I'm fucking sick of adding 7,000 instances and keywords and blocking instances and still seeing torture porn bullshit

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 28 points 5 months ago

It'll be kept within product marketing and, I dunno how, but it would absolutely be used to see what they can raise prices on

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 115 points 8 months ago

The riddler is just a narcissist

The penguin is just short fat and ugly

Harley Quinn is just a ditz

The joker is just a sociopath

Catwoman (more of an anti hero than a villain) is just a dommy mommy

Mr freeze is just a smart dude with a dead wife

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 71 points 9 months ago

American: makes any sort of joke about any country, even if it's the smallest most unoffending thing

Person from that country : ur children get shot in schools

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 45 points 9 months ago

My reasoning has always been this.

If you need religion to even start "trying" to be good, you were not and will never be a good person.

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 144 points 9 months ago

And by trans rights they mean "we don't wanna be fucking murdered for being trans"

submitted 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago) by WiildFiire@lemmy.world to c/techsupport@lemmy.world

So, I have an older-ish (last 5 years I think) TV that before now, l've had plugged into my computer, and it sits near my bed for media streaming and the such.

I had a GTX 1060 6GB and it worked completely fine, like a dream, absolutely no issues

I recently upgraded to an AMD RX 6700 XT, and now, l'm having extreme issues with it.

First and foremost, it always shows up as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" in device manager. Second, there's no sound driver so it doesn't play any sounds. Third, and I don't know how 1 fixed it, but it'll only display in 640x480.

l've taken many steps to try to fix it, and I'll list them and what it ended up doing.

  1. Unplug HDMI, replug- no change
  2. Uninstall driver in device manager - no change
  3. Manually update driver to "Generic PNP monitor" or "Digital Flat Panel 1920x1 080" or "Generic Television" -no change. Driver does not update
  4. Use DDU to clean drivers (in safe mode) and reinstall- Works, until I restart my computer, then goes back to Generic Non-PNP
  5. Unplug TV from power, wait 10 minutes, start it up again -no change
  6. Use different HDMI cable - haven't tested yet, don't have one long enough
  7. Use different monitor - other monitor works fine. Had an issue at the beginning, but unplugging HDMI and putting it back in made it work

Notes- The 6700 XT has 3 displayport connectors and one HDMI. The 3 DP spots are filled up by the monitors at my desk. 2 DP to HDMI adapters, and one DP to DVI adapter. All of the monitors at my desk work fine

The HDMI going to my ty has a lot of plastic around the connector, so when plugging into my GPU,I think it's not connected all the way. I understand this might be an issue

I have used CRU to try to copy all the info from when the TV was working, to the device where the TV isn't working. When I use restart64 to restart GPU drivers, it makes no changes

Like I said before, I used DDU to try to fix. Here is what I did

  1. Boot into safe mode
  2. Clean Nvidia drivers (from last GPU
  3. Restart, boot into safe mode
  4. Clean AMD drivers
  5. Restart, install AMD drivers This did not fix the issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

With further inspection: the TV, connected to the HDMI port of the GPU, (with an HDMI cable) is detected as HDMI until computer reboot or GPU driver reboot with CRU's restart.exe. after that, it is detected as DVI-D. I was able to use CRU to consistently output 1920x1080, but I don't get audio, because y'know, it's being detected as DVI-D.

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 42 points 9 months ago

Developers when they have to update their programs: this is annoying bullshit

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 49 points 9 months ago

I got told I'll get kicked out of my own apartment by someone who isn't on the lease if I make fun of trump and Republicans out loud lmao.

Me and my mother are on the lease. Her BF who lives with us isn't . Apparently he'll kick me out of my own apartment (I'm 25 btw. Not a kid.)

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 50 points 10 months ago* (last edited 10 months ago)

Better than that dude that spammed the whole fuckin community about chrome the other day

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 26 points 10 months ago

Can't jack off, play league, and write your homework with just two hands

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 23 points 10 months ago

Haha! The joke is the pokemon is going to rape the underage girl!

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 94 points 10 months ago

uses linux

Has irl friends that also uses linux

Fake post

[-] WiildFiire@lemmy.world 48 points 11 months ago

Awesome, now block threads.net from this instance. Lemmy.ml already did it.

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