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Wasn’t it in Early Access before? I think this is about it coming out of Early Access?

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Interesting - I’m running the same driver version but on latest version of Windows 10 Pro. In FF, under about:config, is gfx.webrender.enabled or gfx.webrender.all set to true? If not, that might be part of it.

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Weird. I’m on desktop with an RTX 3080 and both super resolution and HDR are working just fine for me in both full screen and not. Results are actually quite good for me.

I think the default setting for auto depends on source resolution and desired display resolution from what I can see, so it’s variable depending on how and what you’re watching.

You on Windows 10 or 11?

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There’s actually quite a bit of evidence that post-pandemic price fixing across multiple sectors is to blame for the “inflation” we’re seeing - one example is the energy sector and what the FTC recently reported on: https://www.thebignewsletter.com/p/an-oil-price-fixing-conspiracy-caused

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Whenever I see his uncanny face, in the back of my mind I always think he looks like what Mark Zuckerberg’s dad must look like

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That’s because there’s nothing he can do - this was Sony’s decision as the publisher and the developers can’t do squat about it unfortunately

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It definitely needs to be decriminalized but that’ll actually take an act of Congress. Public pressure needs to be applied but let’s not pretend Biden can do this on his own

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Wow, you’re just a sociopath it seems. My condolences to anyone who has to deal with you on the regular

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“…would 100% identify as female just to walk into the girls bathroom”

That’s not “boys being boys” thinking, that’s the thinking of a future sexual assailant.

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“Blue MAGA” - what does that even mean? MAGA isn’t even a cogent ideology, it’s a fawning cult of personality acting in lockstep and built up around a single man – in what way is there any equivalent on the left? Ask twelve liberals for an opinion on something and you’ll get fifteen different answers.

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About time - their polls have been divorced from reality for some time. While previously “leaning right” would be a fair description of a moderate bias, in the last few years they completely went off the deep end.

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And by not voting for Biden, how do you expect the issue you care about is going to be addressed by a Trump administration? I’m in my 50s and have never been a fan of Joe Biden or most of the “centrist” Democratic Party - but you can sure as hell believe I’ll be casting a vote for him in November.

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