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the image is loaded from top to bottom because my internet is apparently slow, building up to the big reveal.

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I consider then immediately disregard the possibility that due to an ever increasing number of marginalized groups being included, the flag will eventually devolve into piece #196 from the babel image archives

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insert barely comprehensible joke about Alice and Jasper Cullen

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Is there a lemmy community, for example, where people discuss shopping strategies which minimize the risk of the purchase decision being influenced by Brand Image or Flashy Packaging? Or similar topics. Maybe what product categories have cheapest products that are bad, so you can't apply an objective criterion while making the purchase decision, and are more vulnerable to advertising. Maybe how shopping background music is evil because it takes up mental capacity. (I'm feeling slightly autistic right now, science at least shows music makes you buy more, the rest is just my guess.) You know, that kind of thing.

Questions I would ask people interested in this (feel free to answer them anyways): Do you think making a list of every company that has ever advertised to you so that you can hold it up to yourself when making a purchase decision and only buy from their competitors, makes sense and would be worth your time? Do you love shopping lists because they make you think of the generic product beforehand, and then let you objectively decide based on price which one to buy? Do you agree with the sentiment that, like an AI in a Robert Miles video / Sci-Fi Movie resisting being turned off, I should want to resist something that will change my opinion or state of mind? Do you get a negative gut reaction whenever you see that people are studying advertising, which means most of their job is making this manipulation more efficient? Would these hetorical questions make good advertising for the hypothetical Advertising Hate Club?

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I only ever think this when I awkwardly come into contact with people;; when they're not there, people are fine

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Who is gerard way?

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[citation needed]

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Either you get to Philosophy, or you get to Bradley Cooper

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delete and pause your watch history, at least that's how it works for me.

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don't know if kidding but any remix where the Song is simply sped up by some 20-50% is called Nightcore, regardless of what song or genre it draws from. Though maybe that's somehow Alvin's hobby or something. idk. The joke is that if no measures are taken to prevent this, like youtube does when you use its speed up function, all frequencies will actually get pitched up in step with the speedup, therefore making the songs key different and significantly altering the tone of any voice. (towards squeaky and excited)

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Pokemon Legends Delta Z- ?

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