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Yeah, like the white replacement theory, the "Biden Crime Family" led by an old man that is somehow a criminal mastermind at the same time he isn't mentally competent, or how someone is coming to take our guns away, or the liberal teachers turning their students gay, or all those stolen elections, or the dozens of other stuff normal people laugh at conservatives for blindly believing in like a bunch of sheep.

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They were willing to fuck over some people and drive them completely out of business.

Which people? Developers. The very people that helped make Unity what it is. Unity wanted to completely crush their own developers. Some estimates put Unity's fees higher than 100% revenue in some scenarios.

Them back-tracking and saying "wow! we didn't expect this to be so hated!" shows that they either don't understand numbers (they do) or that they think their users are idiots.

So why would developers want to come back to them?

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What am I missing?

Linux has been out in the open and running shit since the 1990s.

How exactly is that a secret?

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Despite having so many game offerings over the years, it REALLY feels like Apple has still spent 30+ years shitting on games and gamers. They want games and gamers to conform to THEIR rules instead of them catering to games and gamers.

I have a $4000 Mac with top-of-the-line hardware that requires that I use emulators or virtualization if I want to play games. I have a bunch of legit "macOS-native" games on Steam that I cannot play because they are 32-bit. OpenGL was also scrapped, and with it any chance of several games that could have been updated to 64-bit. Apple will tell you that those are old and depreciated technologies. Well, guess what, it doesn't fucking matter.

Meanwhile Microsoft and Linux developers have spent the same 30 years catering to games and gamers, trying to ensure everything under the sun keeps working, regardless of how old it is.

Pretty much any Win32 app from the past 30 years still works on Windows, and Steam on Linux has made it dead-simple to load many Windows games as easily as if they were Linux games.

I'm glad Linux surpassed macOS. I hope it keeps growing. It will be better for everyone when it catches up to Windows, as well.

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Special forces landed on the western shore of Crimea, near the settlements of Olenivka and Mayak, in a joint operation with the country’s Navy, according to Ukrainian Defense Intelligence.

I hope Russia doesn't read CNN.

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They destroyed Overwatch 1 and gave us Overwatch 2.

I want to play Overwatch 1. :(

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Performance and functionality.

When I click the Firefox icon, I expect Firefox to open. Like, right away.

When Ubuntu switched it to a snap, there was a noticeable load time. I'd click the icon and wait. In the background the OS was mounting a snap as a virtual volume or something, and loading the sandboxed app from that. It turned my modern computer with SSD into an old computer with a HDD. Firefox gets frequent updates, so the snap would be updated frequently, requiring a remount/reload every update.

Ubuntu tried this with many stock apps (like Calculator), but eventually rolled things back since so many people complained about the obvious performance issues.

I'm talking about literally waiting 10X the time for something to load as a snap than it did compared to a "regular" app.

The more apps you have as snaps, the more things have to be mounted/attached and slowly loaded. This also use to clutter up the output when listing mounted devices.

The Micropolis (GPL SimCity) snap loads with read-only permissions. i.e., you cannot save. There are no permission controls for write access (its snap permissions are only for audio). Basically, the snap was configured wrong and you can never save your game.

I had purged snapd from my system and added repos to get "normal" versions of software, but eventually some other package change would happen and snapd would get included with routine updates.

I understand the benefits of something like Snaps and Flatpaks - but you cannot deny that there are negatives. I thought Linux was about choice. I've been administering a bunch of Ubuntu systems at work for well over a decade, and I don't like what the platform has been becoming.

Also, instead of going with an established solution (flatpak), Ubuntu decided to create a whole new problem (snap) and basically contributes to a splitting of the community. Which do you support? Which gets more developer focus to fix and improve things?

You don't have to take my word for any of this. A quick Google search will yield many similar complaints.

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Lock. Him. Up.

[-] [email protected] 74 points 4 months ago

Just as enjoyable as 2 Year old threads showing up right in the middle of my hot & fresh feed.

[-] [email protected] 95 points 4 months ago

Please welcome the new "Truth Social 2.0"!

[-] [email protected] 40 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)

Because everyone knows that live chat rooms are exactly like message forums with content that can be voted up and down.

[-] [email protected] 43 points 4 months ago

When Elon fired all those people, he showed that he clearly did not care about them as either humans or as a valuable company resource.

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