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Mind your own damn business you angloid gobshite

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forced reset trigger

Am I reading correctly that all it does is push the trigger with your finger on it forward until it resets? And presumably because you're most likely maintaining enough pressure on the trigger to activate the mechanism the forced reset trigger after it resets let's the user quickly fire again without necessary releasing pressure off your trigger finger?

If so, only lazy dipshits that can't shoot worth a damn would use this. A well-practiced shooter doesn't need fancy doohickies to turn their firearm into a bullet hose.

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Same. I think, for entertainment, the only western youtuber I've really watched for a hot minute is some old dude that's like in his 70s play red dead redemption 2. Outside of that I pretty much near-exclusively watch hololive/holostar stuff with Ruze and Shinri being the two I watch the most.

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rat-salute Big ups to our artist heroes

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Calling all Russian bots. Calling all Russian bots. It is now open seasons again to hunt down and cook up some nafo hotdogs on the grill.

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@yogthos@lemmygrad.ml What this comment says in the first sentence, and please try to remember to do so in the future with other sensitive news

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I poked around foreign news sites and didn't come up with anything outside of crank sites.

Best I can guess is that most likely they're currently conducting negotiations to create a new agreement with the u.s diplomatic corps trying to woo MBS with enough concessions to draft an amended renewal.

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I'll do you one better. The Dixie chicks.

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Tulip mania but it's burgers

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Here's a bit idea: Israeli settlers who fled Israel back to their homes in America lobby Biden's government to cancel 4th of July on the ground that fireworks triggers their PTSD

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Should've took some of his friends with him first so he could've had company on the way out.


Math hard

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Alternative title: Trotskyite gets put in charge, tries to push communism button, finds out the material conditions of a fucking ice age may not be conducive to declaring a final victory of the 5th internationale over Stalinism in a videogame.

My favorite quote in the article

Everyone was incredibly happy with me and all my kept promises right up until the coal ran out, which I'd kind of stopped paying attention to as I got ensnared in a thicket of political manoeuvring and ideology. I wasn't overwhelmed—the game does a good job of not bombarding you with too much information and mechanical complexity, and Stokalski says it's a conscious effort by the devs to make sure you're never "doing notes, doing maths on the side just to not die"—I'd just gotten wrapped up in ideas without paying much heed to material reality.


Very nice and a bit psychedelic

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The article does ask a good question on the sort of conundrum that could become an identity crisis thst fire emblem has rode itself into with the steady inclusion of social aspects in their games ever since Awakening.

Personally I would be in favor of keeping the model they developed in 3 houses while refining it further with the game mechanics they developed in engage. I'd also like to keep the whole marriage and matchmaker aspect that we saw in awakening and fates out unless they figure out how to tastefully weave it into the storyline.

And while it would take too much gamedev time to implement it, it would be interesting to whether or not its possible to blend and synergize the fire emblem strategy game aspect with some of the musou aspects they've been lately dabbling in. I'm thinking akin to how the Total War series handles army battles but making the choices of how to play each battle as being either classic turn-based tactical mode or going full musou hack'n'slash nonsense as options for gameplay.

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If you feel like subjecting yourself to 20d20 psychic damage, click the link below.


I rolls 20d20 and got 245 points of damage with two of the die being nat-20s dealing critical damage.

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Rumors say he also designed the trap doors so they'd be too small for the perpetrator to fall through so most of them also hit their face on the edge as they fell

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starts calling them all Russians and nazis

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