. Together, the three completed a diverse and obscure band.

SORCERER would record and humbly self-released a demo titled ‘Beyond the Crypt’ that would only be distributed locally at live gigs. Although it would not be correctly dated so to be called proto-metal, the 7-song effort would certainly capture that early pre-heavy metal sound and give reminding glimpses of obscure NWOBHM acts now lost to time.

The band would play several shows in Philly and in southern New Jersey over the next few years. They would also record several more demos that would never see the light. Over the short time of the band their sound would rapidly change, never again really capturing what was laid down on the “Beyond the Crypt” demo.

SORCERER was a band born too late. They would come and go quickly, not ever really having a chance to survive. Ahead of a future resurgence, behind a popular trend, they were simply a band at the wrong time.

A review of the album

reviewAfter just having done another review that was for a reissue from the same era, I was apprehensive about diving into this one. However, within the first few chords all traces of apprehension were washed away and replaced with a level of excitement and anticipation. Admittedly, it is rare for me to get excited about remasters because I know I'm faced with trying to objectively balance critique of the content with that of the sound as well as trying to reconcile standards from bygone eras with modern expectations. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by "Beyond the Crypt," a reissue from Philadelphia psychedelic rock/proto-metal band SORCERER (Not to be confused with the Swedish Doom Band of the same name)

Reissued on October 1, 2021, by Heaven and Hell Records and remastered by the legendary Jamie King, "Beyond the Crypt" is a seven song manifesto of hard rock tunes originally recorded between 1989 and 1990 and released as a demo. And while the overall quality of the recording definitely shows its age and the limitations of the original source material, this is one of the very few examples I've come across where I was able to look past my audio hang-ups because the songs are just so damn good. Worth noting that Mr. King did a remarkable job of bringing some brightness, punch and clarity to the project, which I'm sure was no small feat considering the definite garage vibe this album has.

SORCERER explore a myriad of styles within this effort. At its heart, this is a classic rock inspired album with a heavy dose of progressive musicianship. I'm not sure if it gets into proto-metal territory, but it definitely gets close. I'm immediately reminded of bands like YES, RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, and JETHRO TULL (without the flutes, of course). All of the instruments can be heard in the mix, and each contribute equally to the overall feel.

The album's opener, "Sorcerer," starts off with a trippy/psychedelic keyboard that sounds like a cross between the Castlevania video game and X-files soundtracks. But when the drums and guitars kick in stadium rock style, you know it's on. And then we are introduced to some absolutely epic lead work but guitarist/vocalist Sam France that really takes things to the next level as well as some powerful vocals and great melodic hooks.

The next track, "The Equinox," also starts off with some cool keyboards (courtesy of bassist/keyboardist Mike Selcovitz) that takes us straight into another melodic guitar passage and some intense vocals that get really gritty and are just on the verge of screams before launching into a fretboard tapping solo of epic proportions. "Rock Me" is a pretty straight forward party track with some awesome bass lines while "Freak Out" ventures into bluesy groove territory that has a HENDRIX/GUESS WHO vibe with awesome wah guitar, funky bass, and solid drumming from Steve Burdziak.

Perhaps what surprised me the most is FRANCE's smooth vocal delivery on the more ballad-stye songs "The State I'm In" and "Man in the Mirror." There is a certain Klaus Meine quality to his voice in these particular songs, and combined with the chorus clean guitars he was really able to take into SCORPIONS territory. I literally thought I was hearing "Holiday" for a split second. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but it was definitely a welcomed surprise.

Considering this was written and performed by high school kids and intended as a demo, I'm impressed by the musicianship and the effort that initially went into recording this. Each member shows a level of talent, maturity, and musical diversity not often achieved by musicians of that age, especially given the genres that are referenced here. I'm still reeling over the epic guitar solos, FRANCE really shreds. I enjoyed this effort so much I'm intrigued to dig in and learn more about the band, of which there seems to be little info. This was a work that was worth remastering, and I hope it brings the band a new level of respect and awareness even if they're no longer active. I'd be interested to see what each of the members is up to now.

It's surreal to see this stuff being dug up and appreciated decades later.

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I'm looking to set up a machine for my stepdad to record and edit music on. Audacity is the first choice that comes to mind, but I'm wondering if there are better/more fitting to usecase options out there.

