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An ideal case would be where you comment against the post itself, and then a community allowed bot removes your comment and gives you a tldr: in your inbox.

Having bots spam comment sections like this only leads to users saying....

Bad bot?

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It should be banned, outright, for spamming every goddamn comment section "un-invoked". This is the most important bit, because "hiding" bots via your profile then means you can't see any if you do want one.

If a human does want some bot spam in their inbox, the maker should allow it to send that human some gibberish in their own inbox rather than each comment section.

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Google Maps?

I was searching for somewhere the other month and with my phone didn't realise it could superimpose things like that


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I have a Cubot King Kong 5 Pro. Yes, it's named that.

I haven't even had the endurance to test its battery life. Thing lasts forever if it has no SIM card / WiFi / BT and might as well be a MP3 player that lasts you weeks.

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Is curious.

I share one of my TVHeadend servers with someone in India so they can watch BBC and other DVB/FTA content without having to jump through hoops/VPN's for the many streaming apps that are restricted to UK only IP's.

Come at me, Channel4?

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Have you got any sources for Motorola phones coming with spyware on them?

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One of my most favourite mashups from Harry Hard and the FNP crew.

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Starting with version 0.19.0 voting also counts as being active.

aka, the lurkers 👀

I've always upvoted both posts that are on topic to the community and always to people who take the time out of their day to reply.

It's like common courtesy to me and votes are like free confetti anyways.

So I suppose the OP's figures are, off.

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Why not, post something here that's like you say pretty niche and generates discussion about it?

If it wasn't posted here I wouldn't have heard about it and why I subscribe to such places for news on these devices.

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Mary’s family, who live in an area in which relations with police have been fraught for many years, are concerned that members of their community may learn about the relationship and wrongly conclude that she knowingly collaborated with police.

Also known as a "pig fucker".

You get labelled with that round 'ere and things are never the same again. Horrible stigma.

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That's just bait asking to be stolen.

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Remember all the geeks used to make their bootanimations loadingicons or gifs? That's what you're looking at.


An Assmung is an Assmung.

HOLO YOLO, Toshiba. (files.catbox.moe)
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Petition to make a wiki page to make a Approved Wiki page of Approved Printers?

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Should be interesting all those users like myself that use Newpipe to access YouTube.

I've got content on my YT account and I've actually watched a video via my Chromecast/Official YT app recently, it's something to be aware of I suppose.

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Also, Praise DuARTe.

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CUKTECH (cuktech.com)
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