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I run phogiftreg, it works really well overall but feels really dated. Development isn't very active, and I wish it was docker.

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If you deployed with docker composr you just change the image and hit redeploy. Super simple.

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Thin clients off eBay. I picked up a Dell Wyse with 8gb memory, 4 cores, 16g emmc, and a 256G M.2 SSD for about $40. Includes the case, power supply, power button, etc. Still uses very little power. Install the x86_64 version of dietPi on that and it's been Rock solid running my docker projects.

Also picked up and HP T620 with similar specs. Haven't started using it yet but I expect similar results.

Much better deal than RPi and for most use cases equal or better able to do the job.

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Leprechaun in the hood

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Bought.. I'd forgot what I was missing. It's like a warm hug.

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Great for daily mindless scrolling.
Still has a ways to go before it's as useful as reddit was for searching for specific information tho.

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I switched all my donations to cloudflare. Tried out pork bun and did like it but cloudflare is so good. I do hate in principal that they force you to use their dns, but in practice I want to use them for DNS anyhow. Their ZeroTrust tunnel is pretty slick too.

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TIL 8ton of coke is only worth $660

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Georgia is interesting in that it's pardon proof

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When I put my car in reverse I'm sure to say..

"This really takes me back"

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Hopefully it's $10 for "pizza contribution" and not $10,000 for "wink wink"

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Yeah... Pun in ten dead

A Random CEO (lemmy.world)
Yes! (lemmy.world)

Been waiting for this community, thanks for creating it, hope we can bring in the talent!

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