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The Fairphone 4, as nominated by @[email protected]!

As promised, you will be receiving 1 Lemmy Silver, and of course, bragging rights.

But, we also have an honorary Golden Lemmy award, which goes to...

Every Android device that is not the Samsung Galaxy S22+, as nominated by @[email protected]!

You get 1 Lemmy Silver (and bragging rights) too!

That's it for this year's Golden Lemmy, folks!

(Nomination thread is here for future references.)

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Previously: Submission Statement Edition

Haven't done these in a while, so let's get started.

  1. Since we haven't really heard any feedback one way or the other, rule 8 is now official. To be fair, we've had a lot less microblog posts than I expected (only one Twitter/X post in the last month even after I waited longer than the initial 1-2 weeks expected, and that was a crosspost.)
  • Again, the rules are always a work in progress, feel free to give your two cents here whenever you like.
  1. As you guys know, PipedLinkBot went completely insane 2 days ago and looks like it's temporarily shut down. So, I'd like to use this opportunity to explain why I banned the bot pretty much immediately after our community reopened. (And gloat a bit, of course)
  • Even though I do agree with the principle of using open source, privacy focused frontend instead of using Youtube directly, I have a real problem with using a bot to respond every time somebody posts a Youtube link. It feels like spam, and it doesn't feel like it serves any utility besides pushing an agenda (even though many people here would agree with it). Most people have seen it around here enough to use pipedvideo if they wanted it to use it already.

  • I think it's always been a rage inducing part of the reddit experience that you see you received a response to your comment, but only have it been a bot smugly correcting your grammar or tell you all your letters are in order or something useless like that. So, for this place, I would like to make sure that everyone you talk to here is a real person as much as possible, because people inspire people to be greater, but bots don't.

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what... (iusearchlinux.fyi)
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gsf stands for google Services Framework.

I use aurora instead of google play, but installing a flight app, aurora states I have to use gsf and if I try to start the application, I get a message:

'check that google play is enabled on your device'

is there any way to install gsf not using google play?

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I do lots of testing of apps in real phones, not emulators.

The thing is that the phones must be connected to the PC all day. Because of this, phones battery get swollen and I have to buy phones regularly.

Do you know any android phone which can be connected and on all day all week without getting swollen after a time?

Must be real phones, emulators are descarted.

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Dear Lemmings,

I deal with several PDF files on a daily basis. I'm still struggling to find a nice FOSS app to edit PDFs on my phone.

My common needs are :

  • OCR the content
  • merge pages
  • delete pages
  • reorder pages

A bonus would be:

  • edit content
  • fill form, print / send to email

Do you know one which is able to do this?

Many thanks

graphene os advice (lemmy.world)
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so I've got a pixel 6A and I really like the device itself, but the last several months of updates have just screwed it up over and over again.

first I lost my fingerprint sensor and it still hasn't been fixed with any of the updates. now with one of the more recent beta updates I have seen intermittent cell service issues in areas where I never used to have service issues.

I've been considering switching over to graphene for a while now but wanted some feedback on how that works when I'm not really trying to disconnect from the rest of Google services.

I use family link for my kids tablets, I use Google pay I use Gmail etc.

Will I have any issues if I switch using the same Google services?

also I use Nova launcher, and it would be convenient if I could save that profile and import it, assuming Nova works just fine on graphene as well?

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For clarification i need a phone dialer to input *#*#CHECKIN#*#* but every phone dialer i tried only ever supported numbers (and no inputing the number corresponding to the letters like on an old phone didn't work either) does anybody know one? Doesn't matter how shitty as long as it works

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I got a used Pixel 3a on eBay 2 years ago. I've left it in the humid restroom and even accidentally dipped it in water to where the speakers got wet and blared. It dried off and the loudspeaker sounds normal again and everything still works.

Since then, I've also bought a used pixel 4 that developed a flickering screen and a used pixel 6 that overheated, Sim reader malfunctioned, won't turn on anymore, and was declared unfixable at quikFix.

To be fair I also have a new pixel that I love the heck out of. But my go-to for using at home with wired headphones is the soldier, Pixel 3a.

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Away from branding announcements, HMD had a couple of more product-focused initiatives to announce. The most interesting of these is HMD Fusion, a new smartphone-style device that HMD is pitching as a DIY platform for tinkerers. Like Moto Mods, but you have to make and program your own accessories.

