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Just configure your outbound SMTP to use sendgrid or some other. SMTP provider. I realized this isn't 100% self housing then, but you could still self host the inbound mail. Self housing outbound SMTP just isn't worth it for most people IMHO due to spam lists.

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Thin clients off eBay. I picked up a Dell Wyse with 8gb memory, 4 cores, 16g emmc, and a 256G M.2 SSD for about $40. Includes the case, power supply, power button, etc. Still uses very little power. Install the x86_64 version of dietPi on that and it's been Rock solid running my docker projects.

Also picked up and HP T620 with similar specs. Haven't started using it yet but I expect similar results.

Much better deal than RPi and for most use cases equal or better able to do the job.

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Leprechaun in the hood

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Bought.. I'd forgot what I was missing. It's like a warm hug.

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Great for daily mindless scrolling.
Still has a ways to go before it's as useful as reddit was for searching for specific information tho.

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I switched all my donations to cloudflare. Tried out pork bun and did like it but cloudflare is so good. I do hate in principal that they force you to use their dns, but in practice I want to use them for DNS anyhow. Their ZeroTrust tunnel is pretty slick too.

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TIL 8ton of coke is only worth $660

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Georgia is interesting in that it's pardon proof

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When I put my car in reverse I'm sure to say..

"This really takes me back"

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Hopefully it's $10 for "pizza contribution" and not $10,000 for "wink wink"

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I think some people fail to realize (or care) that not everyone comes from the same starting point. Imagine a foot race; if one person starts out 40 yards from the finish line, while another person starts 100 yards away, it doesn't matter if the second person tries twice as hard and runs twice as fast, they still finish behind the first person. Unfortunately people from more impoverished communities and backgrounds tend to be like the second person with further to run.

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Yeah... Pun in ten dead

A Random CEO (lemmy.world)
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Yes! (lemmy.world)
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Been waiting for this community, thanks for creating it, hope we can bring in the talent!

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