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perfectly normal country where shit like this just gets tacked on to giant fopo bills

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he dum

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Steam market share is honestly probably a decent metric for adoption rate of Linux as a whole.

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id like to think this is because I alone decided to install opensuse (its been an awful experience)

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kissingers going to be dead tomorrow too its gonna be a great couple days

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pool is as much of a sport as cornhole is which means not at all.

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It's illegal in 35/50 US states lol unions ain't stopping that

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Depends where you live. Amerikkka it's probably not a safe bet to talk about this stuff openly. 35/50 US states have "anti-bds" laws meaning you can be fired for protesting Israel, even cooler you can't be hired as a state employee if you protest Israel. Muh first amendment tho

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God damn this is impressive. I spend my time hate browsing /r/worldnews and neoliberal and this is just something else.

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i cant make out who this is

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the internet does feel a lot more corporate than it did 10 years ago and especially 20 years ago. That sucks a lot of the fun out of it. Making money off of the internet was barely even a thing 15 years ago.

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I have somehow met a vegan CHUD and they're convinced an ancap vegan society is possible

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"how does this keep happening!!!" :cat-confused:

I'm banned from SRD so pls do a lil trolling for me:


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