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I don't know if I would call it alarming as much as eye-opening.

I had been flying commercial all day (coach), and had saved a bunch of Valium specifically for when I got home. I eventually discovered that Valium doesn't do anything for me unless I'm particularly keyed up, but at the time I thought the issue was the dose. because 10 and 15 mg wasn't making me feel anything, I assumed I needed to take 25 or 30, so that's exactly what I did.

woke up the next morning to find a half eaten bowl of plain ramen noodles in the sink, the still-full bullion packet in the trash. I had to go and check my security cameras, I'd gotten up, made the noodles, eaten half of them, stuck the bowl in the sink and then went back to bed, in a complete state of blackout. ordinarily, when I'm high, I know better than to attempt certain things. I don't turn the oven on, because I'm going to leave it on. obviously I don't drive. I don't post on social media, or have anything other than one word replies to anybody who texts me (other than the people who think it's funny when I'm baked). the fact that I had been in a blackout state and still somehow felt comfortable turning the stove on and boiling water meant I didn't know that I was fucked up. the fact that I didn't use the seasoning packet means that I was clearly not in full control my faculties. I don't take benzos recreationally anymore

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wasn't it for tank crews to hose down the outside of their tanks without exposing themselves? I had assumed it functioned properly for that. I assume the bent MP40 performed better, since you're not dealing with a high velocity cartridge

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I actually just came across the line that explained this in the first book. apparently, after the fact, there's no way to tell the difference between this and the use of an atomic, so using this strategy could get your family accused of illegally using atomics against another house.

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anybody know why? "413 error"

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we were marching on Mar-a-Lago. the police had blocked the public sidewalk with concrete deadmen barricades. I was the first person to the barricades, and I stopped. the second person was a pudgy guy with an antifa flag, who hopped over the barricade, turned around, waved the flag and yelled, "they can't arrest all of us!" and started walking.

it hadn't occurred to me until he said that that he was correct, so I hopped over with the wave that followed him. the police set up a riot shield barricade just before the private property line, which we weren't planning on touching anyway. I believe two people got arrested, a protester and a counter protester, who got into a fist fight.

they couldn't legally stop us from using the public sidewalk, so the threat of arrest for crossing the first set of barricades was empty.

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can anybody give me the tldr on what they do?


it's doing that thing when I try to post where it says only trusted users can post which usually means that the subreddit has been locked.

there are quite a few of us out here still using it. is there some other place for us to help each other?

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okay correct me if I'm wrong but this is definitely illegal, right?


on my homepage, I hit the three dots and then "hide read". it hides a couple posts right at the top, but my entire feed is still posts that I've already read. I keep hitting "hide read", and after 5 or 6 times it's finally showing me all new stuff.

am I doing something wrong?

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baker. I measure pie based on how much I can fit in my mouth

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like, do we share any of the same moderating team from reddit?

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*edit - apparently it helps if you spell Lemm. ee properly *

it doesn't work through the app. my account was created through lem. ee , but when I google "lem. ee login" it's some website with a shopping cart that looks sketchy



on boost for reddit, I hit the three dots and then I can hit hide. on boost for lemmy, I can't find the hide button


it's exactly the same as the boost for Reddit push notification icon, so I can't tell at a glance which one is notifying at the moment. can I change it like I did the app icon?

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the tea bag was originally just a cheesecloth bag containing a loose leaf tea sample, and you were supposed to remove the tea from the bag

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because somehow our economic system says that a company is only successful if it's growing, not if it's regularly turning a profit every quarter. at least, that's my understanding of it. so, they have to do something to generate something that looks like growth somehow

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okay but if that's your purpose then there's no problem with purchasing and pirating at the same time.

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i thought my first boner was a medical emergency

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lol host your own Plex. jesus

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