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According to Wikipedia, it’s frozen custard if you’re in France, but in America, it’s basically a layered dessert.

Which means this thing actually DOES follow most of the rules, it’s just failing at the dessert part. Unless you’re the type of person who considers pizza a vegetable, I guess.

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Perhaps, but I’m guessing it’s still gonna give you some mean shits

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Because you’re gonna have a hell of a shit after consuming that

Parfait au pork (lemmy.today)
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Drawn a picture of what?

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It's definitely unique but I still don't want it.

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I honestly don't know either because I still haven't been able to make sense of their initial comment.

Perhaps we've butted heads before in the past but I've long ago given up holding grudges because they just end up weighing you down. Glad you're feeling entertained, however. Username checks out I guess :)

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I'm certainly not nearly as much of an Elon hater as most of this site, but even I think that thing looks like crap.

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In that case, perhaps the right response is "bruh" instead of any of the above.

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Romans 14:11, my friend. Whether you'll come to realize it standing in church or lying in a ditch, or on a hospital bed breathing your last, there's ultimately no escape from it. You'll see.

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Unite, but separately, each on your own time.

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Upon further consideration, I must conclude that you are indeed right.

No shit (lemmy.today)

Via Twonks

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