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While I can empathize with senior disciple for their loss, you've committed a great blasphemy, that we cannot turn our eyes against.

Your mention of the freedom unit is a spit on the rules-based order of the leftist cult. This shall not be let go, and you'll be punished thoroughly with twenty-five whips for every freedom units you've uttered in front of every disciple.

For those of you who were traumatised by the imperial units, here's the conversion rate: 1lbs = 0.453592kgs. Courting death!

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"Linux kernel was a blot, so here's our new kernel, written in system-langd, compiled using systemccd using the maked build system. Normal assembly was also a blot, so we came up with sasmd. The whole hardware is a blot, so we came up with hardwared. They're all tightly integrated. The name of the company does not vibe with our vision, so we are renaming it to ibmd. Your brain is also a blot, so here's braind. Now you can dump that outdated, prokaryotic fleshy crap and use systemd instead."

Imagine what would happen if one service goes down. Fucking hell, the Armageddon is real.

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Broadcom is one of the worst companies when it comes to proprietary Wi-Fi cards. Use the non-free Debian ISO - but that still won't guarantee if the installation would be a success.

Quoting from nonguix:

Some Broadcom wireless hardware requires a proprietary kernel module in addition to firmware. To use such hardware you will also need to add a service to load that module on boot and blacklist conflicting kernel modules:

(use-modules (nongnu packages linux))
 (kernel linux)
 ;; Blacklist conflicting kernel modules.
 (kernel-arguments '("modprobe.blacklist=b43,b43legacy,ssb,bcm43xx,brcm80211,brcmfmac,brcmsmac,bcma"))
 (kernel-loadable-modules (list broadcom-sta))
 (firmware (cons* broadcom-bt-firmware

This quote is relevant to Guix, but you get the idea.

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Is it considered fraud or revolution, if the communists do this?

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And that's not even the complete list (link may be a little dated, I think).

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Ever since I've graduated on September 2022, I've not had a job. Maybe a crappy internship, but I wasn't provided with a 'certificate', or letter that proves if I've worked for them. That was around October 2022, and I quit voluntarily at the end of January 2023. Since then, I've not worked anywhere as a software dev, be it internship or full-time, because the job market is so fucked up in India.

Now, how do I explain this to avail scholarship? I have yet to read other scholarship docs from other countries in Europe, and I'm already shitting solidified blood-clots reading this from the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt announcement document:

a curriculum vitae in reverse chronological order including the date of issue (format: europass, please note: the europass template does not include a date, please add it yourself) with exact information about your studies and practical experience; gaps of three months or more must be explained

(Update: And I just realized that I am an idiot for not reading that this is only for non-STEM folks. Well, it looks to me that DAAD for STEM is also almost the same, with more stringent requirements.)

In my college, there was no research programs - I mean, you know the typical 'Indian colleges encouraging academic plagiarism', so I didn't learn or do shit. And obviously, I have no job experience. I did contribute to open-source from GitLab, a few Ruby gems, a new unknown front-end framework for JS, then Nixpkgs and now Guix, but that's it. Honestly, I wouldn't even call it contribution, because only a few patches were merged - most of it was just me interacting with those folks. After that, I've done nothing since September 2023, because my laptop broke and there were no spare parts. Maybe a little bit of playing around with Nix and Guix, writing package expressions and that's it.

How do I explain this? CVs are supposed to be at least 2-3 pages, but this? I can't even write half a page with this.

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Rejections, but with stupid boilerplate "sorry we could not continue forward". Sure, it's better than getting ghosted, but well, fuck them.

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Just pick a non-systemd distro instead of reinforcing this fear-mongering ~~nonsense~~ editorializing. I can't tolerate corporate stooges putting their dick in our space, so I've switched to Guix. You have a choice, you can switch if you want to - nobody is stopping you. This way, you are also helping the maintainers and the contributors by giving them feedback.

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I could try that, but wouldn't this fail for a resume over which an OCR tool is used?

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But I've just graduated two years ago. And since then, I've had no CS job. Okay, maybe a shitty internship, and a open-source fellowship, but that doesn't count.

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I just deleted my LinkedIn profile a few months ago. It is the most useless, bat-shit platform, filled with patronizing assholes, mostly from, obviously, India, cuz our citizens are so fucking brain-dead, suckling on the neolib kool-aid.