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This question has been devouring my mind forever now. I am at all of the intersections of privilege: a financially comfortable cishet cracker man in the imperial core. The only way I could be more privileged would be if I was bourgeois. I'm aware enough to know that my way of life is only possible due to the subjugation of others both here and abroad (even if I've so far put off reading theory to better understand how that works like Fanon, Amin, and Cope), but I am so entrenched in a social circle of people that consists almost entirely of protofash or cryptofash. Instead of challenging them on stuff all the time, I regularly let things slide - if not feed into it. The closest I can eke out anymore is spouting back the vile shit they imply rephrased to be completely mask off and feigning agreeing with them. Instead of shocking them, this seems to please them more, and I'm not sure if I'm "feigning" agreeing with this shit so much as actually agreeing with it.

To give you an idea of the level of kkkrakkkery we're dealing with here, I'll rattle off some things I remember off the top of my head:

  • Saying Tortuguita (I'm using his name, it's not like they fucking knew it) had it coming when he got shot protesting cop city. In fact, they have no issue with cop city at all.
  • Saying that redlining was effective at "isolating the problem" with respect to a very poor town in the county I live in. When I asked if he considered redlining based, he answered in the affirmative.
  • Celebrating the shiny sparkly treatsball district that is being built in our city, displacing shittons of people living there in an act of gigagentrification.
  • Regularly making jokes about "indians", e.g. "Bruh sickass gun, bruh imagine if you were using that gun to fight indians".
  • Large, prominently placed blue lives matter car window sticker
  • Going on about how important it is to keep property values high
  • Trying to convince me to invest in starting a meme coin that we could attract investors with and and then sell our coins in what is, after me asking him multiple times, "not a rugpull"
  • Spouting off about how Pakistan is invading the UK because all the people immigrating there are military age males
  • Always referring to undocumented immigrants as "illegals"
  • Celebrating a bill to fund a local LGBT center being shut down due to some made up sex predator bullshit whipped up by libs of tiktok

I'm becoming more and more convinced that the vast majority of my already pretty small friend group should get the wall. At the same time, I find it hard to justify cutting them out of my life because they haven't done toxic shit to me and I've known these people most of my life. It doesn't help that I still live with my parents in my hometown and that they're the only people I see somewhat regularly in addition to my parents and a hand full of extend family. No matter how I try to justify it to myself, by handling this problem as I currently am, I am committing a serious liberalism.

What's tearing me apart is that I know that while me sticking to the status quo is infinitely easier and more comfortable than getting involved organizing, having principles, and sticking my neck out - something that is guaranteed to alienate me from basically everyone in my life. But I also know, even from a selfish perspective, that the knowledge that I was too much of a coward to actually help make a better world will be torture the further in life I go. It's already torture now.

I've talked to my therapist about cutting people out because of politics and she said it wasn't worth it, but she's also a lib, so I'm not inclined to trust her on that one.

Edit: Thank you to those who answered. You've all given me a lot of food for thought, and it's comforting to know there are options I can take besides the nuclear one. I've already been paying the highest dues tier to a local Marxist org but had stopped reaching out to them, partly due to my depression and partly because it's hard for me to rouse myself to drive into the city. The last time I had done anything with them in meatspace was some canvassing to support the UPS strike. They do have online meetings though, so that at least gives me a way to stay involved even if I can't rouse myself.

Apologies for not directly replying to anyone's comments. Trying to think of good responses for comments on an effort post is hard.

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Rare treat defender W.

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The part you're roasting is especially vile because the lib's choice of insult only makes sense if one considers having nothing going on in life a personal moral failing on the part of the sufferer as opposed to, as you pointed out, peoples' objective conditions being shit and rapidly getting shittier.

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I didn't know "confirmed bachelor" was a euphemism for gay men until like a month or 2 ago.

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This tagline brings back some good times.

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A win for bazingas everywhere.

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This is even dumber than the five guys burgers and fries shit that kicked off the OG gamergate.

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Reddit was/is an asymmetric information warfare platform wielded by the feds.

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If they weren’t such weasels and actually agrued back rather than just ban people like the spineless dimwit twats they are, I’d say the argument that they are easily filtered holds. But given they are just looking to propagate their shilling for Russia, trump (and they definitely do this) etc… fuck em!

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It said the 62-year-old had died from a "self-inflicted" wound on 9 March and police were investigating.

Even BBC is skeptical enough to use scare quotes.

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