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Damn, thinking of camping out near the beach below the house so I can loot the wreck after it falls

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I think it would because most Americans don't actually know what anarchism is. The average person off the street will give you the dictionary definition of anarchy and say it's when you have no laws and can do whatever you want. When they hear this guy was an "anarchist" they'll instantly write him off the same way we instantly write off libertarians.

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It was for some local primary or something, I don't know, 2020 was the last primary I'll ever pay attention to. I'd been getting these texts all month and thought they were mostly automated by now, so in frustration I responded "For the love of god please shut the fuck up".

Well an actual person replied saying they'd take me off their mailing list and now I kinda feel bad because this person was probably just a volunteer with probably good intentions

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I'm not gonna shit on this guy because I think his heart was very obviously in the right place, but I have to agree with others here in that this is a terrible waste of a life, particularly a life belonging to the one US troop willing to die fighting the Palestinian genocide.

Unfortunately, I doubt he was capable of doing much better because of how massively alienated he must've been. He almost certainly lacked anything resembling a coherent set of politics, and he almost certainly lacked like minded comrades to set him on the right path. Considering he was active duty, I have no doubt he could have found a way to frag some officers, but he probably thought violence would be counter productive. There's a reason why Americans grow up learning about a wildly sanitized version of MLK Jr. and absolutely nothing about the Black Panthers.

So in the end, he spent his last moments screaming in agony for nothing, not understanding that the media was going to effortlessly sweep this under the rug just like it did the last few self immolations. This is so fucking sad, and it's why we need to organize to capture and productively redirect people like this as they radicalize. Rest in peace.

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And I'm not even talking about large criticisms where you entirely dismiss their favorite treat as trash.

You can post just a couple of misgivings that are deeply couched in reassurances that you really loved the show overall, but it doesn't matter. You'll still get downvoted to hell, and a bunch of weirdos will come out of the woodwork to vehemently disagree with you on each and every point, line by line, arguing as if they've been born ready to die on this exact obscure molehill.

I guess they just really want you to say that their media is perfection incarnate, and that's such a bizarre mindset. They've always been like this, but I tend to pick up on it so much more often now because I can't help but compare that behavior to how people interact on Hexbear. Here we actually take care to charitably engage with each other's thoughts, something redditors are apparently incapable of regardless of how low stakes the topic of discussion is.

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I really wish programming tutorials for absolute beginners were exactly like that. Like please program my dumb ass to learn programming.

Ideally a tutorial would Just assume I know nothing at all. In fact, assume I'm some medieval serf from 1320, motherfucker. Assume I've never heard of a computer before, never mind used one. Assume I've lost two dozen children to the plague, scurvy, smallpox, and conscription into wars with neighboring fiefdoms. Assume I'm currently imprisoned in the oubliette for hiding grain under my floorboards. Assume I speak in such a thick accent from bumfuck nowhere that it is entirely unintelligible to both contemporary nobility and modern English speakers alike. Assume I'm illiterate. Assume I've never washed my penis before. Assume I've never wiped my ass.

I'm talking about a tutorial that involves a thorough description of each and every click of the mouse. Rigorously define every single word that has programming relevance. Leave no stone unturned, if you're even slightly vague about any step I guarantee you I will fuck it up! It'd be sick as hell if such a lesson plan existed for every common programming language

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Damn, the things used to be these thin little, well, cards. Nowadays they are reaching the size of entire consoles and can more accurately be called graphics bricks. Is the tech so stagnant that they won't be getting smaller again in the future?

The high end ones are so huge, power hungry, and fucking expensive that I'm starting to think they might as well just come with an integrated CPU and system RAM (in addition to the VRAM) on the same board.

What is the general industry expectation of what GPUs are going to be like in the mid term future, maybe 20 to 30 years from now? I expect if AI continues to grow in scope and ubiquity, then a previously unprecedented amount of effort and funding is going to be thrown at R&D for these PC components that were once primarily relegated to being toys for gamers.

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I want to have a pizza by 1:30 in the morning Moscow time

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This is getting ridiculous.

Also anyone else notice that google now censors most search results about drugs? They give you their fucking suicide hotline as the top result if you mention anything harder than weed. After that, it's all DEA and DOJ webpages, literal DARE shit, actual rehab advertisements, and massively SEO'd rehab related grifts. Good luck getting any Bluelight or Erowid pages to come up without actively searching for them nowadays.

