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Yes, and the JWSTs combined mirrors are three times larger than what Hubble has. The different wavelengths of light it can see are only part of the reason the pictures are better.

The IR cameras not only give better pictures of closer objects, it can see much older light that has been redshifted out of the range of Hubble's cameras.

Regardless, both of those machines are amazing creations.

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You might want to work on making quality steel first. Gunpowder will be on its way from China already, so the time will be better spent on some critical materials.

Since you will need funding for other major projects, like smokeless powder, you might be better served by outfitting a few armies with better armor and swords first. (Take advantage of incremental science improvements, basically.)

Even with your vast experience with magic technologies, it's still going to take a fortune to develop the basics. A small research center is going to cost you at least a few hundred cows, a couple thousand chickens, and a few dozen horses, after all.

(You will need steel for mining operations to get enough raw materials to do anything, actually.)

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Through one of her experiments, Ilaria Torre found that when people where shown a robot with a masculine or feminine shape, and asked which gender it was, they were more likely to gender the robot if it also had a male or female voice. When that same robot was given an ambiguous voice, the gendering decreased.

The author of this article needs to stop filling space with random words.

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Places like that have high employee turnover. After some quick napkin math, thats probably only 5 restaurants in six months.

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Exactly. It's more of a front line marker at this point.

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There are some reports (like this) that are saying the town is likely back in Ukrainian control due to the location of Russian bombing/shelling. (This is Telegram info! That comes with its own set of massive caveats.)

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They always have been. SOHO equipment has been a target since they became network connected.

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You could write another article for Lemmy as a temporary distraction for yourself.

I initially started this comment as a joke, but I realized that it is a really good distraction for a ton of things.

Also, my ADHD really comes in handy for scenarios like this: Instead of thinking of a million and one ways to be passive aggressive, I usually just blurt out what is exactly on my mind, directly to a persons face. (Results may vary. It's usually an automatic action for me as my brain-to-mouth filter has some very clear deficiencies.)

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What if someone takes a picture of a painting? (It's a strange scenario, I know.)

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No? Even if a world could be infinitely large, the statement still remains true. He simply states that "if he had a fulcrum big enough" he could move the world. With him being a god, he could create the fulcrum to always be big enough.

I am not a math person, but I believe there is a way to define "infinity+1". There was a numberphile episode where it was possible to have "multiple infinities", I believe.. ("infinity^2" or something? Don't execute me. I literally have no idea what I am talking about.)

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I am creating a simulation to evolve simple, multi-cell organisms. (Just for fun!)

Neural networks are fairly easy to evolve, even more so when it's done by random mutations and not actual training. Build an ANN at random and introduce mutations with every generation. The ANNs that accomplish simple goals (by pure chance) live to duplicate with every evolutionary cycle. Fairly easy stuff.

I am stumped when it comes to creating something that would simulate the genes that represent a body. After some reading today, there isn't much info on how cells form into specific shapes for arms, hands, organs, etc. (I am sure there is a ton of data, but I don't know what subject to Google.)

Genes can create the patterns for specific chemicals and cells. How to cells then develop into functional body parts? What makes a heart the shape of a heart?

I think that having a better understanding of that concept can help me develop a framework for physical evolution, even if it as a very tiny scale.

(Putting the ANN in charge of controlling those different body parts is also easy. It's just a matter of allowing those physical traits to evolve first.)

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JMF loves a bit of gypsum. It'll delay sporulation quite a bit, otherwise, they are in a hurry to drop their babies and you get much smaller shroomies. (Still a comparable yield.) Gypsum slows down substrate colonization quite a bit as well.

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This is more of personal project to learn more about how speech recognition (SR) works and how AI training works at a low level. (Functionally, it's pointless and is just a self-assigned "homework problem")

To do this, I need to record a bit of audio to to use as training data.

Recording and chopping up .wav files is easy, but it's time consuming. I am toying with my own teleprompter-like python app that will prompt for a word, record and tag, and save for later. However, is there a good app to automatically create utterances that is already built?

Ideally, unrecognized words in my own SR system would be automatically turned into tagged audio clips to be used for re-training or fine tuning.

I am shortcutting a bit of this work in python with Google SR for my first dataset. Unfortunately, calling external APIs is sidestepping my intent of this project so I'll move away from that soon.

People that work with AI typically work with lots of data, so I figured here was a good place to ask.

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Temporarily turning off unicode filtering may work if the users display name is different. (Some users may not be aware of what is causing this problem, unfortunately.)

(Maybe putting brackets around [usernames] might allow the "blank" usernames to be clicked.)

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