Basic blender went bad (motor ran but spindle wasn't rotating). I wanted to disassemble to see if it could be repaired. Three of the four screws were Phillips head. I had to cut the casing open in order to discover why I couldn't unscrew the fourth. It was a slotted spanner.


OnStar reports location and speed data to the car manufacturer. Sometimes they will sell this data to insurance companies to raise your premium, as several news stores pointed out a few weeks ago. I couldn't really find an advantage to OnStar, (I have my phone to call emergency services) so I disabled it by pulling it's fuse.

For my 2019 bolt, it's f31 in the instrument panel fuse box, just down and to the left of the steering wheel. The fuse box cover comes off when you pull it hard from the bottom.

I was able to find which fuse went to OnStar in the owners manual and labeled on the inside of the fuse box cover. You should be able to find it for your model car there too if it uses OnStar.

I did have the casualty of my speaker for calls and texts. I'm not able to use it right now. I'll see if I can dig in and reconnect it somehow, but we'll see.

Who knows that other into they're snitching back to GM, or what they could do in the future, so I recommend disconnecting it. Good luck!


Oregon has officially become the seventh state (behind New York, California, Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, and Minnesota) to pass “right to repair” legislation, making it easier and m…


I’ve just watched the video. I find it pretty outrageous. The word about it should spread.


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I dropped my launch edition steam deck last night on carpet and while all the buttons still worked- something was rattling inside of it. After I opened it up I discovered a missing chunk of plastic from the R2 trigger, that piece presses against another to keep the button from over articulating. I suspect this trigger absorbed most of the impact, there was no other visible damage.

Of course I was upset that I broke it, but so very pleasantly surprised to find ifixit had the trigger in stock and reasonably priced. This availability made me love the deck even more, and really the fact valve made these parts available places the deck above any other competition in my mind.

This machine is built to last, I am so excited to get it fixed and get back to gaming.


Anyone else using the standard edition of DDDL having recent issues with the loss of Parameter access and other key features on Detroit / Freightliners?

First issue I ran into a while back was with replacing an ACM on one of our trucks. The ability to have the ACM programmed at FL, shipped to me and then resetting the Ash Accumulator at our shop was removed from the Standard DDDL software. After nearly a week of dealing with that shit, Detroit finally temporarily upgraded our software to the Professional version and still, the option to 'Replace ACM' is no longer available in the Standard edition.

Fast forward to now, I have a truck that I need to install fog lamps in. So, I need to turn on its Parameter options in the SAMCAB module. All of the parameters in the SAMCAB, SAMCHASSIS, MSF and ICU are no longer available in the Standard Edition software. This literally guts my ability to do many of my required duties at my job as a heavy truck mechanic. These were all modifiable parameters in Standard Edition in the fairly recent past. This really puts me at an unacceptable disadvantage for the work that I do. I'm turning a very significant amount of my outside labor time on work that requires me to have access to Parameters and Options. It's also killing the work I am able perform on our personal fleet trucks as well.

Are any of you mechanics facing this dilemma, as well? Or have any information that may be helpful in my situation? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If this is posted in the wrong place, any idea where I might better post it? I haven't found any heavy truck threads on Lemmy, yet.


So long, parts pairing?

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Thankfully Jonathan was able to take it to an independent repair shop for a $75 CAD adhesive fix (and battery replacement?) despite Apple's restrictions against them.


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I'm looking for a Li-po battery : 3.7V 90mAh

In my country there isn't anymore an electronic shop that can sell it at a reasonable prices.. (taxes etc..)

On Aliexpress I can found them at ~2€ but the postal fee do not make it worth-it.. (~10€)

I travel a lot in Europe (west) so may-be you know still IRL shops where I can buy them ?



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Off topic, but ownership is a hot topic here, right?

iFixit has petitioned the FTC to write standardized rules for right to repair. A federal ruling on what companies must do to respect your stuff. Your chance to inform policy is here.

Maybe you're thinking, "what difference can I make?" However, the FTC must read all comments that aren't marked as spam or copypasta. Now is your time. The request for comment period ends February 2nd, 2024.

There are less than 6 days left to make your voice heard. Tell the FTC what you think. Let them know about the hardships you've faced trying to fix your stuff. Bring up your concerns about the difficulty in repairing you phone or laptop. Rant about "you'll own nothing," if you like. They want to hear from you and they need ammunition to make the ruling stick.