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Like wow wtf, these incidents are really just endless, huh? I must've gone through hundreds of these now. It seems like it doesn't matter whether someone is an experienced scuba diver or not, these caves have a tendency to just fuck up your shit.

People who you could call not just world class divers, but world class cave divers apparently routinely enter these things en masse and are never seen alive again. Rescues are extremely rare because they tend to run out of air before anyone even realizes something went wrong. Then the only hope of retrieving the body is to fly in another world class cave diver, very likely a friend of the now rotting corpse floating in the cave. This isn't a very commonly practiced hobby as you can imagine.

Good chance this guy fucking dies in the cave too. At that point the property owner tends to just block off the entrance and let the two spend eternity together. It's very touching.

Most common scenario seems to be losing their guide rope back to the cave exit, accidentally stirring up previously pristine and undisturbed silt, reducing the visibility to literally 0, and then totally losing track of the claustrophobic passage that they originally shimmied through to get into that chamber. This is very obviously the perfect time to panic, hyperventilate away most of your air supply, and swim around wildly kicking up even more silt while trying to find the way out. Kind of like being stuck under a sheet of ice, but far worse because you probably still have something like 30 minutes left to think about the fact that no one can possibly rescue you in time.

I can't imagine being in this situation, what a shit way to go. I'd rather go fucking wing suiting than get anywhere near an underwater cave.

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I've tried Chameleon and Valyrian root tea blends before thinking they might make good sleep aids, but I've never had any luck with them. A lot people say they find those very relaxing, but I wasn't even catching a placebo effect.

So for a while I just assumed all this herbal tea bullshit I see in stores and pharmacies must be just a step above homeopathic products. They're probably pretty good if you like the taste of the herbal blends and find sipping a warm beverage relaxing in itself, but otherwise a waste of time. Clearly if they really worked they wouldn't be sold in large supermarket chains. Instead they'd be relegated to the weird, near grey market status that Kratom seems to exist in, right?

Today at the store I just happened to notice something very alarming. A box of Kava blend tea was the absolute one and only herbal tea variety on the shelf to include a warning asking you to consult your doctor before use, and stating that minors and pregnant women should not consume this product.

Well, that warning instantaneously lit up the junkie addict center of my brain like a Christmas tree, and I impulse bought two boxes. This might have major negative health consequences? Wow, must be the fucking good stuff. I got home and brewed six of them into a single mug of tea, and yep, this shit is psychoactive all right. Subtle, but definitely not placebo subtle. It quite honestly feels similar to a moderate dose of Gabapentin, and it's making me sleepy.

I sure wish I knew this before I most likely took 15 years off the lifespan of my kidneys by using 200mg of Diphenhydramine every night for years just to have a fighting chance at falling asleep more often than every two days.

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The most obvious possibility is AOC. In that case I am sure she'll move even further right and get totally ratfucked by the party regardless. That's the most jokerified option, I think. At the very least, her obvious ratfucking will push many more people to the left like the Bernie campaigns did.

But the worst possibility is some rando Democratic apparatchik we've never heard of like Mayo Pete showing up. They take up all the aesthetics of Bernie's campaigns, they receive the glowing endorsements of Bernie and the squad, but they seemingly refuse to outright promise anything we would call "good", and they suspiciously receive no material push-back whatsoever from the Democratic party establishment other than some clearly bad faith grumblings about how spooky and radical this person is. Win or lose, they completely suck the energy out of leftist movements in the imperial core for a further decade.

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Just found out there are tons of people on Youtube actually doing the former, and given the amount of anime avatars present, my assumption is there must be some number of them simultaneously doing the latter

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Those things are too rich for my blood, but it seems to me like the concept is a great idea, and it would be nice if something like that became cheaper and standardized across brands.

I've always been really annoyed by the fact that laptops with socketed CPUs disappeared a decade ago. And these days a ton of laptop manufacturers are very eager to solder the SSD and RAM as well. This occasionally goes as far as laptops with permanent, soldered single channel RAM, and that's horrifying. These things are destined to be e-waste, ending up in landfills far sooner than typical for equivalent desktop components.

When you upgrade a desktop you have so many more options that will save you money over buying a totally new system. GPUs are essentially plug 'n play. You can often upgrade the CPU just as easily, though every once in a while you'll need to replace the motherboard. Same goes for RAM. Everything else can almost always be reused: the case, the fans, the CPU cooler, the storage, the monitor, the mouse, and the keyboard. Even the PSU if you're not getting a significantly more power hungry CPU or GPU. All of that can add up to a ton of money.

