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look how she's holding her elbows in close to make her waist appear thinner 🙄

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I hope for you it's mellow, and come back and tell us if everything in Mexico is tinted yellow.

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okay but is everything tinted yellow in Mexico?

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If you still have your Christmas tree up in March, you might be the kinda guy to paint abs & penis onto your skin

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hey that is a powerful video hosting site. masto.host What is that?

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Of course it's difficult. Having a FUPA is living life on hard mode. I wonder if government jobs would ever consider offering a mumu option for their uniforms.

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probably because they are the environmental ~~protection~~ pollution & pedestrian agency.

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Reminder: WD40 is not intended to be a lubricant although that's what most people think it is and use it for. No. Stop it.

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imagine living in a cartoon world where actual blazing fire is indistinguishable from a picture of fire

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yeah if I was born a male, I'd want to be a girl too. We women are pretty damn gorgeous & awesome. Welcome.

As a bonus, I'd keep the penis because having titties & cock all in one sexy person is super sexy, best of both worlds all in one.

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You can tell this was written by a pretty girl as words of self-validation to herself.

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some people have posted photos of showers in modern upscale hotels, walk-in showers that have a hole through the glass for you to stand safe & warm & dry outside, reach through the hole from the outside to turn on the water.

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  1. over time this might affect our collective consciousness in regards to the purpose & function of the eggplant; and

  2. can we please just get a straightforward penis emoji already?? Half the human population has a penis attached to their bodies anyway, why are we still so prude about incorporating actual penises into mainstream vernacular & daily life?


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The last couple days I've noticed every post that shows Tesla not looking good, has been removed from some higher directive. Not deleted by OP.

and yesterday an OP tried at least twice to post an article about Tesla factory ordering $16,000 worth of pies from a small independently-owned Silicon Valley bakery, owned by a sweet hard-working lady who worked overtime all night and had to go out and buy more ingredients to get the order finished in time, only for Tesla to call up the next morning and cancel the order just as the pies were about to be delivered to Tesla. As of press time, that lady lost $16,000 on that order but hopefully Tesla came back and made up for it.

The OP posted that article twice because the first one had been removed, then I tried to comment on the second one and it had been removed also.

There seems to be some Tesla brigade working hard to remove everything from the internet that makes them look bad.

Edit: Update:

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Fucked up my knee really bad yesterday, while doing a required task at school. Have been bedridden since noon yesterday, was planning on getting a doctor's note today because both my work and my school are extremely physically demanding and if my knee doesn't work, I am down for the count. But I can't even fucking walk now and I don't have anyone to take me to the doctor. What do I do?

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I'm watching a new show that is clearly new with new writing and it just occurred to me, that some presumably eager well-paid writer is writing all this shit, so ...is the beef over?

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I've got this little discreet orgasm vibe, it's still blinking "in the process of charging" after being plugged in for TWO DAYS.

Once it's fully charged the light will glow solid white.

This is the only electronic device I've ever had that takes so long to charge. Why is it like this??

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So apparently it's happening all over the world. Housing prices have been intentionally escalated beyond the means of any typical hardworking human. Read the YouTube comments others chiming in from all over the world. It's happening on every continent in every country.

What's the conspiracy then? Smells like something something WEF ... New World Order

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In the 1980's on kids' tv shows, there were so many PSAs about how to get out of quicksand, we general masses who absorbed everything we saw on tv were mildly worried and prepared for quicksand should we ever find ourselves in such a squishy sandy predicament, but doubtful any of us ever had to put our quicksand life-preservation skills into action.

which led my mind on a train of thought, Real quick I'm gonna put on my conspiracy theorist hat and speculate that all those quicksand PSAs may have been a fun harmless little government psyop just to mess with people and see how we reacted.

Because let's face it, people in power have known for decades & centuries that the entertainment industry grasps everyone's attention and It's an excellent medium to insert any thoughts or worldviews into the minds of the masses.

And in case you haven't noticed, the media has been doing increasingly worse things to our minds nowadays via the music industry and screens. It's so normal and everywhere that people don't even notice it and disregard it as harmless entertainment, but look a little closer. It's everywhere. "Popular" modern music is all about depression and self-loathing, hatred, crime (time stamp 1 minute 57 seconds)

But that music is popular to who exactly? Is this really what the masses want? Self-loathing, hatred, depression, crime? I doubt it.

The people who choose what gets played to the masses are not the masses themselves. The people who choose what's considered mainstream music are those in control of the entire music industry and they choose what goes into the minds of anyone slack-jawed enough to take in and accept whatever is floating around in the air around them.

The conglomerates on top have an agenda. The agenda is darkness and corrupting society by starting from the individual level, breaking down humans from the inside out. And to glamorize crime in order to fill up for profit-prisons which fill the pockets of wealthy conglomerates.

Yesterday I saw a "harmless entertainment" billboard along the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, in Spanish it said "god of the skies" with a huge image of a foreboding looking man scowling at the traffic and world below him. like what the heck? Why would that be on a billboard for all of Los Angeles to see?

They could put happy feel-good imagery up there like rainbows and puppy dogs, but no, they put a huge terrifying face portraying God scowling upon all mankind.

Why can't we just have rainbows & puppy dogs & kittens & positive messages on billboards? Can we just do that please?

No, the powers-that-be want everybody to be uncomfortable in a dark foreboding world and make that dark forboding feeling the very core of our individual subconscious psyches, and that is what they constantly pump through the media because they know the media has everyone hypnotized and it does affect our minds whether or not we realize it or admit it.

But why would they do this? I can only speculate it's to psychologically break down the masses so we keep thinking that life = suffering and the only way to find happiness is through money which motivates us to continue being slaves to capitalism in our miserable jobs with the hope that someday we may be able to purchase happiness,

and a broken dysfunctional society is easier to control than a healthy strong happy intelligent society would be.

Meanwhile the people at the top of the food chain, having broken the masses down to a state of miserable servitude, are rolling in the wealth that we've created for them. TPTB know better to rise above & not consume all the dark foreboding media that they produce.

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