Essentially, HMD’s aim with the Fusion is to offer the kinds of tinkering possibilities of a Raspberry Pi, but in the form factor of a smartphone complete with a built-in screen and battery. It achieves this with an array of six pogo pins on the back of the device, which are designed to allow the attachment of hardware accessories. For software it’s running Android with an unlocked bootloader, and HMD is calling the kinds of hardware you might build around the device “outfits.” Between them, HMD’s ambition is to provide a device that end users or even businesses can customize to suit their needs.

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G Stylus 2023 - went from $119 to $199, no longer attractive since 5G stylus is still $249

5G Power went from $179(?) to $299, lolwut? The 5G Stylus is a higher model and still $249

G Play 2023 is still $99 and a good deal but quite limited with 32GB flash and Mediatek CPU

G Play 2024 introduced at $149, a nice incremental upgrade to the 2023 model, has 64GB flash, but get this, they have dropped the SD slot.

The last bit is disturbing since no other 2024 models are yet announced. I wonder if they will drop the SD slot in all of them. Not good.

I got a 5G Stylus a couple months ago and still like it a lot. I had been thinking of getting one of the lower models for my brother since he doesn't care about 5G. The 2023 non-5G Stylus looked great at $119 but lame at $199. The 2023 and 2024 G Plays are both still of interest.


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I have a question about the userdata size item. I set it to 5GB, as I saw in one of the videos. However, I discovered that 16GB in total is available. So what does this affect? Is it possible to use this system fully? That is, does it have any restrictions? And what if I want to reflash it again, or delete this firmware? Is it possible to place several at once? And how many?

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I'm going to repurpose my S21 since I just got a new phone that could be rooted and have the boot loader unlocked. However, I've told that the U.S variant of the S21 (Snapdragon 888) can't be rooted and have the boot loader unlocked. Is this true and I'm simply chasing a pipedream? Or can it actually be done?

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I personally use AntennaPod as my main podcast app; however, I'm looking for a podcast app for my kid that would allow content filtering. Any suggestions?

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Hey there!

Imagine having a mobile app that allows you to effortlessly capture and organize all your knowledge and insights on the go. From ideas to important learnings, this app could be a game-changer in helping you stay organized and make the most out of your knowledge.

What are your thoughts on such a tool? Would it be something that could benefit you in your daily life and work? Let's discuss!

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I can't believe some of the points Linus made against the Fairphone, especially given he's onboard with the same compromises for the Framework laptop. 🤭

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Hiya, just switched to GrapheneOS and am beyond happy with it, surpassed all my expectations. However I am on the hunt for a simple video editing app. AFAIK, Fossify gallery app doesn't let you edit videos, nor does the default one by Graphene, at least when I try, there is a message that says something a long the lines like "could not find the right app".

So either I'm doing something wrong or I need a video editing app, if the latter, hit me up with your recommendations 🤗

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Typing test: https://monkeytype.com
I used Unexpected Keyboard

Any tips on how to improve typing speed? (without using word suggestion and autocorrect)

I'm interested in how fast people who swipe type are.

Also, do those keyboards like Thumb Key and FlickBoard have the potential "to be faster" than the standard keyboards?

/E/ OS speaker problem (midwest.social)
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I have encountered a problem where all calls I take are routed through my louder speaker as if I'm always on speaker phone. My OS is a custom ROM called /E/ OS. If anyone has a solution I would love to hear it!

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We are writing to inform you about changes to your Google Pay experience. As we continue to provide safe and seamless payments to users around the world, we are also simplifying the app experience in the U.S. For years, Google Wallet has been the primary place to securely store payment cards used for tap and pay in stores, alongside your other digital items like transit cards, driver’s license or state IDs, and more. While in-store and online payments via Google Pay are unchanged, the U.S. version of the standalone Google Pay app will no longer be available for use starting June 4, 2024.

Anywhere you normally use Google Pay — from checking out online to tapping and paying in stores — remains the same. If you use your Android phone to shop in stores where Google Pay is accepted, you can continue to tap to pay in stores with the Google Wallet app. Learn more about Google Wallet.

Here are the key changes and important dates:

• As of today you will no longer be able to view or activate deals in the app. If you previously activated a deal, and are still waiting for cash back, regular reward timelines apply. We know finding the best deal is important when shopping, which is why we launched a new deals destination on Search.

• Changes to peer-to-peer payments: As of June 4, 2024, you will no longer be able to send money to, request, or receive money from others through the U.S. version of the Google Pay app.

• Manage your Google Pay balance from the Google Pay app until June 4, 2024: You can use the U.S. version of the Google Pay app until June 4, 2024 to view and transfer your Google Pay balance to your bank account. You can continue to view and transfer your funds to your bank account after June 4, 2024 from the Google Pay website. Learn more about transferring money out of Google Pay.

Source: email update

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