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I'm using a recent 42" LG OLED TV as a large affordable PC monitor in order to support 4K@120Hz+HDR@10bit, which is great for gaming or content creation that can appreciate the screen real estate. Anything in the proper PC Monitor market similarly sized or even slightly smaller costs way more per screen area and feature parity.

Unfortunately such TVs rarely include anything other than HDMI for digital video input, regardless of the growing trend connecting gaming PCs in the living room, like with fiber optic HDMI cables. I actually went with a GPU with more than one HDMI output so I could display to both TVs in the house simultaneously.

Also, having an API as well as a remote to control my monitor is kind of nice. Enough folks are using LG TVs as monitors for this midsize range that there even open source projects to entirely mimic conventional display behaviors:

I also kind of like using the TV as simple KVMs with less cables. For example with audio, I can independently control volume and mux output to either speakers or multiple Bluetooth devices from the TV, without having fiddle around with repairing Bluetooth peripherals to each PC or gaming console. That's particularly nice when swapping from playing games on the PC to watching movies on a Chromecast with a friend over two pairs of headphones, while still keeping the house quite for the family. That kind of KVM functionality and connectivity is still kind of a premium feature for modest priced PC monitors. Of course others find their own use cases for hacking the TV remote APIs:

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For three years there has been a bug report around 4K@120Hz being unavailable via HDMI 2.1 on the AMD Linux driver.

The wait continues...

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Having recently picked up woodworking after building my own office desk, this hit rather close to home.

Related HN discussion:

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10 weird algorithms (youtube.com)
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Do we have a community for computer architectures or computer science on this instance or anywhere else?

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Pro tip: If you check the conical URL (youtube.com) first, the Lemmy web UI will help catch reposts before they are accidentally submitted.


I switched from using the short (e.g youtube.be) or external URL mirrors for that same reason, and just let the bots comment with privacy mirrors for those who prefer. Using the conical URL, aside from cross post detection, also ensures the thumbnail image and preview text get cached consistently.

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Can you imagine the eye strain one would get programming on a translucent screen every day? One where your always having to keep your eyes focused on semi transparent text and graphical interfaces in the foreground, and not the distracting and ever changing background, continuously shifting in parallax as you adjust your head and viewing angle. Not having my display buttressed up against a wall, or having to deal with glare and screen reflections, or even low contrast monitors in general are all things I find infuriating already.

But I guess the Sci-Fi future of ergonomics is holograms. *You must have your migraines, and you must enjoy them.

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Could go the other way though. Ask them nicely if they'd be willing to free up their heap of inventory, and if they return you a cart overflow, you know you've stumbled upon the ultimate zero day coupon.

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scrambling to lock their doors

From a consumer perspective, it seems like all the FANG conglomerates are trying to shut the stable door after the AI horse has bolted, but perhaps from an industry perspective, their just trying to pull up the ladder behind themselves to curb competition, or stall any emerging upstarts, just like most FANGs where themselves only decades ago.

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I think the comment that the_lego is replying to also highlights the false equivalency of calling the anti-WEI crowd as criminals, as was not a good look for Google.

They have apologized for using the word criminals & bullies in a broader context and I appreciate that. However, the initial part of the comment is very telling of how they view those who oppose.

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This proposed standard raises my concerns about the ability to continue using the public internet with user-preferred hardware/software and custom extensions, and does not instill my confidence in maintaining the level of freedom and accessibility users currently enjoy:

Some examples of scenarios where users depend on client trust include:

  • Users like visiting websites that are expensive to create and maintain, but they often want or need to do it without paying directly. These websites fund themselves with ads, but the advertisers can only afford to pay for humans to see the ads, rather than robots. This creates a need for human users to prove to websites that they're human, sometimes through tasks like challenges or logins.

What information is in the signed attestation?

The proposal calls for at least the following information in the signed attestation:

  • The attester's identity, for example, "Google Play".
  • A verdict saying whether the attester considers the device trustworthy.

How does this affect browser modifications and extensions?

Web Environment Integrity attests the legitimacy of the underlying hardware and software stack, it does not restrict the indicated application’s functionality: E.g. if the browser allows extensions, the user may use extensions; if a browser is modified, the modified browser can still request Web Environment Integrity attestation.

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Image transcription: Screenshot

A wide crop of a screenshot zoomed in on r/place's pixel canvas, where a white on black pixelated font reads:

never forget what
was stolen from you!

With the slogan boarded on the right by the r/blind logo (a snoo wearing sunglasses, holding a cane, standing next to a guide dog). The small p.d logo for programming.dev is squarely tucked above and to the left of RBlind's snoo. Lastly, boarded along the bottom is a row of third party Reddit app icons, from left to right:

  1. Apollo
  2. ?
  3. Boost for Reddit
  4. ?

13. Reddit is Fun
14. Sync for Reddit

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too!

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