Your voice matters. Make a difference, the chance comes very rarely. I shot my shot, now what about you?

Comment on Your Right to Repair.

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Unlock heated seats and full diagnostics by turning off the power to the amd chip exactly when it's checking authorization. This exploit is very tricky though and requires soldering three wires to the board, so not for the faint of heart.

This is the full talk of the article posted on lemmy a few months ago, but Black Hat only recently posted the full video.

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tl:dw from helenslunch@feddit.nl

Google plans to make parts available but not at the level that they should, so they'll continue to be absurdly expensive to the point that you might as well just buy a new one.



They had a talk space yesterday night at Chaos Communication Congress. These three guys are modern heroes.

Follow up to https://discuss.tchncs.de/post/7760263

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There is a discussion on Hacker News, but feel free to comment here as well.


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This setup allows Arduino to read temperature, control relay based on setpoints, display info on OLED screen, and manage date/time settings with user input through buttons. Adjust based on specific hardware/project requirements.

Designed to replace the faulty electronic control of a blue heat radiator.

Code and simulation at Wokwi

Licensed under GNU GPLv3.


Hopefully this will help lower objections to getting devices repaired


Tldr from lawrence@lemmy.world

Kytch, a startup, developed a device to fix McDonald's ice cream machines but faced opposition after a 2020 McDonald's email warning against its use, citing safety concerns. Kytch alleges this move, influenced by machine manufacturer Taylor, was to undermine them as a competitor. Recent litigation reveals an email from Taylor's CEO suggesting action against Kytch, which Kytch claims as evidence of a plot to sabotage their business.

Despite Taylor and McDonald's denials, Kytch continues legal action, asserting the email demonstrates a coordinated effort to eliminate competition.


The situation is a heavy machinery example of something that happens across most categories of electronics, from phones, laptops, health devices, and wearables to tractors and, apparently, trains. In this case, NEWAG, the manufacturer of the Impuls family of trains, put code in the train’s control systems that prevented them from running if a GPS tracker detected that it spent a certain number of days in an independent repair company’s maintenance center, and also prevented it from running if certain components had been replaced without a manufacturer-approved serial number.

The problem was so bad that an infrastructure trade publication in Poland called Rynek Kolejowy picked up on the mysterious issues over the summer, and said that the lack of working trains was beginning to impact service: “Four vehicles after level P3-2 repair cannot be started. At this moment, it is not known what caused the failure. The lack of units is a serious problem for the carrier and passengers, because shorter trains are sent on routes.”

Very good article, I'd recommend reading it. I hope the court rules against NEWAG and sets a precedent for right to repair.


In a forceful, 89-page memorandum, U.S. District Court Judge Iain Johnson wrote that the founder of John Deere “was an innovative farmer and blacksmith who—with his own hands—fundamentally changed the agricultural industry.” Deere the man “would be deeply disappointed in his namesake corporation” if the plaintiffs can ultimately prove their antitrust allegations against Deere the company, which are voluminous and well-documented.

judge ruling pdf


Polish article

From https://lemmy.world/post/9227800

Train manufacturer intentionally bricks trains serviced by independent service providers

Polish train manufacturer that lost servicing tender programmed train controller to brick itself after train stays for some time in 6 ISP facilities or in 1 their faculity(for testing?) until undocumented button combination is pressed. Some controller versions brick itself after train is idle for 10 days. After news about this became public, manufacturer removed ability to unlock train by button combination.

Also manufacturer is able to remotely brick train over internet(connected via GSM) at any time.


Tesla released the service manuals for their original Roadster yesterday, pretty rare to come across any kind of service manual nowadays. Great for R2R!



A pretty comprehensive video by Hugh Jeffreys covering how Apple has been restricting repairability in their devices, even before 2012.

P.S. Apple's iPhones may be exempt from California's R2R bill, apparently they slipped an exemption in there for "waterproof portable devices" 🤦‍♂️

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Let's hope they actually mean it. It could be cheaper than having different skews, but it's good news nevertheless.

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Whether it be electronics, automobiles or medical equipment, the manufacturers should not be able to horde “oem” parts, render your stuff useless if you repair it with aftermarket parts, or hide schematics of their products.

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