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So what do I do now? I've already spent two years jobless. I'm so tired. My laptop is also broken now, and I'm using my dad's potato PC with barely enough RAM to run a browser, disabling GUI and using TTY sometimes for heavier tasks. After last September, I've lost the energy to do anything meaningful. I've probably not written a single line of code, after contributing to open-source projects like a maniac, and getting burnt out.

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Same, India here. What's painful, you know? Getting rejected from a crappy internship that pays you ₹2k-5k. And I spent around ₹20 lakhs for my education. And uneducated rapists get to be our elected representatives. This neo-liberal shit-hole failed us.

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CS degree is kinda useless, right? I haven't slept the whole night applying and thinking about this...

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This beef is related to XScreensaver being forced to make a privacy policy, but this list is pretty fucking based.

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I under-estimated comb size 21 on my Braun trimmer (still can't figure out if it's millimeters or freedom units), and used it to trim my head. I was also under the assumption that using size 13 on the sides would give a fade.

Well, turns out that there's really not a lot of difference between 21 and 13, at least to the visible eye - so there's no 'fade', and me being at at Norwood scale 3 makes it even more worse, almost like a Tonsure Mini Pro ™.

Now I look like Jason Statham if he was a pedophile monk. Kids will look at my franken-hair fuckery and piss off their pants.

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One of the used Thinkpad I was looking at has a MDM. Is it going to be an issue? If so, can I bypass it? I'm going to be using Linux anyway, so would it cause any issue?

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I was screen-shopping a few unopened Pixel 3a on eBay, and it was a good deal at 66$. I could have had them shipped to India, or bought them through my relatives, effectively bypassing the need to pay duty, delivery fees or taxes. But lo, it's Verizon-locked. And maybe I could be wrong here, but apparently, flashing international ROM or custom ROM can't bypass this. So annoyed by this shit, because factory-unlocked devices get sold quickly, or are deliberately expensive.

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I will not invalidate the mistreatment and hate towards Bihari people, and I think that it is a valid concern. But this isn't about that. The people of Bihar can, for all of eternity, curse and blame the rest of India for their poverty and downfall, but is it really the case?

When the rest of India was against the faulty tax-distribution between states, because we object to our taxes going in the pockets of scummy politicians, but they keep getting to power, is that not a valid justification?

The four-lane Sultanganj-Aguani Ghat bridge has collapsed twice in two year, and god-knows how many shitty infrastructure was built in Nitish Kumar's time? Or does no one keep track about such incidents, because the bridges are apparently not for them?

Oh, and about education. Bihar is plagued with paper leaks for almost any exam that happens in that state. There's no good universities or industries in that pitiable state, and the youth are forced to migrate to other states, making it difficult for the natives to get job. But was that not their own fault? Why did they vote back Nitish Kumar again to power, knowing that their state is failing?

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I've been trying to find P1/X1 Extreme (Gen 1/2/3) and X1 Carbon laptops (Gen 7/8) that come in the configuration of Intel 8th/9th/10th gen (newer is better) in i7, or the AMD Ryzen equivalent of it, 16/32GB of RAM, 512GB/1TB of storage space, FHD display and preferably 2xSODIMM, if possible. No dedicated GPU, because I'm not going to be playing games. Also, no operating system, because I'll be using Linux. So far, this effort hasn't been going well. What will improve the success rate for finding a refurbished/renewed device?

The budget isn't finalized, but I've imagined it to be somewhere in the ₹30k-40k range. I'd prefer if it were in ₹20k-30k. Country is India, by the way, and I am open to getting them imported, as long as I can get it for cheap, and have it last for almost four years, and get parts readily available. I've tried looking in DesertCart and UBuy and they're expensive in both the sites. E-Bay does not have enough devices.

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I remember listening to Fly To High by Younha, and around that time, I started reading the manhwa and I was in love with it. And when I learnt about the anime becoming a reality, I was so excited about this song being used, or maybe something as good by her. Contradiction by Tyler Carter sounds like a repetitive rip-off of Camellia's glitch-hop. Similarly, other manhwa series like Solo Leveling or Tower of God have opening themes I just can't vibe with.

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