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His assets will be sold off to pay the victims family and to cover the trauma the other passengers received from the crime.

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Because they are legal under several international laws and our federal laws. And the vast majority of illegal immigrants be a travel, student, or business visa and just over stay. This law would just be a green light to harass brown people near the boarder. Which would be against the constitution!

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The GOP hates IVF because a man doesn't get sexual gratification from the process... Well, not in the way they want anyways. And to think, a woman could get pregnant without a man. Or even worse, two gays could have a kid. The GOP is a sad organization that literally wants the elimination or subjugation of all nonwhite-nonmale-nonchristian-nonstraight people.

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Smart, now people don't have to wipe down their equipment when done. The jean fabric will absorb it all

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No they are thinking, "these none humans are in the way. Preventing me from owning beach front property. So killing them like vermin is the nice thing to do."

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Lol they'll lose their employees faster than it takes to bake bread if every other business is paying more.

[-] [email protected] 19 points 1 day ago

Or less... Or less?! So we should pay them?

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My opinion is she was the smartest person in the room while giving said blow job. $230k for 30 seconds of work. You'd clearly do the same thing for 1% of that amount

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There's not a time in history sports and games weren't political.

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Yuppy now only 80% of Gaza residents will be starving!

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Does that mean every other story is a straight story?

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Trump talks about wanting to have sex with his daughter, crickets from the party of "morality"

Biden an old man that still fucks figuratively and literally, outrage from the party of "free speech"

Progress? (lemmy.world)
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Yup, boarder towns in red states are going to start stopping women as they travel through their towns to make sure they aren't pregnant.

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Second swim ever (lemmy.world)
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Everyone is focused on James's madness. However, with James's trade stock dropping to Zero and him not being on the team mentally or physically next year, the 2024 season is already over. Joel will be 30 with a poor team around him. The 76ers need to hit reset regardless of how the James situation ends. Three young players and WAS 2024 first-round pick is respectable. They can probably get more from another team, but this would do right by Joel, and you can pick up extra picks for the young core shipping off TB and PJ.

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