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Yea. This headline is rage bait trash.

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Medicaid expansion has kept my mother alive with cancer 13 years longer than her prognosis.

She’s as diehard MAGA as anyone I’ve seen.

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Why does she hunt them? Are the overpopulated or intrusive or something?

Edit to add: here’s what I found after a few iterations of searching:

Skye Goode is a woman who engages in a regular practice of trapping coyotes around her home, where they pose a threat to the environment.

Unlike other trappers, she uses a humane, modern-day foothold trap that is strong enough to trap a variety of different animals but does not break any bones and does not draw blood.


So she doesn’t hunt wildcats. Where’d you get your info?

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Can I help? How can I help speed this up?

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Is it really ‘pulling back’ when consumers are priced out of those things?

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I feel like you can be pro-palestine without being antisemitic…

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If it just takes a month to break, it’s not an addiction. It’s a habit.

Really hate the way that the word addiction is watered down by people who just look at porn a lot.

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Diane Feinstein: literally dying of old age

Also Diane Feinstein: I’m still fit for office!

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My sister was nearly put on the registry when she was 15 for slapping a friends butt in school who had decided she didn’t want to be friends with her anymore but hadn’t exactly communicated it. She chose to communicate that by accusing her of SA.

My sister avoided the registry by a mix of community service and counseling, but I always thought it was wild that she was at risk while under 18.

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Let’s find the middle ground with Nazi’s too!

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Yea, I hate when opportunity cost and loss are conflated.

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None of this is surprising to me at all. I’ve been seeing hints of a toxic ‘hustle’ mindset in their videos for quite some time and have commented as much on the videos. I’ve worked in environments just like this and once you’ve lived it it’s easy af to spot.

Linus probably says ‘I don’t ask anything of anyone that I don’t expect of myself’ and then goes on to expect someone making 50k to put in as much time and effort as he did when first starting LTT/LMG.

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