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  • Support for Lemmy 0.19
  • Lots and lots of refactoring cleaning up technical debt
  • Added "Account settings" to replace "Lemmy Settings"
    • This new section syncs up with your Lemmy account
    • A few things will need updating such as your nsfw setting and sort


  • Any action that fail now alerts the user via notification
  • Show / hide NSFW has been moved to Settings > Account settings (this now respects your account choice)
  • Sort has been moved to Settings > Account settings (this also now respects your account choice)
  • Removed "mark posts as read" and "remember across devices" as Lemmy does this automatically

Github issues closed

  • Tasker Integration: Action Configuration Broken & No Post Syncing #350
  • User domain not shown in posts for accounts with a custom name #118
  • Portrait 2 columns layout bug #11
  • Unsubscribe action fails silently #151
  • S4L doesn't expose Bot account preferences #173
  • Show NSFW content doesn't sync with Hide NSFW Posts #170
  • Show scores doesn't sync with account setting #171
  • Disabling "mark posts as read" does not work #356
  • Show Read Posts not synced with Hide Read #174
  • Default sort settings not shared with web app #163
  • Show Profile Pictures doesn't sync with Show Avatars #172
  • S4L doesn't pull/ignores web settings #70
  • Crash when Biometric account lock is enabled #110

Other fixes

  • Fixed a crash when searching within messages
  • Fixed a crash in the in-built webview
  • Fixed a crash when sharing posts
  • Added a fix for HTML chars in the summarizer


  • androidx.annotation:annotation > 1.7.0
  • com.android.tools.build:gradle > 8.2.0-beta04
  • com.google.gms:google-services > 4.4.0
  • androidx.core:core-ktx > 1.12.0
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Modlog and reports are top of my list.

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These threads used to be really useful back on Reddit.

I'm currently finishing off full app translations for the next release along with lots of the usual bug fixes.

What should I prioritise next?

Cheers, Lj

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Please note this is just a beta and there are going to be bugs, but it works and it works nicely. Have fun.

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My first time encountering it, just scrolled to it like three times to check, anyone else having this issue?

Edit: ope, looks like I can't edit the title lol.

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Hi !

I got a repport from someone who use sync. And she/he didn't know that downvote where deactivated except the error message : unable to cast downvote.

I think the downvote arrow should be hidden for those instances who desactivated them.

Good afternoon :)

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I just remembered Sync has keyword filters, removing jeans and beans from my feed is a huge improvement

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This was a comment I made on a "sink" post the mods deleted, and I think it's an issue that needs addressing, so I'm pasting it here. The comment I replied to said something like "Superscript and spoilers have always worked fine in Sync".

Ironically, that isn't valid Lemmy markdown. Sync should be supporting Lemmy markdown, not Reddit markdown. Here's what your comment looks like on the website:

This is^superscript^ and you can also do~subscript~.


This is^superscript^ and you can also do~subscript~.

Here's what it should look like:

Instead, you get this:

Personally I don't like Lemmy's syntax for spoilers, but Sync should still support it!

hidden or nsfw stuffa bunch of spoilers here


hidden or nsfw stuffa bunch of spoilers here

I'm surprised that actually even works in Sync. It didn't used to. However, Sync doesn't show my code block accurately, which is funny as fuck! No app should be editing my code block. Sync is replacing my text with reddit markdown in order for it to display properly. And even when I put that markdown in a code block, it still converts it to reddit style! It also strips out the warning text!

Here is what I actually typed:

And here's what Sync shows:

What a lazy ass way of doing it. It removes an important feature: the warning text, and won't even let me show Sync users how to do a proper spoiler!

Oh, WTF. Sync butchered my comment when editing it! I had to fix it back on desktop.

Sync is not fine. It's full of bugs that the dev is ignoring.

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It's been broken for weeks I hear that it works on some clients.

Default sorting (lemmy.world)
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Is there a way to set a default sort in sync? I perfect Top> X hours but the app always defaults back to Active.

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{"error":{"code":"FileAccessDenied","message":"Access to this file was denied for your application.","status":403,"rtfm":"https://github.com/Redgifs/api/wiki/Embedding-gifs#file-access"},"docs":"https://github.com/Redgifs/api/wiki/Embedding-gifs#file-access"}

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In this image you can see when opening the list of profiles the only account shown does not display a username.

Show Modlogs (lemmy.world)
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Assuming I am not just unable to find the button for it, can we get a button to view the mod logs?

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Hi, as soon as I noticed this was a thing I headed to this community to let anyone else know that you can use the newest sort types in the Sync for Lemmy app with that nice workaround... But I just found a lot of "Sink and Sync threads" here that I actually thought the sort bugged my app/feed lol, what a good timing.

Anyway I hope this is useful for you guys until the new update arrives... Soon ^TM

Picture of reference:

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Just curious as it has been a while since the last update. Any word for our Lord LJ?

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Starting today redgifs say "failed to load" and can't be viewed.

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I'm wondering if I'm just missing how to do this. I don't want to see posts from porn communities when I'm browsing sync in public. I'm OK with blurred NSFW posts from communities which are not marked NSFW. I would really prefer not to have to filter out every single one manually.

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I would like to not see image posts on my feed. Many communities are full of good information, but also plagued by useless memes. All of the image posts are useless memes. I do not want to see them.

With Reddit, I could filter out image hosting domains. with Lemmy this is not possible because there isn't a special domain that images are hosted from.

I know that the app is detecting these posts as images, because as you can see there is an image icon on the right. Please let me filter these posts out. I will buy you 37 coffees.

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Switched phones and upgraded Android OS. Same Google account, released purchase from old phone, uninstalled from old phone. Still no luck. It's been a couple of weeks. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Seems if you go to purchase it again through the app you'll find a restore instead of purchase available. Seems restore under settings is having issues. Best of luck.

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I have block bots selected, and I have my language set, yet I frequently see both types of posts which violate those settings. Are there additional changes I can make to see fewer of each type of post?

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Just tried again today, even though I wasn't expecting any different results from the last few Imagine my surprise! I'm pretty sure nothing happened on my end (Sync settings or instance).


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I get it. Being a dev is hard. Sometimes you need a break.

However it takes a few seconds for LJ to pop in and say "all is well everyone I'll be back soon!" Like, Mr. Dawson, just copy and paste that sentence and everything would be fine.

I'm irritated because the man is selling a relatively expensive app that even has a $100 purchase option and disappeared for months on end with complete silence. I think if you're selling an app with these kind of price points it's important to reassure your community it's not abandoned by simply acknowledging your existence once a month.

It's especially important on the fediverse where projects are abandoned frequently with little fanfare. The difference being most of these projects are donated time without a ticket price. Can we PLEASE get something here, LJ? Especially for us $100 patrons as to not feel duped? Even if you just say, "yeah I'm done, sorry" I'd appreciate it. As it stands Sync has broken features and bugs galore so I've already moved on to Boost, but I'd be very happy to hear things will either be A) fixed soon or B) abandoned so I can just uninstall sync from my phone.

Thank you.

Landscape mode Broken (lemmy.dbzer0.com)
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Anyone else having problems with the UI in landscape? Pressing the hamburger menu crashes the app entirely. Other elements sometimes acts like the Back button. Yet everything works perfectly in portrait.

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Do you guys also get this black background when you swipe back?

I'm using a Galaxy S23.

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