Socketed CPUs in laptops are probably never coming back due to how much space they tend to take up. And laptop GPUs will probably never be socketed in the first place for the same reason. But if you could buy a standardized chassis and simply swap out entire motherboards that come in a standardized laptop form factor, upgrading would be so much more cost efficient, as would laptop repair. Also, lets bring back easily removable and swappable laptop batteries while we're at it.

Unfortunately, this all flies in the face of the inherent capitalist enshittification going on with consumer electronics, and I'm skeptical Framework will ever be anything more than a very expensive niche for enthusiasts who like to tinker with their devices. But I don't see any technical reasons why something like this wouldn't be possible and practical.

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Generally speaking, I get the feeling I should stick to something that isn't worth enough for felony theft charges to apply, so no RTX 4090 or 4080. The 4070 Ti isn't at all a bad deal for $0.00, so I suppose that's the one.

I've heard conflicting reports on how likely Amazon is to refund you if you simply claim the box showed up with a brick in it. I've also seen conflicting reports on whether or not they'll actually check if a return has the same serial number on it. What say you, Hexbear?

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It's massively fucking infuriating to me that the very moment Palestine stops dominating the news cycle, liberals are going to fall straight back into accusing Russia and China of committing genocides in Ukraine and Xinjiang without the slightest hint of self awareness.

[-] [email protected] 95 points 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago)

waking up in the morning and determining whether WW3 has started yet by checking how many new comments the news megathread has

[-] [email protected] 72 points 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago)

Wtf is it with the lib idea that Hamas is some kind of corrupt, ruling gang that heavily exploits the civilians of Gaza as human shields just to stay in power? Do libs even hear themselves speaking? That doesn't make any fucking sense. Somehow they have this idea in their head that being in a leadership position of a resistance group inside a literal concentration camp is a cushy enough gig to warrant fighting an all out war with Israel solely to perpetuate their position.

The most charitable way I can interpret such a profoundly incorrect reading of Hamas is chalking it up to another consequence of the fact that the vast majority of liberals do not know even the absolute barest, most fundamental basics of Palestine's situation. They must think Gaza is just another Arab country on Israel's border and that it has a corrupt, antisemitic government with little popular support. As such, they've totally missed the fact that it is an open air concentration camp in the first place.

[-] [email protected] 71 points 5 months ago

Russia sucks right now, but if you think they are in anyway responsible for even a minuscule fraction of the bloodshed that the US has spilled all over the world, then your brain has been utterly broken by western news coverage of the Ukraine war.

As for China? What the fuck? China hasn't been at war in decades. The only way you could possibly believe China is comparable to the US is if you've hooked yourself up to an IV drip of state department atrocity propaganda. Either that or you're just a fucking racist.

It's baffling that you libs expect us to believe you when you claim to hate the US while you simultaneously uncritically parrot everything the US says about its state enemies.

[-] [email protected] 71 points 5 months ago

lmao, I hadn't considered what impact 9/11 was going to have on federation until just now

If lemm.ee doesn't finally defederate from us over this thread, then I don't think they ever will.

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My interpretation of these people is that they actually don't give a shit about anyone who died in the attacks. They pretend to, but what they're really mad about is the fact that it was a successful attack on a widely recognized symbol of United States hegemony.

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Fundamentally disagree. Brigading, as originally conceived by reddit, is an organized raid of one forum by another. Posting a screenshot to the_dunk_tank with a link is not organization. There is no call to action, it's just naming and shaming. If the user featured in the screenshot said something reprehensible, then they shouldn't be surprised if it spurs others to relentlessly mock and bully them. But when that happens, it's absolutely not a unified effort, nor is it targeting the forum as a whole.

That's just a consequence of saying reactionary shit in a public setting in full view of people who tend to be hurt by reactionary rhetoric. This isn't violence, there are no real threats being made. Everyone is totally free to continue to say whatever they want in accordance with the rules of their home instance. But if you voice your opinion in public, it's rather hypocritical to get pissed about others voicing their own opinions back.

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help, literally all of my two dozen kids think i'm a parasitic, evil piece of shit! i'm a perfect father, but the woke school system has succeeded in turning every single one of them against me!

[-] [email protected] 72 points 6 months ago

Youtube's use of A/B testing is very smart in that it's actually nothing about testing user response and all about limiting the number of people they piss off at once with their god awful changes.

The day I can't block ads on the internet is the day I stop using the internet.

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